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LOST ARG Thoughts and Predictions (Beware of Spoilers)

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Oceanic logo.jpgThere is a lot of confusion over the new game.  Is it a TLE sequel?  Is it sanctioned by the creators? At this point, there is not a lot of chatter from the official end of things, and the only thing my inside man gave me was the start date.  So let’s speculate a little bit.  I need to mention some spoilers to give my take, so if that kind of stuff gives you hives don’t go any further.

We all know that there was a brief mention of an Oceanic 6 in a recent article on E!.  That spoiler was quickly removed at the request of Lost’s producers, but that didn’t stop the eagle eyed spoiler crowd from locking in on it.  With previous spoilers, most from the lens of Ryan and his Hawaii Blog (Link not handy at the moment, I’ll fix it soon), we can tell who the Oceanic 6 are.  Jack and Kate are a given,  Hurley and Sayid are both known to have flash forwards off the island, Sun and Jin are thought to have a flash forward.

As a side note, it’s interesting to consider that Michael and Walt are not considered two of the six, unless they are and Sun and Jin are not.  Also, just because it is “the Oceanic 6” doesn’t mean that other character’s did not escape, or that even some Oceanic passengers chose to escape in secret.  The others, Juliet and so on, would not be considered part of the “Oceanic” group, naturally.

That said, keeping the perspective that the new ARG leads up to the premiere of Season 4 and doesn’t bridge seasons it is, in my opinion, a no brainer that the game’s purpose is to build anticipation, provide clues, but not deliver a pay-off, the show will do that.

So far, all of the “destinations” mentioned in the Oceanic Press Release correspond with character’s who might be considered Oceanic 6 candidates, as well as characters who are not thought to be Oceanic 6 folk (Locke and Sawyer):

Los Angeles, CA
Tustin, CA
Ames, IA
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Portland, OR
Knoxville, TN
Seoul, South Korea
Sydney, Australia

I’m thinking of a few things here.  The mysterious “6” that popped up first in the commemoration video at the Super Bowl, then in the theatrical trailer and various other TV spots.  Then, the fact that the “Oceanic 6” spoiler was yanked so fast from E!Online.  This very well could be one of the instances where spoilers have single handedly ruined a large chunk of marketing.  I’m predicting the game will set up the presence of an “Oceanic 6” and provide numerous clues as to who the six may be, with the payoff coming in the future episodes.  If this is the case, spoiler hounds won’t get much enjoyment out of the actual information that drips out, but we still might enjoy the puzzles.  The thrill of the chase is always worthwhile.

Anybody have any alternative theories on what the game may be about?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Ryan’s @

    I like the outlook, but would hate to only get the Oceanic 6 as an outcome. As I always do, I will hold on to the belief that there will be much more to it than just that, but I always expect way too much from these things.
    I’m wishing they would have did this sooner than now and made it a bit more in depth. I always loved DHARMA and wish they would expose more of it.

  • Well, TLE sort of left us hanging with Mittlewerk leaving that message (which can still be viewed) on the Hanso Foundations website. I hoped and prayed that when they started the ARG thing again, that we would dive back into that. You know, find out whatever happened to Joop!

    But, since it seems like we’re focusing on Oceanic this time around, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of Mittlewerk or Joop. 🙁

    Regardless, I can’t wait for Monday to finally get here!