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LOST – Find 815 – New York Billboard Found!

By docarzt,

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Anon strikes again!  Here is the New York, NY Times Square Oceanic Billboard.  Click to enlarge.


From TVFrenzy:

  • dms269

    So another one like the Imes one. I was hoping they would all be different though.

  • forrest

    im from knoxville, tn and im visiting my gf in nyc…looks like i got some things to do now

  • pauinha6

    well, forrest, get you camera handy and get out of the house!!!

    anyone from MIAMI, SYDNEY or SEOUL out there, get movin’ too!!!!

  • Donnie

    Hey Guys. Lost Ninja just posted a pic of the Sydney Billboard on his blog.

  • Donnie

    Here’s a link to his blog for those that need one: