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Everything Is LOST (An analysis of the division)

By nomaD,

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It seems we are split down the middle with the fans who LOVED this weeks episode “Across The Sea” and those who HATED it. It seems quite apparent that the people denouncing the shows direction are people who are dissuaded by the spiritual aspects of the show, either because they have determined these things to be purely myth or have been given a horribly negative view about spirituality by the folly of mankind RELIGION. This article will discuss the religious influences in LOST and attempt to change the minds of some of those set against it.

please note that I do not consider myself a part of any Church, I was born to Christian and Jewish families and have studied many religions.

People must have forgotten that even Jesus denounced the CHURCH…  His message was to leave behind the concerns of the world and reject it. Live peaceful within the kingdom of GOD which exists OUTSIDE the world created by man. He told his disciples to leave their things and wander.

Jesus overturned a market inside the temple… remember this the next time your in your christian bookstore.

If Jesus were alive today he would look at the people who call themselves Christians and he would say “Why do you say you worship me, but you do the opposite things i say?”

To be a follower of Jesus you must go all in or nothing, You CANNOT live in the world and praise Jesus for it on sundays for to truly follow him would be to reject the MAN-MADE WORLD which includes the INSTITUTION of religion. Jesus would have wanted us to all be living in caves. Perhaps the next step in evolution is not to get higher but to get over ego and become ONE with nature again.


Every great Prophet had a background in another religion… Why? Because GOD (If that’s what you prefer to call it) reveals himself to people throughout history however the flaw of mankind is that we cant seem to get anything right in fact we are DOOMED to corrupt, so every once in a while GOD comes back, reveals himself to more people until he finds one with the ability and desire to spread the message, and lo and behold. Our desire to share truth is what facilitates a lie and people begin to worship the WORDS that are only used to describe, as best they can, a personal encounter with IT, ONENESS with GOD or LIGHT like in LOST.

LOST IS AN ALLEGORY FOR LIFE…. It only inspired by the PHILOSOPHIES that the religions of the world concern themselves with. Why are we here? What is good and evil?, What happens when i die?, Do we have free will or destiny?

For LOST to postulate these questions makes it natural for the show to take on a religious feel, but a feel that isn’t directed towards any ONE religion.

Lost takes pieces from every religion, Tibetan monks actually wear robes with an image of a donkey wheel on the back. The Dalai Lama makes a sand mandala which is a representation of Shambalah which represents paradise and interesting enough  is roughly translated into TIME MACHINE.

The Tibetan book of the dead is a detailed account of what happens when the mind has left the body and enters the void to re-join with IT (God). It details the dangers of bad experience due to unframiliarity and why it is important to KNOW GOD before you encounter him so your time in UNION will be blissful rather than frightening.

Sound like a psychedelic trip? Thats because it is. To be able to connect with GOD through the use of natural plants lends the notion that it is given to us by nature to be found. During a trip people experience a ONENESS with all things that is quite profound, we realize just as it says in many religious texts that GOD IS WITHIN US ALL.


But if I have God, and you have GOD are we all GOD? Well… No, We all have the potential to reach the potential of GOD, but only one of us can do it… And perhaps only one of us did, Jesus?
“I am the lord your GOD, you in I and I in you.”
“The kingdom of heaven is within”

How have these verses lost their true meaning?
The next step in humanity is always the realization of the corruption of CHURCH, to modify it so that a more direct connection with GOD is had, until so much time has passed that the idea of separating from the church becomes a new church in itself, until GOD reveals himself yet again to someone who is motivated enough to start a DOOMED process.

Man will find the LIGHT and abuse it. Look at the use of Psychedellics in spiritual practice. For thousands of years SHAMANS used these substances in spiritual context and their cultures dont suffer addiction we do here, because context is KEY. These are not drugs for a party but a connection with all things. It all seems to be about faith. MIB and Jacob cant kill each other because they believe it to be so, just as is Jacobs commitment to protect the light.

So again…LOST IS AN ALLEGORY FOR LIFE…. It only inspired by the PHILOSOPHIES that the religions of the world concern themselves with. Why are we here? What is good and evil?, What happens when i die?, Do we have free will or destiny?

