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The scene you must need to see before tomorrow !

By lyly ford,

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I asked Damon Lindelof, who co-wrote the pilot with JJ Abrams, if the backgammon scene was an attempt to plant a flag for the series end game. This is what he said:

“We can’t rewrite history and say that at the time the pilot was being constructed we were using phrases like “The Man In Black” and “Jacob,” but we can say that the overriding theme of The Island and what an endgame might look like — and that Locke was the character that was tapped into this almost instantly — was all sort of calibrated. Looking back on that scene, its intention at the time that it was written and its intention today is exactly the same, which is to basically set the stakes for the entire series. At the time that we wrote it, we didn’t think that there was going to be an episode two. At the time that we wrote it, it was a conversation about the good and evil internal in the people themselves. But obviously, as the show grew and blossomed out, that same conversation grew to encompass the nature of The Island and The Island’s affect on those people.”

source : EW

From TVFrenzy:

  • Benmanben

    In that scene Locke mentions how old it is, and how it comes from ancient Mesopotamia.
    Maybe ancient Mesopotamia plays a large role in it.

    Also, is the chat window usually down in the off season? When will it be back up?

  • Dirk

    The subject line of this post confuses me: “The scene you must need to see before tomorrow!” The scene I must need to see? What, exactly, does that mean?

    • Dirk

      I mean no disrespect by asking that, by the way. I’m just confused by the phrase. Do you mean, “The scene you must see before tomorrow?” Or maybe, “The scene you need to see before tomorrow?” Or am I just missing what it’s supposed to be saying?

  • richie k
    here dirk, you must have to see this then.
    before tomorrow.

    • richie k

      i hadnt seen this in a while myself actually, bring on tomorrow!

  • Mark

    must need to see or must have to see is redundant. must see, need to see, have to see, any of those are fine.

    • Shawn Melficiote

      I often wonder why the posts here aren’t copy-edited before going live. Lyly Ford’s posts always need a LOT of editing, but apparently, they get none whatsoever. I have to wonder why she and Doc wouldn’t want to fix that problem, as it’s extremely unprofessional to keep posting such awkwardly worded posts that sometimes border on incomprehensible.

  • Benjamin

    Who the hell cares? The point is watch the backgammon scene. It’s point is essential to the story of LOST.

    • dolce


    • Dirk

      Clearly you care, or else you wouldn’t have responded.

  • horselover

    Also, Locke in season one explaining the point of Mouse Trap: “One by one…piece by piece you build the trap…then, when your opponent lands here on the old cheese wheel, if you set it up just right, you spring the trap.”

  • Shinto

    Weird that no one has changed the headline on this article, given that people have pointed out that it doesn’t make any sense.

    • Defiance. Child-like, but that’s what it is. It’s a freaking typo, fix it.

      But on the subject of the POST, I find it hard to believe that Locke has not been Locke since the crash. I mean, Ben killing him cinches that. However, could there have been times when MIB was in control of Locke with his/our knowing? No real setup for that, but, the Trap and Backgammon allusions…

      I’ve always found it strange that once Locke was revealed as, well, I’m sorry to say it, a pathetic loser (takes one to know one), how he’s had this great following. Maybe it’s just like in the case of Ben, it’s all about the performers, Emerson and O’Quinn. Great jobs, guy, perfectly in tune with equally great writing.

      Perhaps those moments of clarity (always brief and fleeting) where Locke is decisive and faithful, that’s what followers believe in. For me, it’s those moments in the pit after being shot by Ben, and then again about to kill himself before Ben mercifully ends Locke’s pathetic confusion and child-like belief in “specialness,” that makes it clear nothing to see here, move along.

      Except the tragedy of it, of course.

      Just as in the case of Sawyer, losing his parents and now Juliet, learning how to open up and trust, the tragedy can’t be denied.

      But it’ll be more tragic if UnLocke has been playing us along all this time, and not the true Locke. And I say this because in that backgammon scene Locke’s face certainly seems to be MIB – and that was years ago. If so, brilliant writing and acting.

      And I feel so…played.

      • heythereyourself

        Of course who knows but…..I think that John Locke was John Locke until his murder/sucide. Everything John’s ever done he’s jumped in to blindly, because of what he beleives and how strongly he believes it. The real question is not how long Locke has been Locke, but rather how long has Locke been lead by the MIB. A couple things we learned last night? Smokey is the MIB, without form? If so that raises another question why was Ben able to control and call upon smokey? Did the MIB and Jacob work together, if so up until what point? I think John has been following the MIB’s plan since the crash. Jacob’s cabin I believe was really MIB’s prison. I think the ring of ash was keeping the MIB in the cabin and not keeping anything out. A big question is who removed the section of ash around the cabin to release the MIB. The MIB was previously using christian? Seems like for every one answer they (writers) give you, you get ten more questions. Sorry for the rant, just trying to get this information out of my head!!! Probably should get back to work now, damn you LOST!!!!

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