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Just What Is The Shape of Things To Come?

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It’s back. The writer’s strike is
‘officially’ over for Lost fans who have endured a second, albeit
brief, hiatus as a result of the scribe revolt.  “Shape of Things to Come” is episode 9 of Lost’s fourth season, and with the weight of its title alone a pivotal episode.  Just what are the shapes of things to come?  Before
the season came to an abrupt end, fans were on a dizzying
roller-coaster that seemed to leave the rails just before that very
question was answered.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Dan


  • Desmunod

    Oh no, nah mah Penny!!!

  • milo

    I guess the rumor that we’d see the dead body guy alive by the end of the episode turned out to be wrong.

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