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Lost 4.07 – Post Air Gallery

By docarzt,

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Here are the promo pics released by ABC in the wake of “Ji Yeon”

From TVFrenzy:

  • evangelical poet

    Is it just me or did we not see half of these shots? Regina holding on to the railing, Michael above deck, etc. Cut bits/scenes I suppose?

    Also, in the picture titled 111514_413_pre (row 4 picture 6) we see land in the distance. That isn’t supposed to be Lostie island is it? Because well, clearly that would be ludacris.

    And how about the life-rings in the pic of Mike/KJ above deck: Honolulu hm? 🙂

    Am I to assume we are seeing pics of cast members chilling or what? Regardless, cool stuff as always Doc.

  • JJ

    Shot #15 goof. Michael is seen standing there, with a lifesaver thingie in the background that clearly says “Honolulu”

  • Jistal

    Am I the only one that thinks this is strange and cannot be explained?

    Look closely at the background of the picture with Regina in mid-air dropping off the boat and into the water. Does anyone else notice the long strip of land in the background? I thought they were a ways off the coast of the island? That looks like you can swim there from the picture?

    Is this a horrible goof by the producers and editors?

  • Ducken

    i’m thai girl. i saw lost since part1. it’s verry excited so i’m verry like it. in thailand lost is very popular but there isn’t part4 because it isn’t inbound. i hope to see it in soon and if someone can give me the detail for lost part4, please tell me on my e-mail.