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Lost Arg – What Is Speaker’s Purple Sun Trying To Say?

By docarzt,

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Actually, the purple sun isn’t saying anything. I ran into speaker and he assures me the purple sun is a camera fluke and nothing more. It’s not a wormhole.

Speaker himself maybe telling us something very important though.  He tells us not only to make screen caps, which we geeks know all about, but also to “carry a camera.”  Are clues of the physical/billboard variety a fo sho?  We’ll soon find out.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Well, that’s what I “ASSUME” it is, anyway – I didn’t do anything to the footage, but I can’t speak for what happened to it when it wasn’t in my sight…

  • Sweet.. thanks for being so .. ‘clear’ Speaker :p
    Im sure there is an arg based on Doc coming back at the same time as you and the Ninja, but also having a sub folder so soon already dedicated to a “lost-arg”.. so Im sure eventually something is going to happen, but why be so secretive about swirling purple portal camera tricks? 😀

  • Well I can assure you, being a photographer, that I will totally be “carrying my camera” with me EVERYWHERE!

  • DocArzt

    Awesome NightmareMommie, and be sure to share :D.

    Mac_Ad: Alas, it is but a coincidence. But a happy one for sure.

  • Desmundo

    Oh yes, please do share as soon as possible, I’m hoping the fans in the listed cities is ready with their camera-phones because I’m not near any and I want to know what’s going down. I’m surrounded by drunk and boring relatives and the promise of a lost related arg is really helping me get through this holiday.

  • Woohoo for the new Arg coming online!!!

    Yes, coming back right around now is a tricky little coincidence isnt it 😉 JK, even if you didnt know anything about this new ARG, the buzz has been in the air, I think all of us felt something coming. I definitely have seen a wave coming at us the last month at LP.

    Doc, is there any chance blogger/google can be added to the commenting code? And *cough* so glad your back at your old ways *manly cough*. Did you keep the old info out of curiosity, or was it all absorbed by the other ‘team’ and porn bots?

  • Oh, I’ll be sure to share if I see anything! I live very close to both LA and Tustin, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • Some digital camera make this effect when pointing diretly to the sun ..