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Hiatus Survival Kit – Theory Flashback: The Monster

By Koobie,

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survivalkit.jpgThe Hiatus Survival Kit is opened. Inside, there is a box containing items that will tide you over until help comes, a journal, and a list. But before you even take a look at the interior of the kit, you have a flashback.

Looking into the heart of the island, you aren’t scared, what you see is something beautiful.

In this portion of the Hiatus Survival Kit, we take a look back at theories that we had earlier in the show.  Maybe for a good laugh or even to marvel at how close we were to the truth.

What is the Monster?

This week, we take a look at the Monster before any of the Losties have seen it (with the exception of John Locke, of course).  What is it?  Is it just a figment of their imagination, a Hurley bird, or something beyond comprehension?

Scrounging around The Fuselage, I found a bunch of interesting theories on what the monster could have been.

The Marvelous 

Gutsdozer’s theory put all the pieces together.

“The hallucinations have all been people that played a big part in the
character’s back story… Jack saw his father. Locke saw his mother.
Boone saw Shannon (though she was dressed the same as in the episode,
but she was still a big part of his past), and Locke saw Boone talking
about ‘Theresa’. All of these hallucinations have been either things
that led them to the island, or have some other connection/parallel to
the island (Locke’s backstory and reaction at the hatch, and Boone’s
nanny breaking her neck when Boone was 6…he was 22 on the island,
meaning it happened 16 years ago which is one of the more significant

The monster is something that only Locke has seen, but if you go way
back to the first time they heard it, in the background you can hear
Rose saying there was “something so familiar” about the noises it made,
and that she’s from the Bronx. If you really listen hard to the sounds,
you’ll hear some other things in there. I listened closely in the
Pilot, and one of the sounds it makes is identical to the sound of the
receipt from Locke’s ticker typewriter in ‘Walkabout’. I’d need to go
through more episodes but I’m guessing we’d find more similarities if
we dug deep enough. It seems to me that the sounds it makes are a bunch
of combined noises from everyone on the plane’s past.

Everyone seems to assume that the monster hasn’t appeared in many
episodes, but if my theory is right, it’s the same entity appearing to
them in different forms. Each time it’s contributed something to their
situation, whether it’s leading them to fresh water, giving Locke a
trail of clues, or helping Sawyer get over something in his past.”

The Close, but No Cigar

There are also some humorous theories from when we were young at analyzing our favorite show.  At the time they seemed to hold water, but we later found out we couldn’t be more off.  Such as a lengthy thread on why the monster is a giant bird, started by Alexsis, using the Bonne-centric episode, Hearts and Minds, as evidence.

“Anyway, so right at this moment, the two trees behind both of them are
visible. If you play it frame by frame, the left tree bends, then the
right, and then both seem to explode upward. This does
not make sense logically if the monster or anything else hit them or knocked them over. They almost look like bird legs.

A bit later in the episode, when Shannon gets trapped in what looks
like a booby trap, she sort of flips backwards as if getting picked up
by giant talons as opposed to a trap. This is at about 35:38.* Boone is
looking upwards as if towards the sky, not towards a tree. He finds her
a long distance away–so maybe she got there by flight?”

And the just Plain Ridiculous

My own personal theory was just a bit more ridiculous that, I thought the Monster was a giant mechanical T-Rex.  Almost completely based off of the noises it made, the destruction that was left in its path, and the small fact that a giant robot T-Rex would be insanely cool.  Either that or Rose was going to have a flashback of some Godzilla-like creature terrorizing the Bronx.

So, What was your theory?

You’re invited to share your own laughable theories on the Monster or just brag to everyone about how you knew it was a ploom of smoke that could be repelled with a sonic fence blast.  Hey, come to think of it, we still don’t really know what the heck it is.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Dan

    I’m not sure if I read this somewhere, or if i thought of it. It’s probably the first..haha

    but I believe that the monster is a cloud of gas, or nanobots, that emits a chemical that creates specific hallucinations that pertain to certain memories within the person’s past.

    Or maybe we are all wrong.

  • Dan

    but the fact that Eko was lifted off the ground by it just totally trashes that idea.

  • Bob Zackamodo

    I can’t cite it, but when a lot of people were thinking it was nanobots (ie Michael Crichtons novel ‘Prey’) TPTB poo poo’ed and said it wasn’t nanobots. I still think it is. 🙂

  • BlastDoorMap

    I believe this was in the season 2 DVD somewhere; the producers revealed that the black smoke monster’s noise is from the fare meter in NY taxi cabs. i.e. why it is familiar to Rose.

    I like the idea that the smoke monster looks different to whomever sees it. Would have to go back and see which character(s) have seen it as smoke vs. visions from their past.

    Interesting theory. Will have to watch and find out!

  • roomforhuman

    Great article and idea, Koobie. I really enjoy looking back at our insanely wacky theories. I always thought the monster was some huge mechanical something. I never thought it was a dinosaur exactly, but I definitely thought it would end up being some cheesy CGI robotic monster. I never imagined it would be a cloud of black smoke.

  • rondo8612

    The monster is a by product of a DHARMA experiment that went wrong. It could have been the first “incident” that lead to the creation of the others camp, sonar fence, and the hatch. I like to think that the monster is responsible for Mavin Candle losing his arm too. Or for egging on a killer rabbit to do it.

  • bthorne47

    ok, I have been seeing references to “TPTB” in a lot of theories, here and on diffenr sites” and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it stands for. am I blind or just plain dumb? can someone please tell me what that means?

  • Koobie

    TPTB = The Powers that Be

    Technically, its the creators.

  • bendoverthehatch

    The Powers That Be (TBTB)

  • bthorne47

    AHHH, that maked so much more sense now. much thanks

  • genius

    the monster could have a good possibility of being a bird as the writers stated that we saw it in season 2 and there was a huge bird in the finale