LOST may one day become its won religion…heh

So if LOST didnt make sense to you, Go take a TRIP and report back, I challenge ya…

From TVFrenzy:

  • I think Marc Oromaner beat you to this post a couple years ago, man. Sorry. As much as I usually like to be positive about what’s posted here, I felt the first half of your article was preachy, and the last half derivitive of others’ work.

  • I am not privy to his other article regarding this but am a fan of Oromaner so i feel honored to be compared to him in personal philosophy anyway.

  • WannabeF

    I agree with most of your points here about Lost, but you’re making some theological leaps with regards to Christianity that cannot be supported by any of the texts from which we gain our knowledge of the life of Christ. While it is true that Christ railed against the established church of his day, he wasn’t railing against the institution, but against the corruption within it – against men who had taken the law of God as handed down by Moses and twisted and distorted it to suit their own ends. If he truly believed that we should reject all human institutions, he would never have gathered thousands of people together in order to teach them, which he did with regularity. He likewise would not have taken on the responsibility of discipling his apostles through careful instruction, both in word and deed, and then instructed them to do likewise with others. And finally, let’s not forget that of Peter’s faith he said, “upon this rock I will build my church.”

    I’ll admit there are as many Christians who ascribe qualities and belief systems upon Jesus that can’t be scripturally supported as there are non-believers who do the same. I only felt the need to point this out for the sake of those who might be young Christians and could be led astray by your misconstruction of the tenets of the faith.

    • AllOfUsAreLost

      Pretty sure that the present day Church is just as corrupt, if not moreso. Perhaps comparable to LOST, in the sense that the higher-ups have a distorted sense of what needs to be done, and there is no clear-cut right and wrong amongst Island dwellers / Losties.

      The majority of the world has lost it’s way, but the ability to go about creating change is in all of us, certainly not just in the hands of the Church, or other religious institutions claiming to hold the secrets of life and Gods! Consider though, the established truth that parts of the Bible were lifted from much older texts, and the ‘messenger’ becomes much less important. Clearly these ideas and secrets are littered throughout time, as far back as we can see. It’d benefit Young Christians to reap the benefits of an open mind, if a post regarding a TV show could lead them astray, shake their faith, then i say good. Those people are not so much Candidates, as they are Claimed.

    • Ericm

      As a Christian minister I agree. Christ came to build a “called out body of believers” which is what, by definition, the church is (Gk. eklessia).

      God’s word also speaks of our need to submit to those in authority because God has put them there to further His plan (and they may do that by acting justly or deceptively and dishonestly). This doesn’t mean we we should not speak against such deception and dishonesty and seek to root it out but Jesus was not an anarchist (note: even though he railed against the Pharisees for thinking they could earn their way to God through works and the law, he never told his followers to rush the Sanhedrin and destroy them all).

      There is no doubt many have created a ‘Christianity’ that has deviated from the Word of God and has led many to an unfortunate view of what being a follower of Christ means. I would encourage you to read the Bible and allow God to speak to you through it.

      • Nomad

        I would encourage you to try entheogens and allow yourself a direct connection to god rather than speaking to him through the words of others who have had an experience you can have also- oneness with IT

        • Hmmm

          So do people who use cocaine or get drunk also have a direct connection to God?

          Those are entheogens.

          How can you tell when you’ve connected to God, as opposed to just tripping?

          Seems silly to me.

          • DeSelby

            Read William James (brother of the guy who wrote Turn of the Screw). In Nature of Religious Experience he argues that you can’t discount a supernatural experience simply because of its natural causes. Drugs have been used to connect with God almost as long as religion has been around, and modern studies of people who try psychoactive drugs report lasting positive changes in their personalities long after taking them.

            I’m not saying they’re actually connecting with God (I’m an atheist), but I don’t think the process makes it any less legitimate than religious sobriety.

          • Cocaine and alcohol are not entheogens!!
            Enthogens in the strict sense, is a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic or spiritual context.

            These substances are not DRUGS- they do not get you HIGH they connect you with GOD- however today we have categorized these meaningful tools with DRUGS of abuse, and when taken in that context they are simply a good time or a really bad one-

            If you have ever truly had an intense trip experience you would know that it is not anything like cocaine or alcohol it is completely different.

            You could go to work on cocaine not even a chance on an entheogenic session.

            I challenge you to try it in this context with an open mind that you MAY actually have a spiritual connection.

            Whether you do or not is irrelevant because there is no question that these things have been used for millenia for this reason and thusly the modern concept of morality spirituality philosophy etc all derived from early people having these experiences.

