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Hiatus Survival Kit – Missing Lost? *UPDATED*

By Koobie,

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survivalkit.jpgWelcome to the first week without Lost.  Don’t worry, its a short break and is nothing compared to what we waited in between seasons 3 and 4!  None the less we have put together a few things that will help you “survive” this mini-hiatus.  Missing Lost is just one of the tools that will keep at bay the cold sweat of Lost addiction.

Think of this as a relationship break.  Imagine Lost said to you “We need to take a break and see other people,”  and we, the fine folks of, have put together a list of prospective dates that share the same qualities that drew you into Lost’s seductive charm in the first place.  They will be thrown into categories, then reviewed, and if that wasn’t cruel enough, we will proceed to rate them on a scale of 1 to 6 Dharma Bunnies.

Book – Robert Charles Wilson – Spin:

The book starts off in a flash forward far into the future, 4 billion years to be exact, and promptly flashes back to the present where the stars fall out of the sky.  The three protagonists, Diane and Jason Lawton and their good friend Tyler Dupree view this event as adolescents.  All satellite communication is lost and the world panics, wondering if the sun is ever going to rise again.

Spin won the Hugo Award in 2006 (which is given to the best science fiction or fantasy book of the year).  It contains a good amount of science backstory (like lost), and a perfect amount of story and character development.  This is one of the best science fiction books I have ever read, give it a try. 

You can preview the book on Google Book Search.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 6 out of 6

TV Series – CBS – Jericho:

Jericho is a small town in Kansas that is left to fend for itself after a terrorist nuclear strike is launched towards America.  Just like our beloved Losties are stranded on an island, these folks are stranded in the middle of a nuclear holocaust. 

The series finale to Jericho airs tonight on CBS at 10pm (Eastern).  If you want to watch a great series in its entirety during the short break, Jericho is your best bet.  It has an engaging story and mysterious characters, some of the elements that make Lost such a great show. 

You can watch the whole series on the CBS website.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 5 out of 6

Reader Submission:

Movie – 1997 – The Cube: by Steve

If you want to get a mysterious conspiracy fix find the movie Cube. Like Lost it starts with a

simple premise, a person wakes up in a Cube shaped room with exits on all sides of the Cube. The person picks a door into the cube the next room and is horribly murdered. The movie then follows a group of survivors in their attempt to escape the cube prison and
their own deteriorating mental state.

There is a hidden bonus for Lost fans, the secret of the Cube is based on math so you can get your number fix.  You can watch the whole movie on Google Video.

Steve Rates the Cube: 6 out of 6

Have anything else that will help others cope with the Lost void?  Drop me an email with your review and a DBR (Dharma Bunny Rating)!

From TVFrenzy:

  • The Mantis

    How about buying and playing the game?? Or just do what I do every hiatus and re-watch the entire series!

  • A rating system comprised of magic numbered rabbits?


  • Koobie

    The game is next week and re-watching the series is a given 😉

  • CrazyDiamond

    The game? It won’t take a month. You may as well take half of a day and rent the game. Currently, I’m reading VALIS as featured this season on Lost. It’s a pretty deranged book, but seems worth the read.

  • BiggsDarklighter

    I spend all my free time brushing up on the Valenzetti equation.

  • Adam

    I go outside and play with my dog.

  • kdawg

    Yeah, the LOST: Via domus game, played for about an hour a day may take you 5 days…

    But i do aggree with doc and his reconmendation for Jericho, I started watching the series on Sunday and already on episode 10. Its nice to watch back to back… there are even some sudo-flashbacks episodes and i guess dream sequences also. There is conspiracy, theorys, i highly reconmend for the hiatus!

  • KoozyK

    I watched the first couple episodes of jericho. it was horrible.

    i’m filling the hole in my soul lost has left with afi top 100 movies rented from netflix. seeing all the afi movies is part of my ‘bucket list.’

