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LOST Series Finale To Debut Breakthrough Technology

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Fans tuning into the final episode of LOST will be among the first to use a new technology being developed by Intel. The chip will allow LOST fans to interact with one another and receive real-time streaming information from an interactive menu. Fearnet picked up a few additional details:

lost_logoWe have TV on the internet. And now we’re going to have widgets on TV? The reports coming in from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week state that a new Intel chip will allow interactive “widgets” to be added to TV programming. Talk shows came to mind immediately for Disney-ABC TV president Anne Sweeney. But weirdo “welcome to the island” show Lost is shaping up to be the first scripted show to use this technology.


From TVFrenzy:

  • jon

    That’s better than the pop-up video styled icons from the recap episodes.

  • RichM

    Man, that might be fun for some fans, but i want to watch the FINAL episode of Lost completely uninterupted, with no “popups” or other people trying to talk over it.

  • docarzt

    Amen. Still, I can’t think of a better show to apply this technology to

  • Zetaprime

    That’s nice..but do they expect people to buy new TV’s to get this feature? Many have recently gotten newer HDTV’s and can’t afford to be constantly replacing them..especially with the economic depression we’ve entered.

  • Joe Johnson

    I think this kind of thing is awful. I cant stand to watch G4 because of the chat room type of garbage they put at the bottom. Do we really need a bunch of kids typing ‘LOL!’ at the bottom of the screen when someone says something funny.

    besides, hwo is this breakthrough technology, its already in use.

    • Andy


  • rove3

    LOL, I have no idea what this even means.