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LOST group pic Last supper two versions

By lyly ford,

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guys, after fews days we saw it, ABC finally put it online so i wanted to share with you the two versions

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source :lyly ford blog

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Glue your eyelids

    Interesting how Miles and Claire have switched sides in the second version…

    • dp2

      As have Ben and Sun.

    • dp2

      Actually, Miles, Claire and Hurley all rotated.

      • Glue your eyelids

        Yeah, I meant “switched sides” because they moved from the left to the right of Locke and vice versa, the others shifted in a less radical way I guess 😉 Since in the previous Last Supper thread there was speculation that being on the right or left side of the picture could mean being aligned either with the MiB or Jacob, it seemed relevant to me.

        • dp2

          I see.

        • Absz009

          Looks like there’ll be characters switching sides during the course of the season. Makes sense since I believe they’ll be a few shocking relevations before the final conflict on the Island.

  • Wow. Where are Claire’s legs?

    Also, why did they seperate Miles and Frank in the second shoot? I think Miles’ hand on Lapidus’ booty was a pretty neat trial to supply the shipper die-hards with a new object of desire (as the standard Skater/Jater wars have become so ludicrously lame). I already imagined the new born couple to stumble upon Tom/”Mr. Friendly” at a nice party in one of Hurley’s visions or some other kind of flash. I guess that’s not supposed to happen, what a bummer!

    • SharkTaco


  • Absz009

    I think Ben and Hurley will hook up. It’s written in the stars.

  • Kristina M.

    Im just glad my man Locke is back in the forefront, and not being the lost man he was last season!

  • Absz009

    Yeah, but it’s not the Locke we know and love. It’s some evil impostor. Although I’m hoping for there to be some sort of internal struggle inside the body with the real Locke and the Evil Locke fighting for control and hopefully will end with the real Locke winning out. Out of the all LOST characters, Locke most deserves a happy ending after all the crap he was put through by his dad and Ben. His flashbacks are some of the best and most emotional.

    • Mack

      You don’t know for a fact that he is evil. All you have is one statement which may have implied that MIB had little faith in humanity. None of us know the context of his words or the experiences that made him feel that way.

      If we are to presume that MIB and Jacob have been experiencing a loop; none of us can imagine how immensely frustrating it might be to be trapped for centuries,possibly longer, in that loop. Every attempt to change the course of events have repeatedly failed. After while you might lose hope that you were ever going to be free and become a bit pessimistic. Doing the same thing repeatedly, as MIB has perceived Jacob doing, isn’t working and some radical actions needs to be taken.

      • Absz009

        But if we are to assume MiB is also Smokey, then his actions over the course of show have been far from good – his “radical actions”. Actions speak louder than words after all. It may be that his intentions turn out to be good which I believe so, but his execution of those intentions seem evil to me. Well-intentioned or not – that’s still evil. That’s my definition of evil anyway.

        So I wouldn’t call Smokey/MiB out-and-out evil for evil’s sake but nevertheless he’s still evil in my opinion. I mean you can see his point of view and why he has become so cynical and downbeat but that doesn’t change the fact he’s done bad things such as killing countless people on the Island including Jacob supposedly (whom he plotted to kill for centuries via a loophole). Does that not sound evil to you? Forget about his intentions, his motivations and what he’s been through(in regards to his various hardships in the loop). Answer that plainly.
        This question will of course be invalid if it turns out that Jacob is not as good as everybody on the Island thinks he is and is twisted as Smokey/MiB is.

        It seems like both Jacob and Smokey/MiB are victims of this loop, both with good intentions. But one has stayed morally astute in achieving his goal (Jacob), whilst the other has become immoral and radical in his actions to achieve his goal (Smokey/MiB).

        The two characters that instantly pop into my head when I think of Jacob and Smokey/MiB are Magneto and Xavier of the X-Men franchise. I’m not sure if you know much about their backstories in the comics. But both were victims of mutant hate and Nazi uprising as young teenagers in WWII. Both loved humanity and wished to find a way to co-exist with humans. One grew up to be morally astute like Jacob and sought a peaceful solution for humans and mutants to co-exist, whilst the other grew up to hate humanity and everything they stood for. Like Smokey, you can understand Magneto’s point of view because of the hate and physical and mental hardship he faced as a Jew and mutant from the Nazis. You can see why he grew to hate humanity and wanted rid of them. The only difference he has to Smokey/MiB is that – Magneto’s intentions started out well then became twisted and evil somewhat, while Smokey’s intentions were always good but his actions became more extreme and radical as time went on it seems. But they’re both evil nevertheless.

        So that makes me think that Fake Locke AKA Smokey/MiB will be evil in Season 6. Well-intentioned maybe, but still evil. And that’s not the Locke we know and love. The real Locke was never evil – sure he did some questionable things at times but never evil. He was like a surrogate father to Claire and Sun(somewhat). That was my original point in my other post.

        Anyways, sorry to ramble on – I just like to get my point across clearly and before I know it I’m writing a damn novel. Good debate nevertheless. You make some interesting points, Mack.

  • The Prognosticator

    So Hurley, Miles, and Claire have switched around. This is proof that Claire is dead, because Hurley and Miles are the characters that can talk to dead people. Why else relate those three??

    Meanwhile, Ben and Sun switched places. This is obviously an indication that Sun and Jin are going to divorce, and Jin and Ben are going to get married. Good news for the Binners/Jenners. Sun will take over as leader of the others, with Frank as her Richard Alpert.

  • Kara
  • boonesghost

    In the second photo it appears Locke has just farted.

    • Absz009

      Yup, you heard it here first – Locke farted and caused the global blackout in “FlashForward”. XD

  • Fosca

    It’s the same as Battlestar Galactica’s final season cast photo! Aww hell…

  • MrHawking

    Has no one else noticed the skulls in the sand? Adam and Eve from the caves? One is under Sayid and the other could be under Claire.

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