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With the hotly anticipated sixth and final season of LOST launching on February 5th, Sky1 HD is proud to announce LOST REDUCED – a specially created ten minute play from the widely acclaimed Reduced Shakespeare Company.

The celebrated comedy theatre troupe have condensed all five seasons into a fast paced flight through the story of the Oceanic plane crash survivors. The world premiere is to be held in London on Thursday 28th January, performed for an intimate audience of competition winners. The production will also be filmed for internet broadcast as well as on the Sky Platform’s Anytime service.

Co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse have praised the idea and granted permission for the production to go ahead.

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  • GeigerCounter

    best news ever

  • Melon Monster

    Cant wait!

  • dp2

    Wow, RSC? Really? Fantastic!

    • dp2

      I was going to say “Enough of the ‘Lost in X Minutes'” movies, but for RSC, I’ll tolerate one more.

  • Mike

    Where for arzt now romeo?

    • richie k