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Jeff Jensen on LOST 5.05 – This Place Is Death

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The geek in me wants to start with Smokey, the frozen donkey wheel, and the significance of a Magical Jin. The gentleman in me wants to start by apologizing to Sun for impugning her mothering skills (my theory last week was debunked in the first scene: Ji Yeon is alive, well, and skinny) and congratulate her on renewing her wedding vows. But really, we should begin this recap of the ominously entitled ”This Place Is Death” by paying our respects to the dead. So let’s swipe one of Ms. Hawking’s votive candles and light one for Charlotte Staples Lewis, whose bloody passing was charged with mythic buzz. The time travel sickness munched up more and more of her brain, then swallowed it whole. In her final wild-eyed, pale-faced moments, her mind became unmoored and began to toggle between past and present. ”Oh turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson,” she cooed, referring to Lost‘s faux hippy-era folk group. (I get a Three Dog Night/”Road To Shambala” vibe off the name.) And she gave up some secrets. Yes, she had been born on the Island. Her mom and dad were members of The Dharma Initiative. But Dad went loco and Mom got spooked. She packed up Charlotte (”Why isn’t Daddy coming with us?” Charlotte murmured during her throes, perhaps flashing on the moment) and took her to London and told her that Island was just a childhood fantasy — a land of make-believe, like the Narnia concocted by Charlotte’s literary namesake. And then this bombshell: ”Leave the Island and never come back,” said a scary man from her Island youth — a bogeyman with more than a passing resemblance to her would-be boyfriend, Daniel Faraday. ”I’m not supposed to have chocolate before dinner,” she blurted, her mind suddenly elsewhere. And then she was gone for good.

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  • Jangras

    Eh eh eh,, Charlotte loves Apollo, don’t she??? >;>>>

  • hyperRevue

    Great recap, Doc.

    One sort of unrelated question that I’ve seen brought up before, but never fully explored: Does Desmond have to go back too?

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t but I have yet to read or see anything concrete.