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Lost – Find 815: Mr. Friendly Responds?

By docarzt,

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Thanks to Molly for this bit of info:

I emailed the different email addresses shown in Sam’s inbox during one of the videos, and one of them ( replied to me a few hours ago.  I originally asked him how he knows Sam and why he is in contact with him, and got this reply:
Since the dawn of our species, man’s been blessed with curiosity.
Your curiosity will be rewarded.


Zeke Klotho Freundlich
Interestingly, though it is signed Zeke Klotho Freundlich in the actual email, in my inbox it says it’s from Tom Friendly!
Hope you find this intesting, even though it doesn’t seem to have any exciting info (unless that Zeke name is an anagram or something, I haven’t really looked into it very far).

From TVFrenzy:

  • Samfishercell

    Zeke = Sawyers nickname for Friendly. This is a huge what the heck for me. Is someone using this account? Is Mr. Friendly still alive somehow? Did Sawyer know him (as some crazy guessers guessed during S2)

    Klotho [From wikipedia] The Klotho gene codes for a transmembrane protein that, in addition to other effects, provides some control over the sensitivity of the organism to insulin and appears to be involved in aging.

    and freundlich is something relating to friend if I’m not mistaken? (Sorry my German is quite weak)

  • Stagmo

    After some searching on the middle name, Klotho, I found that it is the name of a Greek goddess, in English, Clotho. She is part of the three fates that determine peoples’ lives. Clotho is the one that is called upon in birth (9th month of pregnancy), represented by a spool of thread. The next measured the thread (person’s lifespan), and the last cut the thread (death).

    Since Clotho relates to the 9th month of pregnancy, it ties in nicely with the whole babies not being able to be born on the Island thing.

    Read more about the three goddesses

  • april

    freundlich translates to friendly in german.

    klotho – another mention of this in wikipedia involves 97 Klotho, a large main belt asteroid discovered by Ernst Temple. It is named after one of the 3 fates in greek mythology (as Stagmo mentioned).

  • Stagmo

    I found this bit of interesting info from the forum: “Freundlich, was the last name of Erwin Freundlich, a man that worked with Albert Einstein, on the properties of Gravitational Redshift, or in other words certain forms of electromagnetic radiation.”

    I haven’t confirmed it yet cause I’m going to bed, but if that’s true it could be interesting.

  • Desmundo

    Yes, when I saw that killen tom e-mail address I was hoping it would relate to Tom. And Tom was still alive at the time this game is set in, I believe. Why would he use such a morbid screenname for himself? I guess it’s just the game making fun of itself.

    Yes, the game, like the island, is sentient. 🙂

  • Pupcake

    I tried to post this once and got a message that “the text entered was wrong”, so I’m giving it another go. Perhaps it just knows I’m wrong and shouldn’t be posting. 🙂

    Okay, I feel kind of dumb for even posting this. First, because I’m pretty new here. Second, because I think this is one of those things that if you’re looking for something, you’ll see it – like people thinking there’s something special about the number 23, so they see it everywhere… So I’m just posting this out of random speculation.

    I Googled Klotho and got [url=]this link.[/url] (I’m not very good with html, either, so hopefully that will come up as something you can click.) Now, I’m sure it’s a coincidence and this is most likely a real company. (Though the bottom string of words saying “KLOTHO (The aging suppresser) Antibodies,” over and over and over three thousand times seems less than professional, like they’re trying to work the Google system or something.) But a LOT of it relates to Lost in suspiscious ways.

    The site claims that:

    1. Klotho antibodies are an aging supressor.
    2. It causes “atrophy of genital organs” like the scan of the woman they showed to Juliet when she was being recruited.
    3. It talks about testing on humans (others?), rabbits (Ben’s?) and monkeys (Joop?… okay he wasn’t a monkey, but still…)
    4. It claims the products they sell are for “in vitro research use only.” Sort of like what Ben has Juliet doing?
    5. This is their old website, which links you to a new website with their new street address. Their old street address is “5415 Lost Lane”.

    Anyway, that’s just some of it. A lot seems really over my head scientifically, so I don’t know what to think – I just thought I’d pass it on and see if anyone else thought it was weird.