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LOST Cast Stiffs Cancer Charity

By docarzt,

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Remember that Stand UP To Cancer thing where you could buy a personal greeting from various LOST cast members?  Anxious fans that purchased messages received some bad news today – the LOST cast is too dang busy to fulfill.  Here is the note from Stand UP To Cancer:

First and foremost I want to express my sincere apology for the delay on the “Lost” – Stand Up 2 Cancer Event.  Unfortunately production issues on the set in Hawaii have had a considerable impact on the show and we have been informed that the cast will be unable to fulfill the video portion of the Stand Up 2 Cancer benefit.

The charity is offerring some alternatives, including a personal greet from Darlton, but Stand Up 2 Cancer has been forced to put refunds on the table as an option.  Am I alone in feeling a bit icky about the cast backing out of this thing?  Too busy to fulfill their promise to support a good cause?  Aren’t they coming to the end of shooting? Of

course, we all love the show and the cast has proven itself over and over again to be one of the most fan friendly and accessible group of superstars on the planet, but pull out of a Cancer benefit that seemed to have a pretty flexible delivery window for them to begin with?  That’s. Not. Cool.

As some one who has been through Cancer treatment (I went 4 rounds with non-hodgkins lymphomas), and LOST two of my best friends (Bump & Bri-man) to cancer as well as a mentor (Welch Everman), I feel let down here.  Cancer, unfortunately, never decides to pull out of a showing after it has committed itself – neither should the LOST cast.  Booo.  Film your videos.

From TVFrenzy:

  • you know how i feel already doc 🙁
    god damn it

    • IntoEternity

      Yeah its a bummer that the cast couldn’t do the video portion of this. But the fact that we are now able to get a pilot script or poster signed by the cast is outstanding! I’ve seen these scripts go on sale at auctions for $500-$1000. The fact that they only have 75 of each and they are all individually numbered is another key point. I’m happy the cast of LOST came through for us with their demanding schedule– I’m so pissed this show is going to end soon

  • triangulatedsignal

    yea this is a downer, im really surprised that this has been allowed to happen, its unacceptable 🙁

    • tabletop1

      COMPLETELY unacceptable. I almost have no words. From someone’s who’s in the industry and who’s had cancer in his family, I can tell you there’s NO WAY this is a TIME issue. Something’s fishy, something’s up, and I’ve already lost respect for Damon, Carlton, and the cast. How could they let this happen? Total BS. My Lost experience has been poisoned by this news. I will be sure to spread the news to my Lost fan friends who are not part of the Lost blogosphere. Way to go, losers.

      • IntoEternity

        Damon and Carlton are doing the video message aspect– the cast themselves couldn’t get these videos done in a timley manner. However what they are offering is pretty damn good– if you want a video message you can get D & C to answer your questions.

  • Keep Kate

    I’m very surprised about this. Bad move, Lost folks. Bad move.

  • Seabiscuit

    Boo, guys, boo. 🙁

  • seenitlovedit

    I have to say the I too am disappointed. This is certainly not something that is expected from the cast. My mom is a cancer survivor and I know that without research and funding she would not be here. That being said I truly hope that none of the people ask for a refund. That would truly be heartbreaking because the video from the cast was just a bonus and should not have been the only reason that the money was given in the first place.

  • Frank

    Honestly until they fulfill their ethical duties I will not be watching this show. These are people who are most likely dying, and these uppity assholes can’t spend a couple of hours shooting a video for them? I’m sorry but this is just infuriating, and completely unacceptable.

  • JaySin420

    Wow, that’s just disgusting and I really wish I didn’t read it. I guess the people behind the show are totally brilliant in their own Lost world and heartless scumbags in the real world. Now I’m not gonna lie, I won’t stop watching totally but I will be DVRing it now instead of giving these lowlifes any ratings.

  • horselover

    Really unfortunate development. I have a lot of sympathy, but I think some of you are being a bit harsh on the cast. Yeah they were the ones who were supposed to film the videos, but do you think it was their decision? Not a single one of them was willing to film a little video to help cancer victims? That’s too lame to be true. Maybe I’m just not cynical enough to think that every single cast member said “I’m busy, let the cancer victims fend for themselves.” Doc, you said yourself that the cast has a great record of fan-relations.Not that it’s a good situation, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt before we label them heartless scumbags.
    My guess is the cast agreed to the videos on their own, but ABC had a schedule that contractually bound them to film for the show. When the dates conflicted, ABC demanded their show on time. If anyone wants to boycott the show because of this, that’s your right to do so. I’m just going to wait a bit before I conclude that their all selfish dicks.

    • docarzt

      You could be right. Hopefully, if we keep it out there, someone will have a change of heart – but I’d sooner expect a lame excuse.

      • horselover

        Yeah, I’m all for publicizing it to put a little pressure on ABC or whoever it is that made that decision.

  • edd

    What the hell kind of production issue on set would force them to pull out of this all together. Something about this seems fishy.

    • TRoss

      Something IS very fishy about the whole situation. Like horselover said, I find it hard to believe EVERY ONE of the cast members was suddenly to busy.

      I ordered a couple of these from the company back in July after Comic Con as a Christmas gift, and have been given the runaround every since. In July they said they’d be doing them in September. When September came and went, they told me October. When October passed they said in January after the holidays. And when January passed they said the Lost cast had given them two weeks in March. I emailed them just yesterday as it was the last week in March, and they said they’d have a response the next day, and here it is.

