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Lost News – Doc J. Grades this Season and Throws Down a Theory

By ErasedSlate,

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Doc Jensen from is back from Hawaii and he puts grades to the episodes of Season 4.  I am personally on board with his grades except for “Meet Kevin Johnson.”  It is either a C or a C+ episode.  Doc J was far to nice about the issues with that show.  Even in his “take on Kevin Johnson,” he was not critical enough on the compression and the lack of pay off.  I actually hope that the poor quality of this episode is due to it being produced at the beginning of the writers strike.


Ahh, another time theory…  Despite his Lost withdrawl induced shakes, Doc Jensen gives us another must read theory about Lost.  His idea for the season finale is interesting, not sure it fits the title of “FROZEN Donkey Wheel*.”  Then again, what crazy plant was burned and possibly inhaled to get them to think of that name.  (For those who don’t know, “Frozen Donkey Wheel” is the name for the twist in the finale.)


For the teaser: Dharka.  The only thing I could find is that in Hindi it may mean danger, dread, or Peril.  I am not a linguist, so any ideas there would be appreciated. 


Read Doc Jensen’s column at

 * Thanks to Milo for the correction.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • me

    Still love the episode.

  • mike

    The Beginning of the End: A
    Confirmed Dead: A
    The Economist: A
    Eggtown: B
    The Constant: A+
    The Other Woman: B+
    Ji Yeon: A-
    Meet Kevin Johnson: A

    Meet Kevin Johnson was a fabulous character study that forced audiences to see things they didn’t want to see. Nothing too fantastic in the episode, aside from the “island won’t let you die”-thing. The episode, as Doc J wrote, was about taking care one one thing. Where’s Michael been, and how did he end up on the boat? Okay, that two things – or, rather, questions.

    I disagree with the Doc. The episode was certainly not conventional, seeing as how it did what no other Lost episode has done – used nearly the whole hour to tell one linear story. Loved the episode. The timeline concerns are ridiculous. And, the audience must come to understand that “Meet Kevin Johnson” was also a halt in the narrative to bring Michael’s story up to speed.

    I’m confident in TPTB that we’ll see exactly HOW Michael and Walt got off the island. We didn’t need to see that in “Meet Kevin Johnson” because this episode was about Michael’s unfinished business. Pure and simple. Loved. This. Episode.

  • ErasedSlate

    Admittedly, I am much harsher on MKJ because I was expecting something that I didn’t get. That unmet expectation skews my perception of the episode. If I could have removed my bias before watching, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

  • Devin

    I like the theory! Back the the Future type stuff! I disagree about The Other Woman though, I think it’s underrated, and I think Ji Yeon was overrated. My other comment is that people keep pointing out The Constant as a potential best episode, but I still put Through the Looking Glass as my top. The Constant was a really good episode, but through the looking glass was amazing, a huge turning point in the show, and just…(in the words of Marty McFly, for my second BTTF reference)…HEAVY

  • David

    “The episode was certainly not conventional, seeing as how it did what no other Lost episode has done – used nearly the whole hour to tell one linear story.”

    Not conventional in the “Lost” sense. Yes, it’s rare for an episode of Lost for the flashback to take up the entire story. The only other one that comes to mind is “The Other 48 Days” (I’m not including “Flashes Before Your Eyes” because that was NOT a traditional flashback). However, this motif has been used countless other times on other shows. I think the writer’s thought a traditional flashback would be fresh on a show where the flashbacks are anything but traditional. I think they were wrong. Yes, it is necessary exposition, but like Doc J says, I want flavor with my meat. Michael’s story after leaving the island is certainly interesting, but it’s a little too cut and dried for my taste.

  • lostfanboy16

    I loved all the episodes this seaso so far. I think The Other Women and Meet Kevin Johnson will be underrated.

  • JimmyJamz

    Maybe “Dharka” is a Dharma parka. Perhaps we will discover that the listening station from the season 2 finale is Dharma related.

  • milo

    I have to say, for the most part I completely agree with Doc Jensen, including 408.

    It was a solid episode, just overhyped and forced to be a mini finale/cliffhanger it wasn’t originally intended for. And it probably would have been MUCH better received if they showed it after the break and ended with 407.

    So far a great season. I’d even argue that so far, it’s their strongest season yet.

  • graham

    My list:
    Confirmed Dead…A+
    The Economist…B
    The Constant…A+
    The Other Woman…F
    Ji Yeon…D
    Meet Kevin Johnson…D

  • robert

    Dharka= Shark + Dharma? Dharma shark coming back, perhaps?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I thought ‘Donkey Wheel’ was the code name for the last episode, not the actual name of the twist, no?

  • milo

    “Frozen Donkey Wheel” refers to the individual twist/scene. Same as “the bagel” and “the challah” referred to the scenes in the finales of seasons 2 and 3 with future Jack and Kate, and with Penny and her igloo team.

  • Me

    Hi its not a donkey wheel Its a FROZEN Donkey wheel just thought I would add that

  • mike

    We all have our opinions. But, how cool is it that even an episode that many consider “bad” is nowhere near as bad as plenty of other stuff on TV? Gotta love this show, huh?

  • ErasedSlate

    “Frozen Donkey Wheel” makes JimmyJamz Dharma-Parka more plausible.

  • neoloki

    Dharka is a Hindi word from the language Urdu meaning alarm. Which, I am assuming refers both to the flash forward taking place in a mid-east war zone and the fact that the Locke camp is being attacked. The parallel between flash-forward and island present being the beginning of a war.

  • rob

    frozen donkey wheel sounds like something sawyer would say. the finale would introduce season 5, right? didnt i read on here that 4 was them getting off the island, 5 is them trying to get back, and 6 was them doing their thing again on the island. a wheel would imply a revolutionary thing, a return of some sorts. just my .02 yo.

  • The Merlboro Man

    I just have to say…for the millionth time… The Island is the Dark Tower.

    Roland was able to take people from three different time periods of a New York that existed in a parallel universe to the Dark Tower universe. Doc Jensen is on the right trail, but up the wrong tree. Don’t expect to see any of the Oceanic Six back on the Island until the end of Season Five.

  • mike

    The Dark Tower HAS to be a major influence on this show.

    So, Merlboro Man, you think Widmore’s trying to buy a lot in New York City in order to destroy the rose that grows there. That’d be cool.