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JOpinionated’s Top 100 Scenes from LOST

By docarzt,

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My good friend JOpinionated has prepared her top 100 Scenes from LOST in observance of the 100th episode milestone. Enjoy!

For a while, I’ve been compiling a list of my favorite 100 scenes from all five seasons of Lost, and wanted to finally post them because tomorrow’s episode (”The Variable”) is #100! I was also inspired by my friend Ryan at Zap2It’s Guide to Lost, who is currently publishing his 100 Things I Love About Lost series.

Read it here!

From TVFrenzy:

  • theglasseye

    hehe, Doc… you’re “read it hear” link makes me giggle

    • docarzt

      LOL! Working 18 hour days will do that to you.

  • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

    Apparently you didn’t think season one had many great moments….

    Touche on a well thought out article…

    And I know it’s easy to criticize any top 100 list, but how do you not have this exchange? ::

    Locke: Why do you find it so hard to beee-lieve?
    Jack: Why do you find it so easy?
    Locke: It’s never been EASY!”

    That one stuck really with me…. While I’m on a roll…. how about…..

    Finding out Locke was paralyzed in Walkabout. Sawyer shoots the Polar Bear(!) What in tarnation is a Polar Bear doing there? Picking up the French Woman’s distress call, Shannon translating… Charlie “Where are we?” That clank Boone and Locke hear when the flashlight hits the ground. Claire’s foreboding visit to Richard Malkin. Charlie hanging from a tree. the Hurley Bird! Hurley and Rousseau realizing they’re not so different after all. Hurley’s brushes with death and Sam Toomey’s widow’s ominous stories surrounding her husbands demise. Seeing the Black Rock for the first time. Doc ARZT Blowing himself to smithereens!! the Bearded Man takes ‘the boy’… WAAAAAALT! There’s a man living UNDER the island inside the hatch! And he’s pressing a button to save the world! Sayid crawling thru the bowels of the Swan, the creepy pulsing sound, the electromagnet pulling his necklace towards the concrete wall and him telling Jack the last time he saw concrete poured over everything in that way was Chernobyl. Yeah! Jin speaking english to Hurley in the pantry in his dream. The first moment we see the tail section crash into the ocean. Sayid and Hurley picking up Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade” on the radio… Sayid… “it could be coming from anywhere” Hurley “or any time…” Sayid going over the circumstances of Henry Gale’s shallow grave, outing Benjamin Linus. The blast door map! (How HUGE has that moment been for this show?) Finding the Supply Drop. Michael’s ‘3 minute’ talk with Walt under the supervision of Bea Klugh, Walt telling him “they’re not who they say they are–they’re pretending. Was that true in the 70’s as well? Klugh asking Michael “Has Walt ever appeared somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be?” Sawyer admitting to Jack that “he’s about the closest thing to a friend [he’s] got on this island. Desmond winding up drunk on McCutcheon in the boat. Sayid, Jin & Sun seeing the foot of the now infamous statue. Desmond telling Locke he might’ve crashed his plane. Desmond waking up naked in the Jungle. So random. And later Desmond, “You don’t wanna know what happened when I turned that key!” In fact, the entire episode of “Flashes Before Your Eyes” should be on this list…. Eko’s Dream. The meteor hitting Hurley’s chicken shack. Locke exits the Flame KABOOM. Ben tells Richard to go get ‘the Man from Tallahassee’. Locke exits the sub KABOOM. Nikki and Paulo buried alive. Jack puts a gun to Locke’s head and pulls the trigger. Locke stuffs a grenade into Miles’s mouth and properly introduces himself. Like “Flashes” before it Desmond’s “the Constant” is an episode’s worth of Great Moments. Ben enters the secret door in his closet inscribed with hieroglypics to summon the Monster. GREAT Lost moment… Ben wakes up freezing and spasming in the Sahara desert and pukes, then beats the snot outta two Touareg’s. Hurley sharing his Apollo bar with Ben. Ben asking Richard after Keamy is subdued, “What was the arrangement?” knowing there was one. Montand getting sucked into the Temple. The Temple!! Robert holding Rousseau at gunpoint, his gun disarmed unbeknownst to him, but knownst to the rest of us. The Lamp-Post (complete with Foucault Pendulum)! Ben, after Jack asks “what’s gonna happen to all the other people?” on Ajira 316: “Who cares?” Hurley and Miles watching the hatch being embossed with the numbers.

    or whatta about this line?

    Locke’s “You want your damn 30 dollars back? I want my kidney back!!”

    …okay breathe…

    Again, kudos on the post…

    (yes i discovered how to use copy and paste…)

  • Good list. True Dezzie, it is easy to criticize top100 lists. Its fun to read and get caught up on all the powerful emotional moments. Can’t wait for tonight.

  • Andy W.

    Much, much better than any of the pointless top-100 lists BuddyTV has put out.


    I know Jack is a huge tool but damn, he can not catch a single break. If I were Jack, and had Faraday just bitchslapped the epiphany out of my mouth like that, I’d be about ready to dig up Jughead and do some course correction of my own.


    Wow I posted this in the wrong place… sorry.

  • marc

    Exceptional lists, one of my favorite scenes of all time, a cliff hanger that brought one of my usual tough friends to tears was the sixth ep of season three before the break, kate doesnt wanna leave jack behind, jack yells,”damnit kate run!” lost..

    also the why do you find it so hard to believe talk is still the most classic jack locke scene of the show defintely iconic.

  • chad

    I can’t believe they left out when Sawyer admitted to Jack that he met his dad in syndey… That was a great moment!!!!