            It may seem silly to you but give it a shot
            It can truly make a blind man see!

          • Let me also say that RICHARD ALPERT (Ram Daas) is one of the most outspoken of all Doctors to speak out about the psychedellic experience and was Timothy Leary’s right hand man during the 60’s- He also was fascinated with the similarities between a trip where the mind leaves the body and experiences EGO DEATH with the tibetan book of the dead…

            Interesting that one of our characters was named after him eh…

    • EkoEkoEkoEkoEko

      Religion is a crutch for the fearful. Its primary purpose is to brainwash and oppress. The world would be a much better–and smarter–place without any religions whatsoever.

      • Eko’sJesusStick

        Yea, Cuba and North Korea are much better places because there is no religion. And Mother Theresa, Newton,Ghandi and Wilberforce were ignorant oppressive tyrants.

        • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

          Nice job twisting around the person’s words, which in no way implied what you just said. How ridiculous.

        • DeSelby

          Well Cuba and North Korea are that way because of their communist *economics*, and North Korea is basically a huge cult to Kim Jon-Il and his father–basically a perfect religious state. None of the religious people you mentioned had a capacity to by tyrants because they weren’t in positions that gave them governmental power over anyone. And Mother Teresa actually kinda sucked, she caused way more suffering than she ever prevented.

      • even Jesus agreed that the church was corrupt and acknowledged that man really needs a spiritual connection with IT/GOD etc… not religion…

        even the bible calls the church the WHORE, funny how so many people change the interpretation of this to justify religion-

        Anyway, yes religion is bad and we would all be better off without it but only because we would be able to go to GOD ourselves-

        Spirituality is a human trait- This is a fact- you dont need religion to find god, just the right tools, and nature provides them

        • ericm

          You need to do a much better job reading the Bible – you’re pulling things out of context. One objective read and you would know that your remarks are not correct.

          I’ll pass on the ethrogens. Christ is enough.

          • nomaD

            If you do not eat of the flesh you will not enter the kingdom of heaven- This was no cracker this was a tool of enlightenment

  • Nomad

    Jesus told his disciples not to be bothered with worldly things… He also said give up all your possessions and wander… Living on the piety of others… It’s ego to think the higher up the closer to god in reality it is the lower who is closer… Jesus was a man on the bottom of the caste it was this himbleness that allowed him to live righteously-

    I am certain the church of today is just as corrupted as the Jewish church of Jesus’ tine that he reputed-

    I will respond more inteligibly from a keyboard at home…

    • I’m curious. Tell me more of this “himbleness” that Jesus taught.

      • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

        Jesus was very himble.

  • Brendan McGrath

    Carlton Cuse is a practicing Catholic, by the way. I’m going to refrain from getting into the debates here on Jesus, Christianity, etc. — I’m a Catholic, with a Master of Theological Studies from the University of Notre Dame, but I’m too tired right now to get into everything. 😉

    • DeSelby

      Damn, you sound like you would actually know what you were talking about, which would automatically raise this debate a step over every other internet debate on religion.

  • Funback Joe

    It appears the end of this show is going to be weirder/uglier than expected. I am not talking about the content of the show, but rather the fanbase’s reaction to it. Whether this is accurate or not, I am beginning to feel that the number of people who have a normal/healthy relationship with this show is a lot smaller than it seemed a few weeks ago, with most of the mouthpieces of the LOST community starting to squirm and struggle like they are minutes from death. Are there people out there who:

    1) Just think this is a really great show? (a feeling that begins and ends there)
    2) Feels LOST has already established itself to have been worth the time and effort? (I use effort loosely, because laying in bed and pressing ‘Play All’ on a nightly basis isn’t really reason to feel you’re owed anything)
    3) Are going to have a life after the show is over, or at the very least, feel the trajectory of their life won’t be drastically altered by decisions made by the LOST writers?

    I’m sorry if this sounds a little condescending, but a lot of what is being written about this show lately is getting ridiculous, and is really sapping the fun out of it for a person like myself, who likes the show more than the average (polar) bear, but doesn’t really believe the next week and a half is a make or break situation.

