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By roomforhuman,

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Thumbnail image for Podcast.jpgWhat a great podcast! If you want to know:


  • What the secret code phrase is for this years finale.
  • If we’ll ever see a purple sky again.
  • The significance of the name Lapidus.
  • If Aaron’s in danger.
  • And if you want to hear plenty of cryptic answers to questions.


Listen to the newest Podcast here.

From TVFrenzy:

  • milo

    Frozen donkey wheel. Hilarious.
    Also, confirmation that Aaron really, truly is O6. And that Yemi and other things are really the monster. Good podcast.

  • jeddy

    did anyone catch their tidbit on the different “closets” for the different actor/actresses on the show, so that they can keep track of whos dead,alive, etc…

    but what the heck did they mean by “undead” and WHY IS CHRISTIAN SHEPHERDS CHARACTER under that category???? if i understand this correctly, this means he is neither alive NOR i hearing all this right?

  • boxman

    This may be old news by now but TV Squad has a very comprehensive recap of this particular podcast:

    Doc Arzt hit a few highlights, but the Squad has all the points.