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Lost Screencaps: 5.15 “Follow the Leader”

By ErasedSlate,

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Fere are some of the screencaps from the episode. Included are the Ship in a Bottle, various Tunnel caps.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    looks like Richard is reconstructing the Black Rock? possibly the ship he once sailed on?

    • neoloki

      Foreshadowing! How great will it be to get a Richard flashback with him on the Black Rock! I will probably disintegrate in the Rapture!

  • meems

    I immediately thought that as well.

  • Unbeliever

    Absolutely. He’s definitely a crew member of the Black Rock and perhaps it’s only remaining survivor.

  • he seemed to have taken a darker turn this episode…

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    maybe the black rock crashed into one of those pockets of energy and an ‘incident’ of sorts happened back then…thus making mr. alpert immortal? a stretch, but i haven’t had any coffee yet this morning.

  • i dunno…the black rock was an early surprise and there must be a reason why they’ve kind of let it ferment. I think the black rock’s reveal with also tell us something along the lines of what we have yet to learn enough about? hmm

    • neoloki

      I have a suspicion that we won’t here about Hanso in conjunction with Dharma but instead it will be when we find out more about the black rock. Hanso probably has some relation to the original inhabitants of the Island which very well could have been slaves and crew members of the Black Rock. Seeing as it was a slaving ship from Africa maybe this is where the Egyptian religious symbols originated.

      The time line does not jive with slaves from the Black Rock bringing the hieroglyphs, but the Black Rock story will be fundamental to the origin story of the peoples of the Island. And Hanso being the original guardian of the secrets of the Island.

  • neoloki

    Can we get a picture of Eloise just out of the pool? I mean that wouldn’t be so awful would it?

    • INawe

      Only after seeing Eloise emerge from the pool in the tunnels i thought:

      “…Elloise is hot…”

      • Greggg

        Dude, Faraday, I know she’s your mom and all, but…

      • neoloki

        You know this may be totally out of line, but I actually think Daniel was a lucky baby.

  • Unbeliever

    The Black Rock was just sailing along when it had the misfortune of being in the same spot in space and time that the Island chose to reappear in. The Temple was on the Island way before the Black Rock.

    I am pretty sure that the first mate of the Black Rock was named Magnus Hanso so there is definitely a family connection to the Island. Widmore was bidding on the Ship’s Log at an auction.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      do we know that the temple was on the island before the Black Rock? or were the alleged egyptian crew of the Black Rock responsible for building the temple in the first place?

      • i feel like they’re making a deliberate point in emphasizing three different time periods (most likely points of specific conflicts that pass until the next “great war”).

        egyptian (the temple, the statue, the hieroglyphics, maybe the smoke monster?)

        the black rock’s trade expedition (the ship itself, the dynamite, the need for a slave export, hanso?)

        the 50’s-70’s (dharma, widmore/eloise)

        • Charlie’s Ghost

          good point. i think the Black Rock might have brought the island’s first inhabitants. M.Hanso was on the Back Rock and if you think about, he probably felt that he discovered some sort of Fountain of Youth. Think about it – there were probably guys on the Black Rock that were sick, disease amongst the slaves, etc. They arrive on the island by chance and suddenly people are healthy again. And to go even further, I wouldn’t doubt it if M.Hanso is the same guy as A.Hanso. If he spent all that time on the island, who knows how long it was before he got off that island. He could have not aged, like Richard (first mate?). Once he finally got off the island, I’m sure he was all about figuring out how to exploit the properties of the island, thus the DI was founded. I feel that Richard was on that ship as well, though he was on the other side…the island’s side…and was against the exploitation of the island…thus founding the ‘Hostiles/Others’. There was probably some type of confrontation / war between them back in the day. And then the next big confrontation occurred in the 50’s, when Richard and crew wiped out the U.S. Military team that tried to take the island. Then the Purge in the 70’s…and now, in the 2007 timeline with Ilana/Bram looking to take control.

          I think you are right, in that they are emphasizing these specific periods due to those periods representing the major points in the Island’s history. History is upon us again, as another party is contesting control of the island. I thinks its hard to believe that the Island won’t win, and the Island always seems to come out on top, regardless of the situation.

          • It does seem as if the island has continuously survived each Age, as it were…though that means for it to lose it would have to be completely wiped out (ala a nuclear bomb?). I wonder how the island feels about all of these factions warring on its soil.

    • verylost

      This may be nothing, but in “The Constant” when Widmore was bidding on the ship’s log, I always wondered where they got it from considering the island is its final resting place. Maybe i’m thinking too hard on such a mundane detail.

  • gvlahos9

    holy smokes, in just one scene, “middle aged” Ellie became the most gorgeous woman in 5 seasons of Lost.
    Thanks for posting ErasedSlate, you are a good man.

  • INawe

    wet Ellie…. omg.. The last screenshot is hoooooooooooooooot..

  • INawe

    But you still forgot Ben’s face after Locke told him “So i can kill him ” (jacob)

    imho priceless…

  • neoloki

    Wow, I missed the whole update on the main page. Thanks! I have been pulling doubles at work (I am a chef) so I could get 4 days off around my birthday (tomorrow, the 11th) and the Lost finale; So, I haven’t checked the site for a couple of days. Thank you for the pictures and the shout out. I knew their was a reason this is my favorite site other than the great info and all the great Lost fans who respect the integrity of the show. Well, cheers to the beautiful Eloise, I think she is getting a bad wrap as a mom and coming events will paint her in a much better light, and the kind Erasedslate.

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