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Lost Humor – Who was Really in the Casket

By docarzt,

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jack-crys.jpgOkay… we now know that at one time Sawyer, Desmond, and Locke shared the coffin.  They flipped a three sided coin, and Locke lost the bet.  So sad.  But did you know that originally, there was a fourth ending?  Story-boarded, but never filmed…  click through for the shocking truth of who was REALLY supposed to be in the casket.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Snoopstock

    Is it just me or does anybody who ever that could be, other than the
    creative artist himself with an eye-patch? Surely it ain’t Michail!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    And what ever happened to our favorite one-eyed Other? He was enough alive to blow up Charlie… so he’s got a good chance of being alive.

  • justin

    pretty weak when we dont even know who that is supposed to be. waste….of…..time!

  • DocArzt

    C’mon… you can recognize him with one word: eyepatch

  • Brewski

    Lol good old mikhail,I’m surprised he doesnt have a grenade in his hand in the coffin :p.

    Would be the wackiest thing ever if we saw him again, then again it probably wouldnt be so strange seeing as it is Lost ! :D.

    Lol if u cant recognise him, you need to go do some Lost homework! 😉

  • justin

    i would have guessed mikhail if i knew it was just some stupid cartoon, but i thought it was real. i didnt see the lost HUMOR tag. still stupid though

  • kingdom

    Lame and not funny

  • Oh, come on, folks! It was worth a chuckle.

  • Nathan

    Ha! That’s pretty great.

  • CatRose

    Wow, you guys are really uptight about this! If YOU missed the “humor” tag – then who is really the stupid one?! Jeez.

    And who else has an eye patch on Lost besides Mikhail? No one! ^_^


  • Daniel

    I clicked on the link, but I couldn’t find the humor.

  • steve

    The old SCOOBY – DOO ending. On some blogs it is being suggested that it isn’t the real body of Locke.

  • Stilts

    Love it!!!!