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How Evil Is Ben Linus… Let Me Count the Ways

By docarzt,

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ben_linus-300x225Last night’s synapse jolting dose of LOST “Dead is Dead” was a bumper crop for Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) fans swooning to find a silver lining in his otherwise storm cloud of behavior.  Glimpse of humanity, or steps towards redemption? In case you need a refresher on some of Ben Linus’s irredeemable behaviors… read on.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Lego

    My favorite line showing how terrible Ben is occurred this season. When they are on the Ajira flight Jacks asks Ben something along the lines of “What is going to happen to all these people?” Referring to the innocent passengers that might be killed if the flight crashes. Ben’s response, “Who cares?”

  • jamesepowell

    Ben’s speech to Keamy re: Alex is not evidence of evil. On the contrary, Ben was doing the only thing he thought would save her. Alex was only important to Widmore insofar as she was Ben’s daughter, some one he cared about, and some one who could be used to manipulate him. Ben made this clear to Alex before he sent her to the Temple. Ben did not realize that Widmore had ordered his mercenary team to kill everyone on the island.