    My advice: plan an excellent Finale party, celebrate the life of this show, remember that we will always have five days’ worth of brilliant entertainment on disc, and years’ and years’ worth of though-provoking bliss watching and re-watching this show. But remember its just a show. Even it is a iconic piece of work, it is still just a show. Its been a fun ride, and its still a fun ride.

    Savor the next week and a half and celebrate everything that has come from this show. Because it is going to end, and your life will go on, and someday this show and the experience around it will just be a memory, something you were a part of that you can tell your kids about maybe, and wouldn’t you rather remember it fondly no matter what happens in the last 2% of the story? I wish more people would take a second to realize how much fun this had been.

    • ejoiner

      Amen, brother! 🙂

    • Eko’sJesusStick

      Here here.

    • Rams

      Very true. A few months from now, we are not going to be this involved with Lost; most people will have completely moved on. Tensions are running high because we are so close to the end, but have to wait week by week for the next installment. It’s a good thing the show is going to end soon- the Lost fan-base may spontaneously combust otherwise.

    • Shaun

      That is honestly the best forum post I have read about Lost for quiet some time. Fair play to you brother!

    • Nick Stevens

      Very well said and I hope more people read this and actually take it to heart. Bravo.

    • monkeyface

      Well said. I agree completely.

  • I’m one of the ones who loves the directions it’s taken – not for any specific comment on Christianity or religion in general, but because the archetypal, mythological aspects of the show have always been my favorite part. I do think LOST is commenting on spirituality, and broader notions of morality, agency, and collective consciousness. Love it.

  • EkoEkoEkoEkoEko

    Sorry, nomaD, but this article was a complete mess. The first half was way too preachy, you kept putting words in caps for no apparent reason, you really needed a good proofreading to clean up your many typos, and in the end, there was no point to it. I’m actually surprised Doc okay’d its publication, as it was so far below the site’s usual standards, both in terms of content and editing. No more of this, please. I don’t come to this site to be preached to.

  • Kevonsky

    I had to stop reading this. Ever heard of punctuation?

  • Carlton Cuse.

    People that try to twist the show into being the next ‘religion’ are being a bit weird. They are reading way to much into what is only a TV show.

    • I said that the show touches on all the key human experiences that are adressed by ALL major religions. I then said in the future, because of that, that people may begin to use it as a religious tool- which by the way is a negative comment on the folly of MAN as we turn everything with spiritual meaning into something to worship…

      so no one here said this show is or should be THE NEXT RELIGION in fact this post has refuted all RELIGION

  • Slimchicken

    My mind’s been changed!

    • really?

      Id like to know more, what persuaded you?

      • Slimchicken

        I was kidding.

      • Slimchicken

        Sorry, I understand what you’re trying to do. I just don’t care much about the pseudo-religion of Lost. I like good stories. At times Lost has told good stories and at other times it’s completely lost its way. When it’s good, I appreciate it. When it’s bad, I say as much. My enjoyment (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with whether it’s focused on science or on the more mythological aspects.

      • Slimchicken

        I apologize. I try my best to be civil, and my response wasn’t. It was unfair and please forgive me for a lapse. I become frustrated when those that defend the show are reductive in their assessment of why some are unsatisfied. For many of us, our disappointment is not that the show has not given us answers or given us unsatisfactory ones or that the show has abandoned “science” for “faith.” For some, it’s just that we think that the writers have failed to deliver on the exceptional promise of the early years of Lost and that the story has become uneven and often aimless.

        • So you know, i have only said that the reason LOST has such appeal is because it deals with the human interactions with morality, free will, good vs evil, death, etc these are also the very things religious texts focus on, and the very reason people cling to them.

          • Slimchicken

            I understand. I was speaking more broadly. With regards to the “faith” aspect, your opening paragraph does however say:

            “It seems quite apparent that the people denouncing the shows direction are people who are dissuaded by the spiritual aspects of the show, either because they have determined these things to be purely myth or have been given a horribly negative view about spirituality by the folly of mankind RELIGION.”

            Perhaps I misunderstand your intention, but I don’t think I am incorrect to interpret your post as saying that, as a person who disliked both the “Across the Sea” episode and the show’s general direction, I feel this way only because I either dislike mythology or have a negative view of spirituality and organized religion.

            In my case (and I suspect in the case of many others whose posts I’ve read), this is patently false. I am fascinated by myths, particularly of the Greek and Norse variety. And while I’m not really a practicing Lutheran any longer, I am deeply interested in religion. So I would say I have generally positive view of both. And I have absolutely no problem that the show is imbued with religious and philosophical themes.

