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Lost Spoilers – Looking forward to 316

By professorstotch,

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8151It’s Lost night! In preperation, let’s take a look at some of the things I know I’m personally looking forward to in tonight’s episode.

NOTE: Most of this article is based on information given in promos and sneak peaks. If you’ve avoid these out of fear for spoilers, you may want to avoid this article as well.

“If you want me to go with you, you will never ask me that question again.”

So Kate’s finally ditching Aaron. Let me get something straight here…every second we’ve seen Kate on screen so far this season, she’s been worrying about protecting “her baby.” And now he’s gone. Well where the heck did he go? Did she give him up for adoption? Maybe she gave him to Ms. Littleton. I really hope this is something we find out. I want to see the moment where Kate makes the decision to give him up and go back to the island. I want to see what made her do it. I know it won’t be this episode, but I’m keeping my fingers cross that we’ll see it sometime down the road.

“You’re all going back to the island? Willingly?”

Oh, Desmond. The only person who without a doubt has no desire at all to return to the island. Everyone else can find some reason to go back. So will he go back? If you’ve seen the previews, you’ll notice that we’ve seen glimpses of Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sun all either on a plane, or on the island. The only ones we haven’t seen from the group that was assembled last episode are Desmond and Ben. I don’t think Desmond is going back…willingly. I do think he’ll end up back there some how, but he probably won’t be happy about it. And what about Ben? Is he able to go back? Whoever moves the island can’t go back. That was very clearly laid out by Ben himself last season. So how’s he going to pull this one off? Hey, maybe we’re underestimating him. Maybe Ben doesn’t actually have a hidden agenda and he does actually care about saving everyone on the island…

Yeah right.


“This is how they found the island.”

This is going to be awesome. Notice how she says it’s how they found the island. Which very clearly indicates she’s not part of Dharma. This was probably assumed, but I like how it’s being thrown out there. I’m hoping we’ll get a little bit of an explanation as to why it’s so hard to find the island. It looks like everyone was right when they thought the new Dharma logo was for the Lamp Post. Just as in the Chronicles books, the Lamp Post in Lost will be a gateway to a magical, mysterious land.


“This is all I could get on short notice.”

So how’s that going to work? I’m wondering if assembling the entire group was ever really necessary, or just a precaution in case bringing certain people back didn’t work. Will only bringing a few of them back be sufficient? I want to see if there’s going to be any reprecussions for them only bringing some of the people back. I personally think that Jack is the key. Bringing Jack back was the ultimate goal. They always told Jack he wasn’t supposed to leave. Getting everyone else on board is just a precaution in case the Jack idea doesn’t work out.


“You might want to fasten your seatbelt.”

And here it is. Anyone who guessed plane crash as the way they’re getting back wins. Extra credit to Ms. Dee if her theory about Lapidus flying the plane turns out to be right. I’m wondering some things about this second plane crash, if it happens. The first…are we going to get any new characters out of this? Judging from all the casting, it looks like we’re set to get some new people sometime. And if we do get new characters, how pissed are they going to be if they ever find out there were people on that plane who knew it was going to crash? I’m sure they wouldn’t really suspect it until they see people who know exactly where things are, and how fun it is to jump from the top of the waterfall into the little pond.

Also…are those who go back going to book the plane under false names? Imagine the public reaction if they find out that some of the same people who were part of the Oceanic crash are also part of this new crash. Or what if some of the new crash victims recognize our returnees? Would they assume very bad luck or coincidence? Hmmmm…

Finally…if I were looking for the money, I’d find a way to get back to the mainland and sue Ajira. Oceanic settlement + Ajira Settlement = Big Bucks.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Hipster Doofus

    Obviously we’re going to find out what happened to Aaron! That sneak peek is very mysterious. On TV, any time somebody says, “Don’t ever ask me about that again.” it means that the mystery is that much jucier. My guess: She gave him to Sawyer’s Ex. Somehow. New theory! Clementine and Aaron are Adam and Eve. “Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine, you were lost and gone forever, oh my darling Clementine.”

    • i think too he’s with cassidy ’cause ben and co know aaron is claire’s baby so they could find him very easly

  • Hm…

    some things… Yes, Mrs Hawking says “this is how they found it”, but it could also be, that she WAS part of Dharma, yet she was also only “workman”, but destined to be much more. So, out of anger, she denounces her participation.

