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LOST Spoilers – 5.10 “He’s Our You” Promo Pics

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Here are some promo pics from next week’s episode of LOST, “He’s Our You.”

[imagebrowser id=45 template=flipped]

From TVFrenzy:

  • jate

    Looks like Kate blew up Juliet.

    • Seabiscuit

      Atta girl, Ka- uh, er, I mean, bad Kate, very bad Kate. XD

  • boonesghost

    You know, the same thing happened to my ’72 VW…

  • Woah! Is that a water tower?!
    This changes everything! 😛

  • LostinNewYork

    Sawyer: “oh, isn’t that cute…kate & juliet are fighting over me…oh wait, they’re making out”

    Sayid: “yeah well they said it wasn’t about size. I couldn’t even satisfy them last night & I’m this big. ”

    Sawyer: “i’m never taking your handcuffs off.”

  • Eric

    Good God, really? Could we not post such a spoilery pic on the MAIN PAGE? Grrr…..

  • dolce

    In photo 3 what are those cables under and behind the van? they’re not in any of the other shots. Produstion error? Were they used to pull the van into the house?

    • Seabiscuit

      “Were they used to pull the van into the house?”

      Probably. I’m guessing they’ll be editted out or the lighting for the actual shot will be so they can’t be seen.

  • Seems like Sayid didn’t only engage in “Build Our World” but also joined Hillsong Church. Awesome worship pose! 🙂

  • 5W: “This changes everything! ”

    Just what I was thinking – no more Hurley bus!

    Course correct this!

  • I want to get to know one of the Girls of Riyadh
    It’s a joke:)
    Al Riyadh