      Maybe the cast was giving them the runaround for nine months, but considering all communication with the company was initiated by me, and they NEVER sent an update of any kind that I know of after almost nine months, I have to say the company doesn’t come off looking that professional either. When I compare what we know about the Lost cast, and my experience with this company, I’d be willing to wager a large part of the blame falls on LiveAutographs.

      • Dana

        I posted below before reading this, but I agree that it is probably more on LiveAutographs end. It seems strange that the Lost cast would want to damage their reputations by not fulfilling their commitments. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding between the 2 parties that caused this to happen. Maybe LoveAutographs should have gone with more generic video messages to begin with that they could make multiple copies of instead of allowing people to request personal shout outs. At least that would have been something. BTW, I went to LiveAutographs today and picked the actor I was interested in. It brought up his picture and said THE EVENT WAS SOLD OUT. lol. There is no event. I wonder how long it has been that way.

    • KB

      More like someone else signed them all up for it then was screwed when they couldn’t get them all in. I’m sure there’s much more to it than just being busy that is not posted or known to people involved. And people shouldn’t be using this opportunity to attack the cast members.

  • clueless1der

    That’s a real sucky situation. I’m such a fan (as are we all, I know) that I’d hate to think a contractual obligation keeps them from doing such an amazing fund and awareness raiser. But, seriously… they don’t know how youtube works?

  • Josh

    Wow ya I wish I didn’t know about this. I’m so disgusted at

  • Brad

    I guess the prospect of recording thousands of personalized videos was too much for them. Honestly, I am not sure what kind of turnout they expected. You don’t sign up for something like this, especially with “LOST” tied to your name, and not expect to make a huge commitment. Look at the other participants on the site…not exactly a ton of star power. Pretty irresponsible of ABC and the cast, and certainly an unfortunate ending.

  • abs23

    Very sad. 🙁 How can we express our disapointment with them (abc, the cast, etc..)?

  • Alaine

    There is a section on website where you can ask Carlton and Damon a question.

  • Mattie

    When this happens its not actually the casts fault, its more like the produces that are not letting them do this

  • seenitlovedit

    i have posted this link on other sites in an FYI way, and it seems as though the people that replied on Lostpedia don’t feel that this is a big deal at all. This concerns me because as much as I love the show, there are things that are more important. Why can’t they see that? I do have a question though. How long have they had to make the messages? I think that would help me know if I am just over reacting.

  • boonesghost

    This makes me sick. A personal greet from Darlton is not a good substitute. Don’t we get enough of those guys messing with our heads?

  • Ahleemah

    someone should post on Jorge’s blog about it.. seems like he has a heart. maybe he could have some pull.

  • claytron5000

    This seems really strange. I know for a fact that Jorge Garcia spent 3 and 1/2 hours on the phone for Jay and Jack’s charity event for Autism. That’s an event put on by Lost podcasters. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the likes of Terry O’Quinn making the choice to stiff a cancer organization. I’m pretty sure this isn’t for lack of want by the entire cast.

  • seenitlovedit

    i already posted on jorge’s blog

  • To begin with it seems that they met some parts of the obligation and only left a part of thier commitment unfulfilled. Which being regrettable, I think its hardly worthy of smearing them in a blog. I think we should now be required to post a blog for EVERY SINGLE charitable contribution any of them makes. That would only be fair. Really, I bet their fulfilled to unfulfilled ratio is 100,000/1 Which compared to anyone posting here [self included] would be found FAR less faithful in obligatory commitments. I mean come on, how may times have we ALL left a commitment unfulfilled?

    p.s. 50% of marriages end in divorce so I know I’ll nail most of you on that alone.

    • Now that I think about it tho this site is driven by hits and thats the reason this was posted in the first place. So posting all the charitable deeds would be a waste of time as no one is as interested in good news as they are in bad.

      To quote a line from Lucky Jack on Master and Commander, ” Its a damned unfortunate business Mr. Hallam. Damned unfortunate”.

  • Dana

    I ordered several items plus these videos and gave directly to the standup2cancer site as well since I lost my husband to the disease. I had been wondering what had happened since I ordered those things in August. Got an email 3 days ago from standup2cancer stating what was said here and offering some lesser alternatives including a full refund. They called me personally the next day. I took one of the lesser options because I couldn’t ask for the money back, of course, no matter how much it was and it was substantial for me. It’s very disappointing, but somehow I’m not surprised. When they said the videos would be made in the Oct./Nov. timeframe, I just didn’t see how that would work. I suspected something was going to “come up” to keep them from being made, but I was hoping everything was above board and they would come through. It seems odd that they waited till the end of filming for the year to suddenly say they can’t do it. I kind of feel I was taken even though it was for charity. So frustrating and so disappointing. Even if people are like me and don’t request refunds rhis time, I think this will probably affect future fund raising efforts. I know I’ll think twice before signing up again.

  • I too am very sad to hear this update 🙁
    This was a great way to raise money and a great way for LOST fans to connect with the cast and Darlton.

    We know all to well that cancer doesn’t take a break. As a survivor myself, this news was disappointing.

  • IntoEternity

    Yeah its a bummer that the cast couldn’t do the video portion of this. But the fact that we are now able to get a pilot script or poster signed by the cast is outstanding! I’ve seen these scripts go on sale at auctions for $500-$1000. The fact that they only have 75 of each and they are all individually numbered is another key point. I’m happy the cast of LOST came through for us with their demanding schedule– I’m so pissed this show is going to end soon

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    I’ll guarantee that this had nothing to do with the actors themselves, but probably had something to do with the Guild