            I did not like the last episode because I found it poorly written, ill-timed and totally unnecessary. I am less than enthusiastic about the show’s general direction because, in my opinion, it is no longer true to the Lost’s stated intent, which is to say it’s no longer about the main characters but rather MIB, a character that didn’t exist until basically this season.

            You and others may disagree with my opinion, but trust it has nothing to do with the show’s themes, but rather it’s meandering, inconsistent plot.

  • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

    Apparently, this site is now publishing stream-of-consciousness rambling, instead of actual articles. We don’t need no damn punctuation or capitalization rules around here!

    • Rams

      Yeah, the lack of proof-reading is a little jarring.

  • no-i’m-not-maD

    It’s not so much if you LOVED or HATED “Across the Sea” but instead a matter of:
    As a fan, do you “watch” LOST or do you “experience” LOST?

    If you “watch” LOST, watching “Across the Sea” gave you the definitive answer to what the Island is. Silly mythology or cool fantasy you are free to make that choice.
    “Watching” LOST we are free to respond to the events being portrayed from a vantage point and seeing the big picture. However, like Jacob watching the “village people”, being at a distance skews the ability to make accurate assumptions of what we see. By just “watching”, one can never know who the people really are or what they really believe.

    If you “experience” LOST, experiencing “Across the Sea” was sitting down with Jacob and his nameless brother as they told you the story of their life. Their story wasn’t what the Island “really” is. Their story was only what they were told and came to believe from their experiences.
    “Experiencing” LOST you don’t have the ability to say ‘I like the way they did that’ (cool fantasy) or ‘I didn’t like that at all’ (silly mythology). When you experience something you are a part of the “that” and “that” is just the way it is. What you are told is what you are told and you haven’t any knowledge of anything else.
    Jacob’s mother told Jacob’s brother ‘nothing is across the sea’. From his experience at the time, nothing was. It wasn’t until he experienced something different. When he lived among other people from another place he realized there was something across the sea.
    Then he was free to make a choice.

  • sandie

    Sorry, but I didn’t hate this episode becuase it focused on the mythological/spiritual. That has always been my favorite part of Lost. I didn’t enjoy it becuase I didn’t think it was very well done (written, directed, acted, etc.) and becuase via this episode I finally realized the writers did not have all this planned out as they suggested and the reason we are not getting many answers is that they have changed their minds over time and the original answers to some of these questions no longer fit the story.

    And the first half of your article was so inappropriate in terms of suggesting that true followers of Christ would reject any church. I perfectly understand people who reject organized religion – I once did too. But to suggest that those of us who choose to follow a particular church are not legitimately spiritual or good Christians is ridiculous. You are taking the great leap of assuming you know how the religious feel about their relationship with God, the church, their fellow human beings, etc. It appears you have a prejudice against all religious followers, based your inaccurate understandign of a particularly churches teachings, and/or the hypocritical behavior of a small but vocal minority within certain churches.

    I’m surprised Doc would even post something so judgemental here. And offended.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      Well, I’m not offended, since I’m not prone to expressing melodramatic outrage. But I, too, am surprised Doc allowed this to be posted. It should be pulled offline.

    • that was a misinterpretation on your part, and i apologize for not being more clear-

      People who practice ANY religion are SPIRITUALLY LEGITAMATE- i condemn religion as an institution but do not doubt that people fufill their spirituality in very real ways through it..

      I and many people however cannot take only one viewpoint on a subject that has many contributing factors.


      I myself need a more direct connection with GOD rather than simply relying on the words of those who have had the experiences i seek-


      Anything anyone writes will have negative feedback just like LOST that doesnt mean scrap it

      • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

        The reason it should be pulled, nomaD, is that it’s far from ready for publication. I work as a magazine editor, and I can tell you that this article, with all due respect, would be laughed at by most editors. It’s poorly written and full of typos, and it reads more like a blog comment than an actual article. It should have been heavily reworked before being published, in order to make it sound like it was written by a professional, not by a fan with a laptop but no writing experience. And for that reason, it should be pulled and edited.

