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Lost – 4.01 Beginning of the End – Whispers

By ErasedSlate,

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I took the soundtrack of Hurley finding the cabin, reversed it, and played it until my ears bled.  Here is what I have so far, but there are more whispers in there, and what I have heard may not be right.  I am really not that certain about the first one.

“It is not like they’re coming to us”

“is jacob a prisoner?”

“Are you afraid of this island?”

updated: “Hurley really is very special”

Take a listen for yourself.  What do you hear?


From TVFrenzy:

  • morty

    it sounds like pointless rewound audio…

  • preztige

    i dont think the dialogue of the whisperings has as much as importance as the meaning of the whispering itself and why it is there…..
    i could hear parts of what u are sayin, but not enough to confirm what u are sayin

  • ErasedSlate

    I am pretty certain that the last three phrases are correct. On the first one, I can hear “…they’re coming…” but that is all I can make out. There is a female voice that I can’t make out between the first phrase and second phrase. And there is another female voice that sounds like she says, “John Locke, … Help Us”

    Preztige, you’re right. The importance is that they are there not that they are transcripted. It is just another fun thing to attempt to decipher. Someone will be able to slow it down and extract the voices, if they have the patience and software to do it.

  • Theory 156

    I just wanted to let you guys know that there are several interviews with the writers that confirm there are actual lines a dialogue written for those whispers, and that they have a purpose. My opinion is that this is something that will be explained in Season 6, and we will flashback to those moments and see who or what is whispering and what they are saying, because it has significance.

  • DocArzt

    Hey Theory 156… do you have a source link for that?

  • Jacob

    “I have an interesting question from a fan, if you don’t mind. Nicholas in Peoria, Illinois, asks: “Please settle this ongoing debate from our Lost party last night. First, what did Jacob say to Hurley when Hurley was lost in the jungle by the house? Second, in the third-season finale, with Jack’s flash-forward, didn’t one of the doctors ask, ‘Do you wanna go upstairs and talk to your dad?’ So, would that mean more people are dying and coming back in the Lost universe? That would explain Jack’s dad on the Island.”

    For the first part, um, let me look at my script to make sure…But yeah, there wasn’t anything in the script as far as what was being said. That was just jungle whispering. I don’t know if it was Jacob or the jungle or whatever, but it’s just whispering. I’m sure some guy somewhere will figure it out, like the guys who figured out what Shannon and Walt said.”

  • numbersarebad

    I have been listening to it so long now that I am feeling dizzy. It sounds so creepy! I think it sounds different every time I listen. I also think I hear at least 2 or 3 different voices. Here is what I keep thinking I hear:
    “its not like they’re coming with him”-or “coming to get him”
    “did he just say my name”-or “did he have to say my name”
    “it’s like none of us are whispering”-or “are listening”
    “yeah obviously”
    “whoever it is, he’s very special”
    It seems like 3 “ghosts” talking about Hurley. Maybe they didn’t want to reveal themselves to the rest of his group. And if they thought he was very special, maybe they would allow him to see, and maybe that is why he saw the cabin and the “people” inside it. I thought the voices sounded a little different each time, and I heard too many times probably, but here are some of the potential voices I THOUGHT I heard: Locke,Richard,Ethan,Boone,Christian, and either a young boy or a woman maybe Walt or Libby. I don’t actually think any of that is correct though.

  • Samfishercell

    I don’t think listening to it till your ears bleed is going to help much. From what I’ve read the whispers seem to be split amongst different audio channels, and (I thinnnnk) sometimes backwards and such. This is a great resouce:

    I doubt the whispers would appear in the general script since no one on the show is probably needed to record them….but I have assumed the writers script them. And, I have always also supposed that we will get a flashback from the other side of the whispers.

    They certainly are intriguing things. It sounds like they belong to ghosts, maybe people “phased” out of our dimension somehow, people observing the group somehow….who knows. Definitely an interesting dimension to Lost.

  • Cutter

    Hey, Doc…tons of back-up from the writers that the Whispers are on purpose and scripted:

    Scroll down a few paragraphs; lots of linked quotes from Javi.

  • cbxnvmz

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