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Lost News – Season 6 is Extended by One More Hour!

By Koobie,

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Today, Michael Ausiello tweeted that LOST season 6 is going to have 18 hours instead of the previously slated 17 hours, and fans squealed with glee.

Tweexclusive: ABC confirms that Lost’s sixth and final season will total 18 hours, including two-hour premiere and two-hour finale.”

Do you think this extension will allow for more story, or did the producers realize that they didn’t want to finish the LOST saga at a breakneck speed?  I’m pumped either way!

From TVFrenzy:

  • Hexonxonx

    Wasn’t this hinted at in an earlier interview, when either Darlton or Matthew Fox referred to “the last 17 or 18 hours of the show”? I don’t know why, but I like that each season is a different length.

  • professorstotch

    So we’re looking at…16 episodes? I’m down.

  • I’m pumped!…2 hour premieire and 2 hour finale. I’m wondering if this was part of the big news they had at Comic-Con. I just they’d been plotting things out and wanted one more hour, much like the strike shortened season needed that 1 extra hour.

  • Matt

    I kinda wish they’d extend it even more, but even 1 extra hour is pretty amazing! I’d just love to have the show finished off with a full season like one of the first 3.

    But yeah… that is funny that each season has a different number of episodes/hours…
    Season 1: 25 hours
    Season 2: 24
    Season 3: 23
    Season 4: 14
    Season 5: 17
    Season 6: 18

    It’d be awesome if those were the numbers… :-/ lol

  • these are great news… thx

  • Ament

    With our luck the extra hour will be another clip show, how many times Hurley said dude in 3 second segments. Just kidding, i’m glad their hooking us up with a little more before curtain call.

  • Excellent News! Every single added second is appreciated. 🙂

  • Annebeth

    I hope that all the episodes will be long, like 45 minutes or something. In that case we have an hour extra too 😉

    • Yeah, that is how season 2 ended up just being 12 minutes shorter than season 1, despite being an episode shorter.

      Average episode runtimes including credits:
      Season 1: 42 minutes, 45 seconds
      Season 2: 44 minutes even
      Season 3: 43 minutes, 5 seconds
      Season 4: 43 minutes, 10 seconds
      Season 5: 43 minutes, 30 seconds
      Lost: 43 minutes, 15 seconds

  • adam118

    Fantastic news! I feel like putting on a sailor’s uniform and kissing some random gal in Times Square! Hopefully she doesn’t have herpes…or mace.