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Lost Spoilers – Straight from Kristin

By professorstotch,

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christian-with-aaronKristin over at E! dishes a little bit on some things to come down the road. A little recap, a little speculation, and some spoilers at the end to top it all off!

If you’re a Lost fan, you know that every episode is rich with Easter eggs, winks at the fans and story secrets. We pointed out a few from the premiere in our Lost Redux and Jorge Garcia Q&A, but we just spoke exclusively to Lost coexecutive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who wrote Wednesday’s second hour (“The Lie”), and they dished on some undiscovered treasures from the premiere.

Find out what you missed, and what surprises the producers have in store for later in the season…

Secrets of Lost‘s Past, Present and Future

The writers had a little fun with the convenience store scene after Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) appeared to Hurley and told him to get his act together. According to Eddy, “A hidden secret was the T-shirt that Hurley was wearing—I heart my Shi Tzu. That was my dog Stewart’s debut. I am so proud of him. And I think [executive producer] Jack Bender has a wire terrier [which was one of the other shirts]. And you know what no one caught? The song playing in the background [of the convenience store], ‘Dream Police’ by Cheap Trick. When Hurley walks in after seeing Ana-Lucia, ‘Dream Police’ is playing.”

As for the future, according to Adam and Eddy, Lost‘s house band, Geronimo Jackson (first unearthed by music aficionados Charlie and Hurley in the hatch in season two), will be back this season. The return of Geronimo Jackson is the No. 1 thing Adam and Eddy think eager fans should look out for in coming episodes: “Who knows when it’s going to appear, and what [song is] going to be on, and what sort of new things we can learn about them.”

According to Eddy, the new appearance by G.J. even has a backstory: “There was a guy digging around at a house up in Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles], and he found some old tracks, and he showed them to some friends in the music industry, and suffice it to say, they got around. Sometime in the future [Lost watchers] might hear a long-lost demo track for Geronimo Jackson’s second album, the follow-up to Magna Carta. I’ve heard it, and it’s pretty cool.”

Exposé Exposed!

If you’re a longtime fan of Lost, you’re probably a closet fan of their show-within-a-show, Exposé, the “jiggle TV” caper series on which Oceanic 815 survivor Nikki Fernandez (Kiele Sanchez) appeared with Billy Dee Williams. And if you were paying attention on Wednesday night, you spotted Hurley’s dad sitting down for the new season. Adam and Eddy do a little moonlighting as Exposé producers and offered an exclusive preview of the new season to E! Online:

Eddy says, “If you were listening closely to the ‘Previously on Exposé,’ you learned that there’s a new character joining the team, Tsunami, who was their archrival. Tsunami used to work for Cobra, so the question is, how are Crystal, Corvette and Autumn going to deal with Tsunami being introduced? Well, actually Corvette’s dead, that was Nikki, but Crystal and Autumn now have to team up with Tsunami, the dragon lady of Van Nuys. And how that plays out is anyone’s guess.” Adds Adam, “Especially with the Scorpion on the scene. It’s going to be a wild season.”

Crazy! (Who else wants Exposé to be a real show?)

What’s to Come

What else is coming down the pike? We’ll learn more about the differences between Miles and Hurley, who both commune with the dead. According to Eddy, “Hurley seems to actually see dead people, and Miles, he seems to only be able to listen or hear. I would say that they both have unique abilities, and that very question of how they differ may be explored by the end of the series.”

Speaking of the dead, Eddy says their next script is the Feb. 11 ep. “Our next one is hour five, ‘This Place Is Death.’ It’s intense, and we think people are going to really dig it.” Adam: “It’s too complicated to say who is centric, but in our minds, it will be more interesting to just see it cold.”

Any theories on what Lost place, exactly, is so deadly? And are you OK with Tsunami joining the team, or do you still hate her for being one of Cobra’s minions? Post in the comments!

Sorry Kristin, I’d have to say that I wouldn’t be a fan of Expose as it’s own show. So what do you guys think? I find it interesting that they say Hurley can see the dead, while Miles can only hear them. If I remember correctly, Miles claims to have seen Claire walk off with Christian. So is this a subtle hint at the fact that the Christian we’ve been seeing isn’t dead Christian? In the cabin, he told Locke he was speaking on Jacob’s behalf. I guess I had always thought the Christian we saw was a ghost, and that the island could represent itself through the ghosts of the dead. But if Miles can’t see ghosts, and he saw Christian, does that mean that when the island shows itself through one of our dead friends, they’re not a real “ghost” in a sense?

This makes my head spin. Any thoughts?

From TVFrenzy:

  • malakai

    Maybe they aren’t people at all anymore but manifestations of the Island / Monster. It absorbs their memories and in some cases their bodies then creates its own copy from an unknown matter.

    Or alternatively Christian Is dead and Miles heard him and Claire talk and then she walked off so he knew Claire walked off with a man she called dad, which is really all Miles ever said about to Sawyer. Miles didnt necessarily have to see Christian to know what happened.

  • Hexonxonx

    I think that there’s a distinction between island apparitions like Christian, Yemi, and Emily vs. the “ghosts” that Miles talks to and apparently Hurley sees. The former are incarnations of the monster / some other island spirit, while the latter are the souls of the dead.

    And this is a good time for me to put in another plug for my belief that the events with the van in E310 have given Hurley impeccably good luck, thus his skills at basketball and horseshoes (with obvious symbolism).