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Lost 6.13 – Screencaps

By ErasedSlate,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • ErasedSlate

    Just a couple things to note:

    1. Illana’s Law firm is “Sweetzer & Verdansky” (Anagram?)
    2. Jack can walk on air
    3. A sailboat normally travels with the sails up.
    4. The Sun and Jin scene in the hospital may be telling.

    • dolce

      sailboats of this size often have motors. If you watch again, you can hear it running.

    • dd

      Sweetzer is a film starring Jorge Garcia. By now most of you know that not everything is a clue that will unlock the mysteries of the story. Such a boring way to watch the show when it has no pay-off.

      • ErasedSlate

        Actually, that is a great pay-off. Thanks.

  • Seabiscuit

    I have to say it was most entertaining watching Jack fly through the air.

  • spacebender

    These are delightful! Thanks for capturing them.

  • Bakedbob

    I just love how MIB is just standing still – doesnt even blink- while everything around him explodes and burns.. nice…

  • These are delightful! Thanks for capturing them.