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Find 815 – New Emails and Website

By Koobie,

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Ahoy, seekers, within hours the story continues!  But until then there have been a couple emails and a website released that we can take a look at. (Click to Enlarge)

email-week2-rec2.jpgThe first of the two is of Sam’s continuing unemployment.  The airline that Sam applied for has respectfully declined his applications, hopefully something will come up for him.

email-week2-sent3.jpgThe second of the two emails is another request for Tracy R.  Sam gives her an update on his current status with the Christiane I, and gives us more information on Mr. Talbot (including his first name, Oscar).  He also emphasizes Talbot’s ’employer’s requirements’, who could this mysterious employer be?

Click on through for the new website.

The Sunda Stories website gives the grim history behind the Sunda Trench, it is a site that is just like the Bermuda Triangle. With 21 reports of vanishing craft, our eyes are drawn to the bottom of the page:

“In addition to these, there have been reports of a high incidence of unexplained electronics failure in the area. Compasses have also been known to behave erratically.”

Could this be the result of some kind of unique electromagnetic properties? Be vigilant, seekers, the answer lies up ahead!

From TVFrenzy:

  • all hail mikhail

    Complete speculation of course. But after reading this I feel like an idiot, because I never correlated electromagnetism with boats and such with guidance to the island. It makes me think that maybe the Dharma Initiative was trying to correct his electromagnetic anomalies with the Swan Station. Obviously, they were trying to use the island for their own gains. So, why not fix the problem by releasing a stabilizing electromagnetic field. Then, their boats won’t go the way of 21 listed above. Ben, being a extremely conservative could have wanted to limit the access to the island and created the “incident” Desmond and Roger Inman referred to in Season 2.

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    So I just sent Doc an email, but Oscar Talbot is the guy from the boat on His name is an anagram for Bast Locator. Bast is the Egyptian Cat Goddess that has dun dun dun…… FOUR TOES! This with the fact that there are hieroglyphics in the hatch… I think this is a big clue that means something.

    For the record, I think I’m the first to put this together. No one knows why he’s going to the Sunda Trench? I think that’s what he’s looking for.

  • pauinha6

    just wanted to add there was another website on the game before that one was there…

    another early release glitch….

  • Adam

    Ok, so while playing chapter 1 the other night I found everything you are supposed now when I came back to play chapter 2 I dont have sam’s mothers message and I cannot get to listen to it again. Am I missing something or what? It is starting to make me aggravated!! HELP!!!