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Lost Screencaps: Promo 5.07 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

By ErasedSlate,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • from the license plate in that one screencap it looks like Locke was deposited somewhere in Europe… possibly England?

    • Kristina

      Probably the same monastery Desdmond was in for the first pic?

    • Ian

      My guess is he is deposited on issac’s property in Australia that Bernard and Rose visited. He said that he was on top of one of the pockets of electromagnetism. The spots are all connected so i think u end up at one of the points.

      • Alaine

        I was thinking Locke might pop up at one of the electromagnetic hot spots as described by Hawking. But I did not think of the Australian location. Awesome guess!

  • Kristina

    HOLY CRAP! Was that Locke that Widmore was talking to? I wonder what was said!

  • Greg

    Could be just me looking to much into this but the first picture reminds me of when we first saw Jacob in the cabin.

  • jdrummond

    Is the woman he is talking to on the beach the same woman who was escorting Sayid on the plane?

    • Looks like it to me.

    • Yep. She is the same.
      The more important question is: WHEN are they?

      – post316crash present time?
      – postO6flash dharma time?

      Both of those possibilities would imply a resurrected and pretty healthy Locke.

      Or is this a flashback to John’s journey on search for the 06 to bring them back?

      • It’s all John’s journey looking for an appealing to the O6.

        John is dead John is dead (or is that “Paul is dead Paul is dead – I forget)…

        And he ain’t coming back.

        • Matt4

          Not to be mean, but seriously, did you watch the promo buddy? The promo narrator says, “From death to life…” It shows Locke on the beach with Ilana and she says “what do you remember?” Locke responds, “I remember dying.”

  • Who is that with Locke when he’s about to hang himself?

    • I would say it’s Ben. But who knows…

      • The Mantis

        Ben for sure, I’m sure he talks him into it.

        • I’m starting to lose faith in this show.

          Jack and John are soooo stupid in continuing to listen to Bed, bad Ben Ben bad (nothing relative about it, folks – the dude is ca-razy).

          And now Des is being just as stupid, getting Penny killed for it.

          • dolce


  • The Mantis

    I don’t remember being so excited after a promo.. Can’t wait to see this episode, though (even though we all kinda knew it was coming) why did they show Locke on the beach with that woman accompanying Sayid?? I hate when they give things like that away.

  • bps

    I am Lord Sidious….err….John Locke.

  • docarzt

    I would hate to think ABC would blow a big reveal like this… but they’ve done it before. Why do I have the feeling Locke in the hood comes after his supposed death?

    • dolce

      Come on Doc Have faith.

  • Nicole

    Isn’t that lady, the one who was talking to Locke, the same lady that was escorting Sayid on the plane?

  • The kate pic makes me think that we will see kate pre 316 when /how/why she gave up/or they took Aaron

  • MonoGallito

    i don’t know if this is going to sound kind of crazy to you, but don`t you think that is a posibility that the people who survived the original oceanic 815 crash did so because of a flash like the one we saw on the ajira plane?, it has never being shown to us how the middle section of the plane crashed, what if the pepople who survived just for one second weren’t there?..i think it would have taken them just a second of being some sort of lost in space to avoid the inmediate death that many of them encountered and be as unharmed as they look on the pilot episode..i don’t know what you think…it’s just a thought…

  • Vayne81

    I couldn’t help but laugh a bit while looking at the promo pics. It almost looks like in some of the photos that Locke is trying different methods to commiting suicide lol. Locke: “Hmmm, laying in the road trying to get ran over didn’t work, trying to die in a car accident didn’t work… Oh, maybe I can hang myself!” Almost as if the island isn’t letting him die 🙂

    I wonder if he’s paralized when off of the island. Te pic when he’s laying on the dirt road makes it seem as if he can’t walk. Dunno.

    • MonoGallito


      • Vayne81

        Ah, nice one!!! I guess I was too excited to see Christian again. Seeing a mysterious dead guy is more interesting/entertaining than seeing Locke hurting his legs… again… for the 50th time.

  • boonesghost

    I swear I’ve seen Jack make that exact same face before.

  • neoloki55

    You know their is always the possibility that Locke isn’t dead at all. He is playing the proxy for Christian doesn’t mean he has to be totally dead. Medusa spider?

  • Haliwax

    It looks like Locke/Bentham is off the island for a decent amount of time…he’s gone from a leg fracture with the bone sticking out of his shin to wearing a walking cast. That’s some pretty good healing, especially for John off the island.

    Ben appears to be with Locke/Bentham when he commits suicide – and the preview sure makes it look like Ben is kneeling down in front of him as he’s about to do it! Looks like both Ben and Widmore are telling John that he’s special indeed.

    Man, I can’t wait!

  • TylerCheman aka Lostfan716

    I have a theory that if the island was always moving, Locke may have not ended up in Tunisia becuase the island is connected to pockets of the electro magnetic areas. So I think Locke ended up in there.