        • nomaD

          This is not a magazine article, your editing is not warranted or desired here. Engage in purposeful blogging or find a post you like…

  • dappawit

    My problem with the last episode is not religion, but the cheesiness. The super magical light below the island… why is it necessary? We know the island is magical. If it had simply been a cave, it would have been better. If the bright-light special effect had been more “believable”, it would have been better. But, as soon as I saw that glowing cave, somehow it crossed that line where I was aware I was watching a television show, and not experiencing Lost.

    I’ve liked every episode this season so far, especially Ab Aeterno. There were obvious religious themes in that episode that I had no problem with and in fact enjoyed. The priest told Richard he would have to pay a penance for accidentally killing the man at the beginning of the episode, but that Richard wouldn’t have time to do so before he was to be executed. But instead of being executed he found himself stuck on a ship in the jungle for days (weeks?) struggling to free himself. I saw that long time as the penance the priest was talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

    I dislike how people feel the need to lump everyone who disliked “Across the Sea” into some group that either didn’t get the answers they wanted, or dislike the direction the show it taking. Certainly there are some who feel that way, but look at the polls which ask people’s perceptions of the episode. It is clearly not the most well-received episode. Could it be that the story was thin? Could it be that the acting was poor? Could it simply be that it was poorly executed? For me, it was. It was not up to the caliber of other Lost episodes. Now I am not one who will be bailing because of this episode. I am looking forward to the next 3 1/2 hours. I just hope those hours are better executed that this last hour was. I have no reason to believe they won’t be.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • JDR22


      You articulated almost exactly how I feel after this episode. It’s as if I wrote that and don’t remember it. 😉

      Anyway, the most disappointing thing about this episode: it should have been better. They had carte blanche to tell this story in a very compelling way, but it was DOA due to the script, and many of the other elements just didn’t work.

      I did feel that the director and actors did what they could with the material, but you can’t make pudding with spoiled milk.

      Ultimately, I’m still optimistic about the remaining hours.

      I really hope they pick up the ball and run it home.

    • DeSelby

      What might have been nice is if they did this episode like Flashes Before Your Eyes or Meet Kevin Johnson, framed it between current timeline stuff. You could definitely cut ten minutes out of that episode. That would have also kept us from knowing about the *no regular cast* stuff so the episode wouldn’t have been hyped up as it was. But it wasn’t the mythological stuff that was the problem. Watching the episode I was underwhelmed, but afterward I was able to think about it and realize there were some complex themes there.

      And really, just make the light a lot dimmer and don’t describe it as what’s “inside every man” and you improve the episode.

      • JDR22

        I was thinking along similar lines.

        If they had framed these events as flashbacks, and tied it back to the main narrative somehow (oh, and lose the Glowing Cave of Wonders), it would have worked much better. As it stands, it doesn’t do any good to play “what if”. We’re stuck with it now.

        I’ve heard good early buzz about the next episode, so hopefully we’re in for a redeeming final run.

    • Except the light is the perfect answer to the islands mysteries IMO. It is just like ENLIGHTENMENT-

      Man has the light inside of us, but we are greedy and will take more and more until it is consumed even if it means the death of us.

      Even the knowledge of the light cannot leave the island for people will come and search and if they find they will destroy (Dharma)

      Not to mention that there is an importance of faith, for example this may happen but the only true reason its being guarded is because Jacob BELIEVES ITS HIS PURPOUSE if he didnt hed say fuck this and go home- The reason the losties have had to go through all of this is because it is necessary in order to find someone who will BELIEVE SO COMPLETELY with ABSOLUTE FAITH that they wont say screw this and leave, and that they will spend as much effort finding a new replacement. Jack is looking like a good choice to me…

      • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

        See, nomaD, that comment illustrates my point above–you write blog comments the same way you wrote the article, with improper punctuation and a bizarre overuse of full caps. That’s fine for a blog comment, but for an article, it makes your work unreadable and unprofessional.

        • nomaD

          ill be sure to make sure its up to your standards editor….

      • dappawit

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree 🙂

  • Carlton Cuse.

    Good post by the guy/girl above…’sandie’

    – Seeing the last few weeks, I’m also not really convinced the writers have had this all figured out from the beginning. I’m not even entirely convinced they had it figured it before season six went into production.

    – The original author above, …linking Lost up with Jesus. He has his head up his ass to a degree.

