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Lost Eastereggs – Which Foot is it?

By ErasedSlate,

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From the finale of Season 2, we are introduced to the four-toed statue.  Well it seems that the biggest mystery may not be the 4-toes.  It may not even be the identity of the statue.  The biggest mystery may be the possible foot shuffle from season 2 to season 5. 

Here is the foot from Season 2.  Click to enlarge.


Notice that it is a left foot, four toes, and the pedastal appears broken where the right foot would go.

 Here is the base of the statue when it was intact.


Take note of the position of the right foot in connection to the left.  Also note the edge of the pedestal in relation to the right foot.

Now, the broken statue as unLocke approaches from the Jungle.


This image is inconclusive.  The pedestal is in the position of the right foot, but the angle of the ankle suggests left.  The angle of the shot may conceal the length of the edge to the foot.  And, the pedestal is not broken as it appears to be above.

As, Richard and unLocke prepare to see Jacob, their persepective is low but it seems to suggest a right foot.foot_s5b

Here is another perspective of the foot.  As Ben and unLock enter from the pedestal, they enter from where you would expect the right foot to be.  There is a crack in the ceiling.  In the picture below,  the entrance is behind them.


As Ben looks up, he sees the broken foot.  The next cap is from his perspective.


From his position, we should be looking at the left foot.

So, what about it?  Which foot are we looking at?  Does the foot switch from season 2 to season 5?  Is this a clue to the larger mystery of Lost?  It appears to me that the two seasons are consistent, that this is the left foot.  However, the angles we are given of the statue leaves room for doubt.  We have all summer and fall to investigate…

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From TVFrenzy:

  • REC

    Errr…I disagree. The single foot looks completely like the left foot. Just look at the bootstrap and the angle. The right foot leans forward, as though its knee is bent. The left foot does not. Just check out the outline of the boot from the back — it matches the left foot on your second picture.

    • Ed Holden

      Totally agreed. I can see why people are confused considering that the angles involved differ between shots, but what we’ve seen in this episode (both past and present) is consistent with the first long distance shot we had in the Season Two finale. The left leg remains, but everything else is missing.

      I think Jacob’s dwelling is in the statue base right between the two legs, though the bit of the base beneath the right leg is also missing.

      This isn’t the kind of detail the LOST effects people would mess up because every iteration of the statue is likely based on the same 3D wireframe model.

    • ckentjr

      There was no production mistake, are you not watching in HD yet people, it’s clear in these photos too – the sole of the the right sandal is still on the pedestal very clearly in the 2007 day and night pictures, it has been and always will be the left foot. I think that it would make perfect sense to everyone if they had given us a straight-on view to see how close the feet were together.

      There are plenty of things you can worry about over the summer, fall, and early winter, but this is really not one of them, trust me!

  • HoboCode

    Seriously. Get a life.

  • marc

    def the left foot u can see from the picture of both feet that there is very little space between the edge of the right foot and the platform. The picture of the single foot from wed’s ep shows a much greater distance and also is it the angle of the left foot. it could be that they changed the platform as that looks slightly different. hobocode we all need to get a life.

  • Timm

    I think its a switch, for production reasons only – probably the set woulndt have worked so well if it supposed to be under the rubbly bit of the ruin. It’s not like Sayid said anything about it being it’s left foot.

    Maybe he was looking at a reflection caused by the Swan going loopy?

  • A bigger problem is when we first saw it from the back, the two legs were separated. Woopsie! =)

    • dlbarrus

      Your right…
      well thats LOST for you

  • Jason

    It has to be the right foot. Why would the left foot have a wall that you could enter through, unless the entry was created after the right foot was no longer there? Had the entry not been created after the right foot was gone, then the entry way would have been concealed and hidden by the right foot when the statue was in tact.

    It makes sense to me that it was indeed the right foot and the writers just made a mistake.

  • does it really matter? out of everything wierd that goes on in Lost, you’re concerned about whether its a left or right foot?

    • horselover

      Well, I’m sure there’s some people out there who want to claim that the position of the foot slightly changing means we’re in an alternate future.

  • jack

    Maybe it’s going the hokey kokey? The gap in the roof seems quite large cosidering it isn’t visible in season 2? I think it’s just the angles, the right foot appears to be leaning forwards unless it’s viewed from behind in which case it loos to be more upright like the left foot. Intresting spot though

  • dappawit

    All the mythical god-like beings I’ve ever met have lived underneath left feet. I think that clinches it.