  • Via Domus isn’t bad at all if taken with a grain of salt. Exploring certain sets felt like being “home”. In fact, after spending time in The Swan, I found myself re-watching season two’s “hatch-centric” episodes.

    Another idea… one I’m trying… is seeing how fast I can catch-up new viewers to the current season. We’re running LOST marathons most nights of the week 🙂

    Oh, and I agree… Jericho is pretty poorly written.

  • time_lord

    I suggest you read if you have not already – the stand by king and the The Illuminatus! Trilogy by robert anton wilson – Downtiming the Night Side by jack l chalker – movie wise check out donnie darko – and the new cut of bladerunner

  • kdawg

    Yes i aggree with bdjsb, exporing some of the hatchs in the via domus game is an excellent way to pass time.. actually getting to walk around and look at details. I do think they did take the time to recreate all the key points. And as for my comment on Jericho… Its not LOST, it will never compare, but in the 3/4 weeks we have to wait, it is a show that could peak the average viewers interest! It has all the makings of a good show, yes the writing is left to be desired… but else are you gonna do… watch cnn??

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Doc, love the analogy of ‘taking a break’!! classic!! the dharma bunny rating system will last for generations too!!

    -I’m dead, but I’m also here-

  • gusteaux

    I’m rewatching episodes (nightly) from previous seasons RANDOMLY, which is a lot of fun (knowing what came before and after). So far I’ve rewatched “Raised By Another”, “Live Together/Die Alone” (parts 1 and 2), “Outlaws”, and “Numbers”. Tonight I’m going to watch “?”.

  • MonkSatyr

    I totally agree with time_lord’s suggestions of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Donnie Darko’. Also ‘The Stand’, great book… I would go further and suggest the entire Dark Tower series (but that would be one for more than just the break, unless you’re a voracious reader). Many correlations in theme and literary techniques between the DT saga and Lost (btw, never saw this mentioned elsewhere, but does anyone else think the ’19’ on Aaron’s shirt was a King shout-out ;)).

    And I loved ‘Cube’, such a mindf**k! It also had a very King-ish feel to it. Throw a group a disparate people into unknown/frightening circumstances and see what shakes loose.

    A couple of movies that may also be of interest are ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ and ‘Dark City’. Not closely Lost related, but if you enjoyed any of the previously mentioned films, I’d recommend giving them a shot.

    And if you’ve not read either ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ or ‘Through the Looking Glass’ do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of ‘The Annotated Alice’. Amazing edition of the two works, complete with John Tenniel’s original illustrations. Martin Gardner provides an excellent introduction and very well informed and illuminating notes that run concurrent with the text. I can’t say enough about this edition of Carroll’s masterpiece. Rummaging though your local used book store should turn up a copy (I got mine for 4 bucks :D)

  • kdawg

    Well if any one has seen ‘Donnie Darko’ Then you should definatly check out the directors new movie its called ‘Southland Tales’ Very good and at the same time strange… and one of the funniest ‘songs’ in the middle, i wont spoil it, but when you see it you certainly will certainly know what i mean. In a nut shell the Movie takes place in 2008 after a nuclear attack, its futuristic, but in this time. Story about a actor who goes missing, with lots of twist and truns. Lots of cameos, and very well written, There are a few trailers online!
    Dharma Bunny Rating… 6/6

  • xtremdelt8

    Anticipating the month-long hiatus, I bought a couple of books from Amazon:

    -LOST: A search for meaning (Includes essays on the religious themes throughout the show)

    -LOST and Philosophy: The Island has its Reasons (Includes essays on the different philosophers and ideas as presented in the show)

    Can you tell I’m a fan? Oh well…it should keep me occupied for a few weeks. I suppose I could get out and see my friends again (But then again, I’ve got them watching the DVDs to get caught up and they’re all HOOKED!) LOST fever has spread around the office like a virus.

  • rob

    anybody got a link to where i can find the fuse layouts for the hatch panels on via domus? having probs.