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Live Chat tonight

By triangulatedsignal,

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shep-numberHey everyone, join us tonight for live chat about the clip show, theories and all things Lost!

We are hoping to see you all in there tonight, even without a new episode airing.

The link for chat is

or for those of you using clients connect to server and join #lost

Remember keep is spoiler-free and pg13. See you there!

From TVFrenzy:

  • johr77

    I think its LAME they go on and on over the off season about how they are going to run the shows non stop, new show every week, till the seasons over.
    that’s all i heard during the summer last year,
    now here we are taking our SECOND break!

    • johr77

      its all because of the ratings, so stupid!!!

      lets take a poll,

      who here has a nelson ratings box hooked up to there tv?

      i don’t so therefor it don’t matter if i watch it or not i will not count as a rating.

      but then again polls in general are stupid, you cant poll 500 people and think that ratio is the same as if you polled 5,000,000,000 people.
      no common sense these days.

      • rivum

        you can use statistics to prove anything.
        78.5% of all people know that! 🙂

  • Roger Workman


    • Shaun

      Roger, you’re ranting again… Put down the beer and get back to mopping! 🙂

    • elephant in the room

      But you still watched it. Lost is the only show that can even get away with clip shows, but enough is enough w/them. I’d rather see a repeat episode. I did kind of find it interesting to see everything off island in sequence. Anyone think the narrator is Jacob?

      • Jacobs Lather

        According to Lostpedia, the narrator was Nestor Carbonell, aka Richard Alpert. So, yes. 🙂

  • Shaun

    I never had a Nielsen box hooked up (I’m not even sure they do that anymore), but I did have a Nielsen diary to keep the same week that season 5 premiered. I wrote in (and actually did watch) not only the season opener (duh) but also every showing of Lost on Sci-Fi, my local station that carries reruns on weekends, and one of the showings on G4 that week (I happened to be off of work one day that week). Naturally, I was dismayed to see that the season opener only came in at #20 that week! I know overall ratings aren’t the whole story with Lost, but still.

    Clip shows suck though… Last night’s was really lame. It didn’t even go into young Ben being shot and taken away (all of which did involve members of the O6, or anything with Sun (who is one of the O6) after the Ajira plane crash. What was this look at the O6 “from a different perspective” all about? Seemed like just another clip show to me. This time Richard Alpert narrated… I guess that was the different perspective?

    I imagine people will disagree with me, because I remember how much bitching there used to be when Lost would (horrors!) show reruns, but I really wish the show had stayed with the regular season format of starting in September, and ending in May or June and having some reruns in the mix. Sorry, but even if you gotta put up with reruns throughout the season, I’d rather have Lost on more often than not. I like watching reruns of the show, but the eight month breaks are the pits. And they’re still taking occasional breaks during the (brief) seasons anyhow, so what was the point?

    Further these last three shortened seasons have, IMO, worked against the show. Season 4 was nearly flawless in my mind, and while I’ve loved most of season 5 I have been feeling like D&C are cutting some corners and rushing the plot along to get to all the “highlights” they want to hit before they run out of time. I love that we’re getting answers, and I expect these next three weeks to be awesome (and explosive!), but I am missing the more character-driven aspects the show used to have, and I feel like there’s a lot of little plotholes that are never going to be filled (such as Libby’s backstory, which D&C have already said isn’t going to happen, even though they once said it would be addressed).

    Mostly, I just don’t want to believe there’s only, what, 20 shows left? I guess I worry that it won’t be enough to answer everything satisfactorily. Had there been, say, 26 shows this season and 26 next I’d be happier about it all.

  • jackuh

    Can someone help me out? Is this post the most recent item here at If so, it something wrong? I don’t think I’ve seen so little content come up during the season. Even on a recap week.

    I couldn’t tell if I was having a cashe problem or just no new stuff. Thanks.

  • Philoceania

    Jackuh, im having the same problem…whats going on?

    • triangulatedsignal

      sorry guys, i think doc has had a busy week, and everyone else is prob making use of the week off, im right on it!!