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Lost Spoilers – 14 “The Other Woman” *High Resolution* Promot Pics

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I feel a special closeness to this episode because I spent an afternoon on set while they were filming.  Full report on that when the episode draws closer.  For now, here are some hi-resolution promo shots from the episode.

From TVFrenzy:

  • imfromthepast

    I like Ben best when he’s captured, post beating, and playing Locke like a fiddle.

  • shmy

    I sooo want to see this episode…and I’m soooo in love with Jacket under the rain. Plus Ben playing with Locke’s mind is my guilty pleasure. Can wait to read that report 🙂

  • preztige

    this is where I believe Juliet dies. or Sawyer trying in an attempt to save her life…..