  • sommery

    To me, it’s obviously the left foot. I’m going to have to watch it again to see how the statue is standing when they pan up to it. How the legs are held. It didn’t look wrong the first 2 times I watched it, but now that Robbie mentions it, it does look like the legs are together (at least by the pics posted here). It amazes me what people notice. I watch, and don’t notice these little things until someone points them out. Then, later, when I’m re-watching an episode, it’s glaringly obvious! LOL

  • Benjamin

    seriously people…does it matter? its a foot…we should be discussing the fact that we saw the rest of the statue.

    or better yet, the fact that Jacob lived/lives underneath is up with that?

  • Balfro

    I say it’s the left foot. When you look at it from the side you really can’t make out the 3 other toes which would be facing us had it been the right foot, which means the toes are on the other side, suggesting it’s the left foot.

    From the angle we see the two feet from the side they could easily be spaced apart. Perspective is always off when you look at something from two different angles (actually a good way to think about it was on an episode of Mythbusters I just saw which referenced Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when he flips the Nazi motor bike. The scene was set up at an angle where the Nazi bike was several meters behind Indy’s bike when it flipped but it looks like they are side by side.)

    And to the poster who says it has to be the right foot because of the placement of the door; I thought the door was on the base, not the foot itself. Notice there was a hole in the roof of Jacob’s lair, which wasn’t present on the top of the foot when viewed from the front.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with these photos. It’s all perspective, and have we seen the LOST writers make a mistake yet? Not to my knowledge.

    • apackofmonkeys

      “have we seen the LOST writers make a mistake yet? Not to my knowledge.”

      Have you heard of Nikki and Paulo? jk

      Seriously though, I agree competely that it is definitely the left foot that remains. If for no other reason, look at the height of the toe on the right foot in the 2nd picture, then compare it to the height of the toe on the lone foot in the 3rd picture. They’re completely different sizes; the remaining foot’s toe is much bigger, which means it’s the left foot. The only reason it seems so close to the near edge of the platform is that our perspective is level with the platform.

      • apackofmonkeys

        Of course, there ARE some discrepancies between when we saw the statue early in the season compared to the statue in the finale (the skirt folds one way in one, then the other way in the other), but those are so minor I don’t doubt they’re production errors. The left foot is the left foot is the left foot, and that’s all I care about.

    • Cecil

      Uh yeah, they’ve made a LOT of continuity errors. Need only read the comments above you to find one in this case – the position of the legs (apart before, together now)

      • Jenn

        I’d have to watch the episode again to see if we get a better angle, but there’s nothing in these pictures to prove that the feet are together. The view is from a completely different angle that doesn’t allow you to see how much space is or is not between the feet.

        It’s obvious that one foot is slightly in front of the other, a position that I feel is accounted for in the larger, from the back, feet apart shot that we have.

  • AJ

    That is not the only inconsistancy. The back of the statue seen by Miles and crew from the well is different from full screen shot seen from Jacob’s beach scene. One variation is the pattern on the back of the skirt. Right hand ankh is tilted differently. There are more but post gets too wordy.

    It is either a mistake or there are 2 statues, maybe Jacob’s nemisis used to live in the other one.

  • ts

    The continuity has always been pretty bush league on LOST, just look up any episode on Lostpedia and see how many errors they’ve made. Like in season one for example, Charlie informs Jack that he doesn’t swim so Jack has to swim out and save Boone and leaves the other chick to drown.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Maybe it’s going the hokey kokey?

    So THAT’S what it’s all about!

    Look for Daniel Dae Lewis Kim in My Left Foot 2!

  • pstar

    Is it necessarily the SAME statue? Isn’t it possible that there were multiple statues around the island?

  • Drunk Hurley

    Does this matter?

    • triangulatedsignal

      it matters enough for you to read it and then leave a comment on it so im guessing yes hehe

  • bumpofjimmy

    although looking at the unbroken pedestal would suggest it being the right foot, it’s possible that it has always been the left foot, but that the right foot was broken off before the right part of the pedestal was. maybe i’m just making excuses….

  • Raul Lorcez

    I’m honestly not sure why anyone would think this is a right foot. With all due respect, some people are focusing WAY too much on minutae, causing them to lose perspective. It’s obvious, with even a cursory examination of the statue, that it’s the left foot, both in 1977 and in 2004.

  • b

    All this stuff about two statues really makes me laugh.

    Come on people. The second and third pictures in this post tell the story. The caption under the third picture says that the image is “inconclusive”, but that image is certainly the best one of the remaining foot. Now, look at the angle of the leg and what remains of the leg in those two shots. It’s almost exactly the same, with a small difference resulting from slightly different angles. Second, in the shot of the broken leg, there’s absolutely no space on the left side of the pedestal and a ton of space on the right side. Left foot. No doubt.

