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Speaker Has Something to Say… AND YOU BETTER LISTEN

By docarzt,

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Our good friend Speaker is hearing from his mysterious sources again. Could this be the purple sun pulsing it’s neural morse code into the silhouetted ones cranium?  That is a mystery that may be larger than any on Lost island itself, but here me… the info is important:

“I got this strange e-mail telling me there might be an
announcement from Oceanic after LOST during the premiere of Eli Stone. 
I don’t know what the announcement’s about… it could be ANYTHING! 
Feel free to speculate and tell me, because I love that stuff!

Apparently there’s going to be some never before seen LOST clips on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night!”

Remember to keep your browser trained on, you never know when the voices in speaker’s head may speak again.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • jason

    This was posted yesterday by dark as part of the find 815 game. It’s an abc release not some mysterious source.

  • DocArzt

    Well pardon me. It always sucks to be the second to copy and paste. 😉

  • HatchMonkey

    Wow Jason. Isn’t today the 30th? Why yes it is… doesn’t that mean that Dark’s cronies posted that today? And oh, they got it from an official source… their own freaking adsense… amazing. I’ll add that there is nothing remotely humorous about their post to boot…

  • ErasedSlate

    Rather than whine, “cowboy up” and play along. After all, the purpose of the post is to speculate.

    So here goes:

    Option 1: The announcement that Flight 815 was found and there were no survivors. It would be the finale of the find815 game.

    or (where I am betting with my monopoly money…)

    Option 2: The announcement will be that survivors from flight 815 have been found. It will start the campaign to bring them home.

  • All Hail Mikhail

    We also still have yet to figure out The Maxwell Group site. I’m hoping either this Oceanic Commericial or something on Sam’s end is going to open it up. Find815 will be done 2 hours before, but if you try to login to The Maxwell Group site, it won’t work until February 1st, the day after Lost premiere.

  • Matt

    Maybe the announcement will be that The Maxwell Group have purchased Oceanic Airlines, and we will be directed to their website in the ad. This way they can control the cover up even more.

  • Donnie
  • M Bizzle

    So Sam is goin down to investigate the Black Rock as soon as the weather clears up….wonder if he will find a planted replica of Flight 815 instead???

    Only one single activity left now also…wonder if that will be a game of navigating down under water and finding whatever they’ve located..

    My prediction from here is they will find 815 under them..Sam will be devastated and forced to accept the “truth” about 815 as it looks to him (possibly even aplogizing to Oceanic on TV and announcning the discovery of 815 to the world)…and the connector with the show would be that this is why Naomi said that “they found the plane, there were no survivors”

    Only problem is I don’t know if Sam will let the conspiracy theory go as he still won’t have an answer as to how someone knew where 815 was to send him coded messages directing him there, what the connection is with the MaxwellGroup and what Talbot is up to…

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