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Geronimo Jackson coming to iTunes!

By DarthVibbert,

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geronimoAfter watching the March 5th episode of the Official Lost Video Podcast there is a message. Said message reads as follows:

Be sure to check out iTunes after you hear Geronimo Jackson in an upcoming episode.In addition to a full version of the song, you may find one or two other treats while you’re there.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m¬†certainly¬†looking forward to some Geronimo Jackson in my future.

From TVFrenzy:

  • congested

    Yeah I noticed that as well, looking forward to it. Also I like how Kris is getting more creative with the video podcasts. The one with Steve Wozniack and Montand’s arm was epic.

  • longlivekingnick

    Instead of Geronimo Jackson, I wish the writers/producers were into Slayer… w00t

    • Or maybe they could’ve been into Driveshaft! They were a cool group! “YOU ALL, EVERYBODY!” sing it with me!

      • i’d play Driveshaft on rockband for shore

        • DarthVibbert

          There’s a band that finished Charlie’s “Saved” song, and it actually sound awesome!

          • what’s the name of the band??

          • DarthVibbert

            “The Bangkok Five”

          • AWESOME!! I found it on youtube “LOST unreleased Charlie’s Song COMPLETE w/ tribute video”
            Thanks Darth

          • yeah man +10

  • DarthVibbert

    Geronimo Jackson’s “Dharma Lady” is now up for a FREE download on iTunes everyone! Enjoy!!!