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DocArzt Escapes the Clutches of “The Island,” and Benjamin Linus

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As many of you know, I was invited to the island several months back and subsequently sworn to secrecy about what I saw.  Well, the secrecy is no longer!  My series of interviews from the set and experiences amongst the losties will now be published at and!

First up is my encounter with Michael Emerson.  I’ve had the good fortune of interviewing Michael Emerson THREE times, and everytime it is a new experience.  Emerson is a genuine individual and one hell of a guy.  How nice of a guy?  He declined a shade umbrella and offered it to my wife.   Intense, no?

A nice subplot since I will no doubt get some ribbing over the Red Sox cap:  when I arrived on set it was the morning after the Sox beat the A’s 11 to 7.  There were Boston caps all over the place, and a few A’s as well.  Trash talking the two teams was the theme of the day.  When I first caught site of Elizabeth Mitchell, who was in the middle of rehearsing a scene, she spied my cap and dropped everything to exclaim, at the top of her lungs, “There’s ANOTHER Red Sox fan!  Hey Oakland, 11 to seven… I’m just sayin…”  I want to marry her.  Don’t tell my wife.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Lost in Plymouth Mass.

    What’s wrong with the Red Sox cap. Might as well have have a winner on your head …

  • Lost in north attleboro Mass.

  • Aussie_lostie


    Doc mate, I am worried. My morning ritual was logging into TheLostExperience and then TheTailSection. Then took over and now these sites are rubbish. All they do now is who has the best hair on Lost, how many links we can have to and how many pop-ups can your computer handle. Then someone posted a link to this site and I have been happy ever since. Please, please tell me you are not going to turn this site into a shell.

  • MarkUK

    i so hate buddytv. i agree with aussie.

  • DocArzt

    Don’t fear folks. The interviews were done during my tenure at BuddyTV and at ABC’s request were held until this month. I’m very proud of them and will definitely direct you folks to them as they are published, but that is the end of my content for TTS and BuddyTV for the foreseeable future, and there are currently no deals on the table that would compel me to return.

  • gusteaux

    Right on Doc! Good to see you in another life, brotha.