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Lost 6.14 – Sneak Peak #2

By ErasedSlate,

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Here is another sneak for the upcoming episode.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Rams

    Finally! So… Locke’s the candidate?!!!! What does this mean…

  • Mark

    lol i dont think it literally means hes THE CANDIDATE. i think its just hes a candidate for surgery, and its a little wink wink to the fact he was a candidate for jacob’s replacement before he died. it would be cool tho if it turned out that Locke could be THE candidate somehow. but i think that will belong to jack.

    • ErasedSlate

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if the form that MiB took to escape the island is the very thing that keeps him there.

    • RandomZombie

      I think that the phrasing is significant. Jack didn’t say “I think I can fix you” or “I think you could walk again.”

      The episode is titled “The Candidate,” which makes us think that we’re going to find out who the candidate to replace Jacob is. The clip could be trying to throw us off – “Oh,” we say, “not a candidate for replacing Jacob, but a candidate for spinal surgery.” It seems that these preview clips are purposefully chosen to mislead us, or to at least muddle things.

      Basically, they’re telling us SOMETHING, they’re just not telling us what they’re telling us.
      Or they could be making something not altogether significant seem significant. It’s happened before.

      • lockeheart

        Realizing that the preview clips usually take place within the first several minutes of the episode, im starting to think that we are goin to get a lot more info about canidates and im thinking that locke could still be one. Remember from Lighthouse when jacob was talking to hurley, he never said that jack was a canidate or was there to replace him, he said jack had something to do. maybe that something is helping locke in the alt timeline and somehow affecting flockes plans

        • RandomZombie

          I’m 100% with you.
          I expect to see island-Locke again very soon, and believe that he will be Jacob’s replacement (if a replacement is needed after the outcome of the series.)
          Jack’s role will be vital to what must be done. The two characters that have been pitted against each other since the first season will end up working together for the good of the island.

          • Brandon


  • imfromthefuture

    i just wanna know how it happened in the alt

  • spacebender

    Jack’s passion as a surgeon is the trait I appreciate most about him, and I love the music they had in the background. He was almost giddy in bringing up the topic of Locke’s candidacy, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out both in the sideways world and in the Island timeline. I have a feeling we’ll need our seat belts more than ever from here on out.

  • lylebot

    Spoiler alert! Jack uses his little pen light to entertain a pet cat.

    • Aldo lover

      Thanks alot for ruining the epsidode!

      • Aldo lover

        I’m from michigan, that’s how we spell episode.

  • brlebu

    Hopefully this is a hint at what I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks…

    Tomorrow’s episode will be Jacob/MIB centric. One of two things will happen:

    1. Jacob came to the island as a candidate to replace his predecessor and MIB tried to bring him over to the dark side and failed.

    2. Jacob and MIB came to the island as candidates together and something crazy ridiculous happened that set them up as the light and dark forces on the island.

    Either way, I think we’ll finally learn MIB’s real name tomorrow.

    • gusteaux

      @briebu: The J—b/M– centric episode (“A—– the S–“) is not tomorrow. It is next Tuesday. Tomorrow night’s episode is “The Candidate”.

      • brlebu

        I’m trying to avoid spoilers this season – including Episode titles and character centrics – so thanks for that.

        I was just guessing in my previous post.

        • ErasedSlate

          You were stating that as a certitude instead of postulation. I believe that is the only reason Gus may have offered a correction. I have creatively edited his comment to omit the offensive material. With my humble apologies to Gus of course.

          • brlebue

            Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “will happen”, but I said it was something that “I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks…”. I figured that would have informed people that it was my opinion, not something I picked up on a spoiler site.

            And if you really want to omit the offensive material, you should slash out the entire names. It would be unbelievable easy for anyone to fill in “J—b/M–“.

  • Vlad

    he’s a candidate for a new kind of surgery or technology. candidates are involved in cutting edge stuff.

    • Vlad

      medical candidates anyway. anyone ever hear about those drug testing companies that pay thousands of dollars for people to try experimental drugs? they always say something like “if you are a male between 18-35 and don’t smoke, you’re a candidate for a new drug study!!”