    • so what if they didn’t know what was going to happen 6 years down the road… its been awesome, does not having a 6 year plan from day 1 upset people? It is public knowledge they didn’t start choreographing a drive to the end until after season 3….

      And i didn’t ever LINK Jesus with LOST maybe you should educate yourself.

  • Rey

    Why does this writer feel the need to CAPITALIZE words to make IMPORTANT POINTS?

  • Mike

    This was a great article! Seriously. Sadly it makes no difference for how I view last week’s waste of an hour of LOST.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      A great article? It barely even qualified as an article. It was poorly written, unedited and incredibly preachy. This was one of the worst pieces to appear on the site in a long time.

      • bplenc

        after all of FISH’s posts.

    • Funny how this post mirror’s the people upset about LOST, the ones who wont just go with the flow in the face of spiritual influence on the show wanna bitch-

      This was not written for a newspaper, i simply thought i had an intriguing idea and put it out for everyone…. Of the 49 comments i can only name 3-4 people with negative ones and they love to comment multiple times… interesting…

      • Lorna Dune

        Just because this wasn’t written for a newspaper is no excuse for such sloppy editing, Nomad. Your writing skills are pretty awful, and you need an editor, regardless of where you’re being published. And I’m sure a LOT of people here noticed how badly written and edited your work is–they just didn’t bother commenting on it.

  • rolandtower

    “It seems quite apparent that the people denouncing the shows direction are people who are dissuaded by the spiritual aspects of the show.”

    What? Sooooo it has nothing to do w/ the horrendous pacing, contradictory plot points, cringe inducing dialogue, etc…,

    • nope people are scared of spirituality, these are the people so stone hearted about anything spiritual BECAUSE OF THE FOLLY OF CHURCH and for that reason have closed their minds off to truth

      All the churches of the world should dismantle so we can once again find what GOD really is. IT is us and we are IT.

      The reason i know this is why is because there is not horrendous pacing, simply people who cannot be satisfied (mirroring mans inability to have just A LITTLE light) there are not contradictory plot points unless you take this show so seriously your looking for ways to prove the producers screwed up and there is no cringe inducing dialogue unless its making you uncomfortable for some personal psychological reason…

      In a literary sense this show is a masterpiece and will certainly be Damon and Carleton’s magnum opus… Anyone who thinks this show is not, i challenge you to give me some examples of literary tools the show has utilized and why it has been to its detriment…

      • Slimchicken

        Um, I’m sorry. What are you talking about? For a person so adamantly against THE FOLLY OF CHURCH for tainting an individual’s direct communion with god, you’re awfully dictatorial about how people should feel personally about Lost.

        “In a literary sense” this show is not a masterpiece. Perhaps it is in a television sens” – a flawed one certainly but there are surely not many television series that have approached its scope. But Dostoevsky Lost is not.

        As for your challenge: Lost routinely misuses literary techniques, most notably foreshadowing, which in Lost parlance might as well mean misdirection. For years the show has teased importance of innumerable things to keep the viewer in their seat – only to abandon them entirely for the next bit of foreshadowing of something equally intriguing and (un)important. The result of which is a mess, an often wonderful, glorious mess, but a mess all the same.

  • John Burger

    Your statements about Jesus and Christianity and just so far off im wondering where you get your information.

    He told his disciples to leave homes because it was their mission to spread Christ’s word. He knew they would all eventually be killed for preaching this in order to demonstrate that these eye witnesses were telling the truth(who would be tortured for something they made up).

    Caves? Dude..the message has gone worldwide. There is no reason to leave your home. And salvation is not by obeying Jesus–it by faith. There is no scale in which God weighs good deeds vs bad(that what every other religion teaches). God applies the perfectness of Christs life and penalty for sin he paid by faith. Grace is UNMERITED pardon. Sounds too easy for most–yet millions freely reject it due to their arrogance. The only sin that counts is unbelief. How can pardon be applied to someone who refuses it.

    Christians are not sinless and can seem the same or even worse than the unsaved. But their hearts are different–they bow to god like children and perfectly willing to take ridicule from everyone for it. They are not ashamed of God.

    No one, not a single person who has faith in Christ is lost due to their behavior–otherwise grace wouldnt be grace. Its an unmerited gift acquired solely by faith–it would be an oxymoron to have it taken away.

    The episode was great. The MIB’s acting was astonishing. Just watch it again if you didnt like it and also realize that if the “light” was what the Mother said–why did evil come out of it? Relax and wait.

