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LOST – Find 815 For Dummies – Chapter 3 Videos

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Alright, we know the drill.  You’re too lazy to go rooting through Talbot’s stuff.  Or maybe your just a little soft around the middle and afraid to go a round or two with this “Ruthless Corporate Recruiter.”  (LOST Slang for “bad guy.”) 

Well, don’t worry cream puff.  We’ve done the work so you don’t have too.  Keep your eyes peeled though for a walk through, because Talbot has a few items your going to need.  (Thanks to Sindol for providing the vids)

Seeing as though you’re reading the “dummies” section, I’m guessing you’ve seen this video a couple of times. It’s the failure vid.

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Don’t even pretend you’ve seen this one already. No ‘winner’ would be caught dead reading this post.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • rafael

    okay this is really annoying,

    can someone post the combination number >_>!?

  • lost fan

    4 – 8 – 15 – 16 – 23 – 42 !!

  • eB

    Only 6 digits on the locks so… I’d try seeing what items are around the room and looking for numbers there.

  • LockedUp

    The combo is 852 930. That was an easy game. Anybody could get it if I can.

  • Martybo


    I’ve solved the puzzle and opened the case – but nothing happens after that? s this just further problems with this crappy site?

    Get some bandwidth ABC!!!


  • martybo

    ok ok – it finally worked!!

    So Maxweel is a division of Widmore – I wownder if PennyWidmore might be the username and Desmond her password? I assume that the error message saying the autheticaion server is down until 1st Feb means that there will be no access to the site until that date no matter if you do guess the password etc?


  • TabulaRasa

    So who is A. Mullins? I need to analyze the contact list more closely.

  • DocArzt

    The contact list is mostly Red Herrings, it is just part of a puzzle.

  • rachel

    how do you find out the code?

  • Rod

    Hey there. This is off-topic, but needed: please check if there’s anything wrong with the RSS feeds. I couldn’t get the latest 3 or 4 entries in any way I tried so far.

  • lockefan3805

    Grrr…I still don’t know how you come up with the briefcase combo of 852 930!!!


  • hamish

    you turn the light on, look under the pillow, unlock the drawer, unlock the other drawer. open the cupboard plug in the charger charge the phone.