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Lost News – DocJensen’s “Raider’s of the ‘Lost’ Story Arc”

By Koobie,

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Lost_wall_l.jpg In his most recent ‘Lost’ Recap, Doc Jensen adds to the flurry of people trying to decode the Rubik’s cube that was last nights episode of Lost, ‘The Shape of Things to Come.’

He sums the episode up well with, “PLOOOP, That was your brain sliding out your head and onto the floor, wasn’t it?”

There is some theory, some recap, and his own personal picture of Ben’s glyphs (pictured left).  The picture was taken during his set visit about a month ago.

Check it out here.

From TVFrenzy:

  • chris6o7

    I haven’t listen to it yet, but the door is possibly linked to the egyptian hieroglyphs?

  • tanside

    While i’m glad we have another clearer view of the door is it possible to get a higher resolution version of the pic somewhere?