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Lost – Find 815 Back for Round 2?

By Koobie,

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  Comments: 12 has been updated with a journal page from Sam Thomas reading (click to enlarge):

“Not sleeping again.
Something’s still not right.

The reporters have stopped calling.  Everyone is moving on. Flight 815 is a closed book for them. They think they have all the answers they need.

But I don’t…

Could this be a second go around for Find 815?  Where Sam finds out where the plane actually crashed, and he finally gets the answers he deserves.  Or is it getting relaunched to give fans a second chance to play through the ARG?

From TVFrenzy:

  • CrazyDiamond

    February 23rd? It’s a few days past Christmas in the Lost world.. When the heck do they get off the island, anyway? Something’s very strange here.

  • JimR

    Who’s to say this wasn’t written by him after the six have been rescued/found/however it is they get back?

  • JimR

    Maybe it’s the 06’s story that convinces everyone else but he doesn’t feel something is right about it.

  • JimR

    Maybe it’s the 06’s story that convinces everyone else but he doesn’t feel something is right about it.

  • sk8rpo

    I have a problem with Find815 – it’s simply not in the canon. Why should I care? Hell, it didn’t even have Sam’s voice in 4×02. It’s not really part of the real storyline – just imaginary storyline.

  • Devin


    Just cuz it’s not in canon doesn’t mean everything in it is useless. It just means that if there is some discrepancy between the show and the ARG, the show’s version is officially right. I still think most of the stuff from the ARG is actually true, even if not officially called canon. The fact that Christiane I found “815” demonstrates what I mean.

  • sk8rpro

    Because of the discrepancy, tho, I feel cheated because I spent time on the games. It was fun – but because it does not line up, I have to question everything in the Find815 game.

    Even though both show the Christiane I found it, so what? I care less about Sam Thomas since he doesn’t exist in the show. It’s one thing if he’s not in the show and the possibility of his existence is complemented. But the fact the show confirmed it was a different individual in the Christiane I that found it, I see Sam Thomas as a fake.

    That’s how I feel anyway – that’s not to discredit your view tho.

  • Desmundo

    I understand what you guys are saying about Sam not seeming to exist on the show, though he does seem to be a TV quality actor, but I can’t say that I don’t care about him for anymore. I’m still interested in the fate of Sonya, and I would be SO thrilled if somehow the game were extended and we got more answers. We don’t know the everything about the rescue, the two stories might be reconciled somehow yet. I liked Talbot as well, I thought he seemed a plausible bad guy, his was a character I would have liked to have seen explored as well. I won’t lose hope.

    Thank you for covering this development Doc. I haven’t seen this reported on on the other sites.

  • Samfishercell

    @Desmundo, sk8pro, & Devin

    I understand what you’re all saying and I must say I agree with sk8pro. Although I WANT to care about Sam and his discoveries, the fact that find815 isn’t canon ruins that for me. Talbot, the Maxwell Group, etc. was made up by a separate company and (from what I understand) did not have the input of the writers. That means if Sam find that Sonia is one of the whispers and discovers how that came to be, or discovers what the monster is, etc., we can’t believe ANY OF IT. I know those are outlandish examples, but because find815 exists outside of canon, there’s no point in paying attention to it anymore. At this point I view it on the same level as FanFic, it might be interesting, and it might contain interesting ideas, but ultimately it’s dismissible.

  • daisy

    I wonder if Find 815 was always meant to come back. I remember a screen shot from the manifest book that had extra info about the losties that never came to be in the game.

  • I haven’t played Find815. I was a big fan of The Lost Experience with Jamie Silberhartz playing Rachel Blake. Lindeloff & Cuse made it clear in an ‘official’ podcast some time back that they were not going to give Blake a moment on the series, that most of TLE was not canon, and they weren’t particularly pleased with it.

    If the producers of Lost are dissing the ARGs made to boost interest in their own series, why should anyone waste their time? It’s apocryphal, which makes it irrelevant. Don’t waste your time on Find815 if it’s not going to be sincere and true to the tv series. You are only wasting your time if you do, and you’re sending a message to marketing executives that you’ll tolerate low quality ARGs just because they ‘claim’ to be about LOST. Stop the lameness.

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