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Lost Snares Big Ratings and Universal Praise

By docarzt,

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matthew_sm.jpgLost is not only back, it’s back in the level of media excitement and ratings glory that marked its place in history.  Coming in with a 9.5/14, Lost was a demographic powerhouse for ABC.  Sure it was a little below its pre sci-fi-ish days, and certainly a good sized notch below time slot custodian Grey’s Anatomay, but the numbers are none the less pheonomenal considering Lost’s quirky, nearly category-defying story telling.  Another factor to consider is that Lost is in its fourth season, a point at which almost any show would be presenting a massive drop off in viewers.

On the critical side of things,  practically anybody who matters is singing the praises of Lost’s return not only as an acceptable return to the story, but a step ahead of previous season openers.  Part of this, no doubt, can be attributed to the shows expanded scope and palpable story-telling urgency.  Now that Lost has an end date, it is clear that the writers don’t intend to fool around anymore.

The end number was 16.2 Million Viewers.


From TVFrenzy:

  • james

    What is that in millions?

  • DocArzt

    9.5% of all households/14% of all households watching at that time. Around 14-15 million.

  • milo

    16.1 million. Down a bit from previous season premieres, but up from last season’s finale. Even the clip show before it brought in about 13 million.