    Then, ben says “he who turns the wheel cannot go back”… He doesn’t explicitly say “never”… So by any means, he can try to go back, but it does take major work, which in turn means probably asking help from a probable enemy (maybe Hawking).

    Third we have the plane crash… What bothers me is the people, that were on the first plane and were taken by the Others (Cindy and others) in the first and second season. Were those people also ones who wanted to go back to the island? Was Lapidus their designated and knowing pilot? Because now this would make sense, as it happens again!

    • dolce

      Speaking of Cindy and the kids and other 815 survivors…Does anyone thik that they must be jumping with the Island too? Juliet jumps,but she is not originally from the Island, so it would make sense that the other survivors would be jumping as well.

      • True, didn’t think of that…

        Or, they were “christened” in the temple, so they became “part of the island”… dunno, whatever Alpert and the rest had to do, to become part of the island.

        • I really do believe in this “christened” people theory; Maybe Juliet got “de-christened” when she was marked back in season 2.

          • Mr_Rob

            hmmmm very interesting. I like it I had been thinking about her being “out casted” lately, and how and if that had some larger meaning this could very well be it.

    • Hexonxonx

      Ben does say that he can never go back. But I wouldn’t necessarily trust anything he says.

      BEN: He told you what to do, but he didn’t tell you how because he wants me to suffer the consequences.
      LOCKE: What consequences?
      BEN: Whoever moves the island can never come back. So I’d like you to get on the elevator, John, and go back up. Richard and my people will be waiting 2 miles east of the Orchid.

  • Hexonxonx

    I hereby volunteer to proofread and copy-edit any and all articles posted on the front page. “Preparation”, not “preperation”. I love this site, but sloppy mistakes drive me nuts.

  • RandomZombie

    When Ms. Hawking said “they,” I figured that she could mean people working for Widmore. It would explain how the freighter showed up. The others could have easily taken the station over, ousting Widmore’s people.

    Also, she said that the people Ben gathered would do “for now.” I believe that everyone will have to go back eventually, and Ben wasn’t on the plane because he still has to get Sayid, and maybe Desmond has to stay behind to help get Sayid and himself back, with Ben.

    It’s clear that Desmond doesn’t want to go back to the island, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t go willingly, if not reluctantly. He told Penny that he would find Daniel’s mother and that would be the end of it, but she reacted as if she knew that it wouldn’t be over that easily, and that she would go with him regardless.

    I think that Ben, Sayid, Desmond, and maybe little Charlie will end up back at the island soon enough. Sayid, most likely, will be going against his will – unless Ben comes up with a darned good argument. This also puts Penny within easy reach of Ben’s revenge on Widmore, though I don’t believe he’ll be successful – or maybe he’ll back down. Granted, couples in love have it rough on Lost, but Desmond and Penny’s relationship has been the cause of several key events. I think they’ll make it.

    • professorstotch

      In regards to Ms. Hawking’s “they” comment. In the sneak peak, she says something along the lines of “The Dharma Initiative called this station the Lamp Post. This is how they found the island.” So taken like that, she’s saying that the DI called it the Lamp Post, and used it to find the island.

      • RandomZombie

        Yeah, once I rewatched the clip I realized that they made it pretty clear. Maybe I just like the idea of little Widmore vs. others scuffles happening outside of the island.

  • brent

    I don’t think Sayid’s work is complete off Island yet. Do we know why he suddenly is so antagonistic toward Ben or am I missing something terribly obvious?

    So if Jack, recrash it could be very similar to 815. Some people on board knew there would be a crash. Something on the Island causes the crash. Maybe “they” are able to find the Island because they know the history of the Island. In 2008, they knew a plane crashed on September 22, 2004. It’s all a matter of determining what the true present is. Maybe EVERYTHING is a flashback.

  • Andy

    Hexonxonx wrote”
    “I hereby volunteer to proofread and copy-edit any and all articles posted on the front page. “Preparation”, not “preperation”. I love this site, but sloppy mistakes drive me nuts.”

    You mean like putting periods and commas outside end quotes? 🙂

    Glass houses, my friend. Glass houses.

  • corematt

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. Interesting that there is a coffin with a dead guy on this plane too. Maybe John will come back and be Zombie-John with Zombie-Christian.

    2. Ben telling John that who ever turns the wheel can never come back might only have been a way to keep John from turning it himself.