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Live Chat – 6.08 “Recon”

By Koobie,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Ugly Smitty

    Is anyone else having a problem seeing any messages?

  • RandallA

    What did yall think?

  • Liz79

    I liked it! I was happy to see Sawyer again and very pleased to see he’s still looking out for his peeps. Very interesting that he’s playing FLocke against Widmore. Should we assume that Widmore is who Jacob was talking about? Part of me wonders if Widmore and FLocke are on the same side and they were both playing Sawyer to see if he was on the “up and up.” Very interesting sideways reality for Sawyer. He’s a cop! I’d watch a buddy movie with him and Miles. What I found MOST interesting about this episode is Flocke’s discussion about his mother. Especially, knowing we have a Richard episode coming up. RAM in the live chat brought up Taweret and kudos to him. A quick glance a Wikipedia gave me this which is very interesting:

    “As a protector, she often was shown with one arm resting on the sa symbol, which symbolized protection, and on occasion she carried an ankh, the symbol of life, or a knife, which would be used to threaten evil spirits. As the hippopotamus was associated with the Nile, these more positive ideas of Taweret allowed her to be seen as a goddess of the annual flooding of the Nile and the bountiful harvest that it brought. Ultimately, although only a household deity, since she was still considered the consort of Apep, Taweret was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it.” Very interesting.

    • Rams

      Thanks for the mention. I’m not sure if Flocke was pretending to be the real Locke to Kate (after all, the real Locke’s mother is crazy too). But there’s a theory floating around that MIB and Jacob were brothers. If their mother (Tawaret) favored Jacob, maybe that’s why MIB smashed-up the statue in anger.

      I’m a she btw. 🙂

      • Liz79

        Oops! *She* 🙂 I think we can go literal or we can use that scene as a push the producers gave us to think of Tawaret. Either way it was a really good catch.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I think Desmond’s locked up in the secret room.

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      P.S. Widmore probably needed him to get back to the island, the way Ben needed the Oceanic 6.

    • Greg

      Good Theory!

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      I was thinking the same. and if that’s the case, if could drive Desmond to whichever side is against Widmore. Dangerous…

  • Fake Dead Baby

    wonder why no juliet and instead they went with charlotte? i could go through the rest of the series without more charlotte.

    • I’m gonna guess because Miles had no connection with Juliet before going to the Island but Miles, Dan, Lapidus and Charlotte were brought together by being part of Widmore’s freighter crew / both having been born on the Island originally. .

      • the end of that sentence was kinda messy but I obviously meant to say that both Charlotte and Miles were born on the Island so that makes them connected in an important way. Juliet and Miles have no such connection.

        There. I feel better about that even though it was totally unnecessary.

        • Rams

          LOL. Good point though. It felt too random otherwise. Ana Lucia would have been the better option, actually…

          • Sylvia

            I thought Ana Lucia might have been a better choice for the Tina Fey lookalike working for Widmore. It would play into the “I’m a lone survivor” con job she did on Sawyer and Michael back when the tailies appeared.

    • ghanima

      Seeing as this character had to refuse to give Sawyer a second chance- Charlotte seemed like a good choice. Remember how bad her “attitude” was in season 4? Juliet would have been more inclined to forgive him. I’ve no doubt she’ll pop up later. Plus there was the whole- Charlotte works with Miles’ dad at the museum. I wonder if “dad” means a stepdad or if Dr. Chang made it off the island.

  • Detective James Ford with the LAPD! It took me a while before I realized it was Charlotte, she was not that recognizable at first because her hair was different. So Widmore is well aware of what the smoke monster IS and WHO it is, interesting…

  • Seabiscuit

    Oooh, Sawyer playing Flocke and Widmore against each other. I likey. And I like that he’s including his friends in his escape plans this time. (I can start to forgive him for the crap he pulled in Follow The Leader last season now…)

    • ghanima

      I agree- that really bugged me last season. This just shows that “LaFleur”- the jerk who would abandon his friends, is gone and Sawyer is back!

  • Sylvia

    A long odds possibility for who is in the locked room: Aaron, being cared for by Claire’s Mom. Ms. Hawkins did say they “all” had to return. Maybe Widmore and Hawkins planned the sub return together. Also, if Sawyer caught sight of a kid kept prisoner, it would play on his personal issues and solidify resolve against Widmore (and maybe push him toward Smokey).

  • OtherJacob

    Seemed like the second “setup” episode in a row. I guess we have to expect some of these. There were very few new questions raised, so that’s something. At least we’re pretty much guaranteed an amazing episode next week!

  • John Barnes

    Worst episode of the season so far in my opinion. I have faith but stop setting up and lets get to it shaw we?

    J (#17)

    • bplenc

      and then once we go at it what do we do for 10 more hours? ugh.

    • naultz

      “what Kate Does” gets my vote for the worst episode this season

  • Ament

    A few takes I took notice too…some obvious

    1. Another Rabbit. Whats with the rabbits? Is it just symbolism? Follow the White Rabbit – Alice in wonderland? It was on the book, on Sawyers dresser and not to mention in quite a few flash-sideways segments…have to rewatch…again 🙂

    2. Miles dad, assuming Chang, is working at a museum now which is in a science field but it shows he either got off, or never went to the island.

    3. Claire seemed very forgiving a little to quickly for someone that has been living like she has and it just smells fishy.

    4. Another moment with our losties looking into a mirror, this time Sawyer didn’t like what he saw…which is probably what he always feels.

    5. Sawyer and Kate music playing when Sawyer found Kate’s S3 dress, so the triangle is leaning heavily on the Skate side.

    6. Sawyer woke up at 8:42

    Overall it was a decent “leading to” episode, not great in my opinion, no answers, I was able to tolerate Charlotte though, so I feel some redemption. The Tina Fey look-a-like was kinda funny.

    • Island Dweller

      1. Sawyer read the book, Watership Down, on the Island. He even told Kate it was a good book.

      • Dave

        “It’s about bunnies.”

  • notsoshaggy

    Liked it a lot. As much as I love the new Widmore arrival, though, it feels a little funky. For years he’s needed to manipulate or hire surrogates to do any kind of island-related activity for him. So how, all of a sudden, is he able to just pop up offshore in a sub? That’s something I hope they don’t gloss over. . . like if they show that Eloise helped him get him there or something. That might make sense.