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Lost 5.04 Promo

By ErasedSlate,

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Quick Update: thought these stills might be of interest

From TVFrenzy:

  • DarthVibbert

    Sawyer see Kate on the Island
    …the group witnessing Locke at the Hatch with the Desmond turning the light on..

    looks like the island is jumping to October 2004

  • Anon

    My memory is a little fuzzy, but wasn’t there an ARG website where there was a pic of the island in profile (in Flash format) with a giant beam of light coming out of the jungle that you had to click (for some reason, to get to another page)?

    And also, the beam of light coming up seams too giant, too strong to just be coming from the hatch to me.

  • DarthVibbert

    So Claire in the promo is screaming because she’s giving birth. This is the night Boone died, Aaron was born, and Locke was at the Hatch inadvertently saving Desmond’s life when…. as the light from the hatch illuminates the sky, so Sawyer must see Kate in the jungle while she’s helping Claire with the birth… and remember who was with them? Jin.

    • and charlie too
      i wonder how they’ll do the scene but i guess we’ll see only kate and aaron
      thanks for the promo btw 🙂

  • the_professor

    Anyone want to bet that the gal in the far right picture is a younger Danielle Rousseau? Or am I missing something? (Obviously can’t be her if they’re squarely in 2004.)

    • Kristina


  • midgetsaspets

    I betcha that the whispers were our island survivors ( Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, etc. ) interacting with the original Oceanic survivors ( Kate, Rousseau, Sayid, etc), same “place”, different “time”. Think “The Under the Sea Dance”, from Back to the Future, but 50’s Marty couldn’t see 80’s Marty, but he could kinda hear him. It would be a cool way to see everyone again, and revisit some scenes from previous seasons, no?…

    Just a thought…

    • the_professor

      That’s a very cool theory.

    • Uncle Beaver

      One of the COOLEST theories I’ve heard yet !!

      • Shrodes

        OK, that is brilliant. That’s pretty much the most amazing theory I’ve ever heard. My mind is considerably blown.

  • Lazarus

    The whispers seem to occur when the Others are about to appear, or when the Island manifests something. They also hang around smokey a lot. Perhaps these are all essentially the same thing.

    I’ve always figured it’s associated with the Island’s special powers somehow, or that it’s the Others time-travelling to alter events, discussing what they need to change.

    I doubt it’s the Losties making whispers to themselves unknowingly, but it’s Lost, so you never know!

  • spinflip

    Mhm, remember the big question mark before the drug dealers’ plane where the earth had been salted? I wonder whether future Locke does it himself in the past to leave past Locke a clue. Who else would do such a thing? And maybe they leave some other clues as well.

  • professorstotch

    That picture on the front page made me laugh…

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I thought the scream was when Claire was kidnapped….

  • Landry B.

    OMG! I never thought about that until just now…they are seeing John at the hatch door, the night that Claire had Aaron and Boone died…it all makes sense now…they are going to be back (or forward, this stuff is getting a little confusing) in Oct. 2004…that is going to be awesome!

  • ThePilot

    Charlotte must still be alive, because sawyer tells juliet that he saw kate, and they seem to be on a boat of some kind. If you pause at 22-23 secs you can see charlotte and faraday paddling toward the front of the boat.