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LOST Auction Items @ Comic-Con!

By JOpinionated,

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Greetings from San Diego! As most of you know, there is going to be a tremendous Lost auction at the end of Season 6. Judging from the vast array of props on display this week at Comic-Con, Lost fans will have an unbelievable opportunity to purchase authentic pieces of iconic Lost history when the series ends in 2010. For more details, please visit Profiles in History.

In the interest of time, I am posting a few photos for your perusal below. Stay tuned for more details from the scene this week; here, on TVOvermind and via Twitter (@JOpinionated & @DocArzt)!

If you repost these photos in any location, please make sure to provide credit with a link here. Thank you!

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Victor Utomo

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. It TRULY does suck living outside of America and being a teenager who has no credit card.
    Oh, man. You guys are so lucky to even see it in person! Oh well. I guess I’ll just go crawl under a black rock and die alone.
    Oh, and by the way. Those stuff rocks! I can’t believe they’re selling it. I thought props like that go to some warehouse in Hollywood like other movie props.

    • Gavin Dyer

      Get a pre-pay card and top up then u can buy with the convenience of a card!!

  • JackFromLost

    Uh oh. Don’t they need that Dexter Stratton ring anymore?

    • JackFromLost

      Nevermind. Didn’t see that “end of season 6” bit.

  • RMutualFriend

    I am depressed

    • Ament

      Yeah it really is kinda sad seeing this. it’s like an eviction or something.

    • SeeYouOnMadManPhil

      So sad.
      What ends should burn.

  • rob

    wonder if the statues come with heroin in them.

    • kelsey

      I literally just cracked up @ this comment! haha

  • they’re showing more pieces this weekend at D23! I checked it out at and there are a bunch more items, some of which are waaay cooler than these!

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  • i really wonder how much some of these things will cost

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