    • nomaD

      Your outlook on what Jesus’ message was is indicative of how its been misconstrued. Sometimes you get so caught up in the workings of good that you forget what your doing good for…

  • sparafucile

    LOST: a 6-season long version of “10 Little Indians”.

  • Henry Holland

    So you know, i have only said that the reason LOST has such appeal is because it deals with the human interactions with morality, free will, good vs evil, death, etc these are also the very things religious texts focus on, and the very reason people cling to them

    I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true in my experience. LOST has its appeal because of the good actors, the excellence of the visuals and directing (usually) and things like tropical polar bears and smoke monsters and moving Islands and all that. Out of the dozen or so people I know that have stuck with the show, not one of them discusses those issues after an episode, it’s “Oh, they answered mystery XXX” and “Wow, could Jack be a bigger dumbass?” and stuff like that.

    All that stuff is window dressing to give the show a gloss of profundity but they’ve completely lost the plot in the last 2 seasons as far as I’m concerned. I now scream at my TV when they do their constant horrible horrible trick of a character being all “Well, I’ll reveal something now. Hahahahaha! Sucker! Only kidding, I’m just going to say something like ‘It’s not time’ or have another character barge in before I can say anything meaningful”. At this point, it’s pathetic.

    As I told a co-worker the other day, I feel cheated because we were sold a show about a group of people that we were supposed to care about and in the last episode of the penultimate season we find out they was mere window dressing–it’s about two characters we’ve never seen before and their struggles and that the worst character on the show played by the worst actor –Jack and Matthew Fox– is going to be the Island guardian and I simply don’t care at this point. I just want Ben to die the heroic death he’s been avoiding all these years and for the very last shot before the final *Boom* LOST to be really cool. I’ve been ready to move on since season 5 –I’ve invested too much time, money and effort in to this show to abandon ship before the end and Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn are always a joy to watch– I’m really looking forward to it now.

  • Slimchicken

    Agreed. I’ve made pretty much the same argument that they’ve “lost the plot” and that it happened long before this season. For me, the introduction of time travel was the key indication that the show would likely spin wildly out of control. But it was indeed the shift of focus onto MIB that has become the show’s signature failure.

    • Henry Holland

      Didn’t Darlton say at one point “No time travel”? It’s so hard to keep up with their lies.

      I kind of snapped halfway through season 5, at that point my LOST fanaticism really slacked off; no more watching eppies 5 times, no more staying up until 1:00 am on worknights reading about the Casimir effect etc.

      What’s most disappointing to me is that the first 4 seasons, even with all the flaws in continuity and stuff, made sense as sci-fi, there was just enough validity in those Casimir effects and so on to make it plausible. They chose to throw all that out and turn it in to the most boring story I can possibly imagine: a battle between good and evil. ZZZZZZZZZ! I’ve simply given up noting all the inconsistencies and flat out nonsense that’s happened to the story in S5 & 6 because it’s like they threw out the show bible and said “Ah, f**k it, it’s too much work to make sure that what a character said and did in season 1 is consistent with what they say and do in season 5, let’s just treat ’em like chess pieces”. I can’t wait to read some Terry O’Quinn interviews after the show is over, he’s been pretty clear that he totally disagreed with how they treated his character, that he was told to shut up and act, I’d like to hear him unload on Darlton.

      • Slimchicken

        I hadn’t heard about Terry O’Quinn’s dissatisfaction though I can certainly believe it. The writers treated the Locke character shabbily and the entire show has suffered for it. In many ways Locke was the show’s anchor and without him the story was left to drift aimlessly.

      • nomaD

        maybe everyone should hjust watch the show instead of hyper criticizing it. They said no time travel at a time when they would have ruined it to reveal it, they gave us plenty of hints for this throughout since season 1…

        Whoever is watching this show and is not enjoying it needs to look inside and figure out why, you may be let down, it didnt go your way but this is indicative of a person who needs to be in control and cant go with the flow- If you arent enjoying it you arent allowing yourself to and i feel bad for you all

        • Slimchicken

          I assume those who lavish the show with praise require no similar self-reflection. It must be wonderful to be so spectacularly evolved and possessed of such moral clarity. I appreciate your deep concern for people like myself and Henry Holland and our obvious personal failings.

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