    The shot in this post that’s really inconclusive is the fourth one from the top. It’s a low angle, perspective shot in the dark. It shouldn’t even be a part of this article.

    And that last shot with Ben looking up at the foot through the broken ceiling? He’s looking up and to the right.

    It’s the right foot in all shots. Mystery solved.

    • b

      I meant it’s the left foot in all shots.


  • They’reNotDead

    It’s definitely the left foot. All the discrepancies people are stating can all be attributed to perspective and parallax distortion. I am an animator by trade and one thing that is a constant hassle with 3D is making the silhouette (overall outlining shape) of an object consistently recognizable. An object may look amazing form a 45 degree angle, but change that to 75 degrees and u get a whole new silhouette. Camera positioning on the 3rd image posted is significantly different that the 2nd, it is further back and much further to the left. In my experience this would definitely account for the edge of the pedestal in relation to the foot being different. OK I’m done now. Gotta spend more time thinking about who “They” are.

    • They’reNotDead

      also forgot to mention that this would also account for the legs appearing as if the were together.

      “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”

  • Baalzak

    Clearly the left in every shot. There’s no discrepancy whatsoever, and it’s actually pretty clearly the left based on every piece of evidence in any of the shots. I’m a little confused as to how there’s even any doubt about this…

  • Segun el angulo de la camara, teniendo en cuenta la posicion X del pie , dividio el angulo del coseno en el eje perpendicular, podriamos llegar a la conclusion que no es un pie, sino la mano

  • konstantine

    If the LOST effects people did not screw up and the foot we first see is intentionally then there are a few possibilities. Perhaps the foot differential between first shot from season two (LEFT FOOT) and the foot from the 5th season finale (RIGHT FOOT) can mean one thing the hydrogen bomb Jack & Juliet hurled into the heart of the islands electro magnetic energy field core caused a ripple in the time space continuum which affected the structure of the events on the island so much so that it affected the events leading to where the statue broke and which leg survived. Or it could mean that an earthquake or event so cataclysmic that it caused the island to rip apart and split the statue into two separate parts of the island. Just a theory….

    • Raul Lorcez

      The foot from the season 5 finale is NOT a right foot. What drug are you people taking? It’s clearly working.

  • Matthew Perry

    I can’t think of a less compelling mystery.

    Well, aside from the fact that it isn’t really a mystery, since there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that we are now seeing the right foot instead.

  • Toga

    I guess the obvious answer is who cares?

  • Erikire

    Hell yeah! It’s just a freaking foot…

    [[What, are you one of those foot fetishists???]]

  • Cecil

    I’m curious as to what exactly that headstone-looking thing is in picture 3. It also appears in the 1800s when the statue is whole. Significant?

  • It’s just a forced perspective issue. The picture of just the mystery foot is the left foot. It’s the same angle as when there are two feet and you are viewing it just below the horizon of the base of the statue.

  • Andy

    “This image is inconclusive.”

    Uh…no, it’s not. It’s very conclusively a left foot. I’m not sure why this article was even written.

  • Cutter XXIII

    Biggest mystery??? Really?

    It’s the left foot. Try using Photoshop, and superimpose the right foot from image 3 onto image 2. It fits.

    Hey, ErasedSlate…WHO SHOT SHANNON? ‘Cause I hear it wasn’t really Ana Lucia. 🙂

    • ErasedSlate

      This is here because people actually had questions about it. The angle at which the fx were added were meant to leave doubt, otherwise, this could have easily been settled by a different angle or approach to the statue.

      The conclusion of the article was that it is the left foot and nothing had changed from season 2. Re-read some of the comments, there is still doubt out there when it seems certain to me that it is the left foot. This is to give people the tools and material necessary to draw their own conclusions. And, please pardon me for for using hyberbole.

      • Cutter XXIII

        Ah, sorry ErasedSlate…I didn’t mean to direct that question at you then. Only at anyone who thinks it’s not the left foot.

        [i](scans comments)[/i]

        Which is almost no one. That’ll learn me for skimming.

  • INawe

    ” LOST Blistereggs ”


  • tonymcnitt

    I really don’t see what the problem is…it looks fine. The 3rd picture clearly shows enough room on the base to prove that it’s still the left foot, and the picture at night is a bit hard to tell but could easily still be the left foot. It appears that way, and the angle of the shot as well as the lighting make it a bit skeptical to start calling out continuity errors. I’m sure it’s always been the same foot. And the pictures from below ground really don’t have any bearing on this argument.

    It’s the same foot. Big deal.

  • sv

    “Which Foot is it?”

    Seriously, who gives a fuck? Get a life already.

  • hhe

    Why do you even get to blog?

    This is a joke.

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