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LOST Still Losing Viewers

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TvByThenumbers has released the ratings for last night.  Not looking so healthy.  Of course, as we know, this is nothing to panic over.  While we’re talking about it, though, have you stopped watching live?  I talk to fans all the time that no-longer watch live merely because of the commercials. Whether or not that is of any importance in this downward trend remains to be seen.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    might sound crazy, but as the weather gets warmer, people stay out later and record the later shows for viewing the next day. have worked in the bar / restaurant biz from high school through college, its clockwork that people go out more when the weather is niceer. the nicer the weather, the less late night tv.

  • Desi’s Brother

    Yes, I never watch the show live because it is at an inconvient time for me—I work.

    As a Canadian I can’t watch the ABC ones—which I would probably do (and they could then count me) but they don’t bother to supply that service us. A**holes.

    So I watch it on Sidereel.

    • Tim

      Why not watch it on the A channel website? I think CTV may have it back on their website too.

  • apackofmonkeys

    I have never heard of “Criminal Minds”, and I don’t know of a single person who watches it. How did it pull 5 million more viewrs than Lost?!

    • Josh2blonde

      Answer: Old people watch it. It’s comfort TV. Lost makes ya think an’ stuff.

      • professorstotch

        Old people don’t think. They just sit around and be lazy.

        • Lost Mom of Four

          Now how OLD is OLD??? You are just asking for trouble…!

    • Kermet

      It didn’t. 5 more Nielsen families watched it and that equals 5 million viewers. What’s sad is that everyone knows Nielsen’s research does not provide accurate information in regards to modern television viewing, yet advertisers and networks want to behave as if it is still the most relevant data availabe. What’s sad is that programs are forced to live and die by this system. Thank god that Lost is not in that category.

  • Doos

    Since about midway through season 4, more people that I know have began to watch (and subsequently get hooked) on the show… but they have been more directed toward watching online, or buying DVDs. I still watch on Wednesday nights, but I totally see where they’re coming from – those commercials can really kill the moment (though give ample time to remember how to breathe.)

  • Dave Thompson

    If 5 people were watching Lost at my place yesterday, I guess they counted as just 1?

    • The Magician

      LOL I hope this wasn’t a serious question…

  • Niki

    Usually I do – but am less likely to make a huge effort because of DVR and online streaming. So making sure I’m in at 9 p.m. on Wednesday’s is just not as critical as it used to be.

    And skipping commercials is fantastic. More Lost without the breakup.

  • DarthBubba

    I honestly still use the ol’ VCR to tape it because it is on during my kids’ bedtime. I watch it as soon as the taping ends though because I couldn’t wait a day until it comes online if I tried!

  • Besides American Idol, the other highest rated shows are CSI: NY and Criminal Minds. Pardon my insensitivity, but that is crap my parents watch. And by watch, I mean leaving the TV on the background because it’s non-offensive and easy to digest while mom knits and dad falls asleep. ABC isn’t sweating it because, relatively, LOST is still one of their most profitable shows. I believe it is either 1 or 2 in the $100,000+ income households and still holds at least top 3 or top 5 in the coveted 18-49 demo. Plus, if you add in ALL the overseas broadcasts, LOST is by far the most ubiquitous and profitable program globally. Besides Greys and Desperate Housewives, LOST is the only viable show ABC has.

    Lastly, my friends and I watch LOST live. Mostly because it’s appointment television to us and it’s more like a social event. We cook dinner, have some beers and watch our favorite show. Most people I know, however, watch it the next day at work online or on their DVR. It’s just the new trend and it’s so convenient to watch something without commercials. I recently got back from France and I was talking to some French people about television watching, and they were all so shocked when they came to America to see 20 minutes of commercials. For the most part, they say, when they watch shows, they have one block of commercials (much like trailers in a theater) and then uninterrupted shows. Of course, we can’t do that because without ad revenue, there would cease to be a program. Mark my words, a couple of eyars from now, instead of large blocks of commercials, we will have limited blocks with fewer sponsors and advertisements marked across our show like banners.

  • lockeheart

    to tell you the truth me and my roomates dvr it and start the ep like 20 minutes in. The funny thing is that we end up watching the commercials because we use that time to discuss what just happened. Its really nice though to have the option to FF

  • clueless1der

    I watch it live for the very simple, and quiet pathetic, reason that I usually have too many windows/conversations going on during to actually watch it online. 🙂

    • professorstotch

      Pffft. Like anyone actually talks to you! 😉

  • Jayman

    My wife and I always watch the show live. We record about 20 shows each week (We are TV junkies, yes) but LOST is the one and only show we watch live. I can’t stand to be even 1 minute behind what everyone else is watching. Most weeks we invite our friends over to watch it as well. We make it an event. We’ll discuss beforehand what happened last week and share some theories, then during commercials go through all the “WTF” moments.

  • Lostie531

    Yes, we have been watching Lost on DVR this entire season because the episodes are so awesome that my husband doesn’t have the patience to sit through commercials before the next scene. But I hear that they now take into account DVR viewings within a certain number of days after the live viewing of the show. So I figured we were still helping in the ratings…am I wrong??

  • dtruth

    Were the ratings lower than last weeks? Last weeks ratings were higher than the ratings for Namaste. I may be wrong but I am thinking the promos have to do with it. Whether we like to believe it or not, once people see all the timetravel and monster stuff, they can’t be bothered. I know many people who have stopped because they could no longer be bothered to keep up with so many mysteries. The character episodes seem to get “better” ratings.

    I always get, “You mean you still watch Lost?” “What’s Kate up to?” “Is Sawyer still a bad boy” “Are they off the Island”. Very seldom get, “so what’s the smokemonster”

  • Amberlina42

    It seemes like everyones numbers were down. It looks like (dare I say it) people have lives outside of television! What a shocker.

  • Dawn-a

    OK … well I watch it live, while DVRing it only to watch it again and again and again at later dates/times. That should count for something!
    What? People don’t know what’s going on so they stop watching?? That’s just absurd. It’ll all pay off in the end (I hope). =0)

  • w. axel foley

    I have not watched a television show live in 4 years. why would you not have a dvr? even if i do watch it close to the time it starts i wait 20 minutes so i can ff through the dumb commercials.

  • imfromthepast

    I watch live due to the simple fact that I lack the technological means to watch it any other way.

    Oh, and I would like to take this opportunity to say that the digital converter box that I got for my rabbit ear antennas was a godsend! I get cable quality picture and 16:9 widescreen picture. Not to mention that before the digital transition my ABC reception sucked butt.

    So YAY DTV Transition!

  • I watch LOST live and catch LIFE online the next day.

    The simple reason viewers are being lost – the show is hard to follow this far into a six-season story.

  • oldrunner262

    There were three shows on at 9 pm that all have good followings: Lost (my #1), American Idol and Life. Thank god for my DVR, as me and my family watch all three. When will Nielsen start figuring this out?

  • jennrocks

    We also have a Lost get together weekly. We did lose a couple of people because they couldn’t follow the story. But those were the talkers anyway! JOY!
    I don’t watch much television because the quality isn’t there – until this show. It is like reading a book. Except I can’t read it all in 2 or 3 days like I usually do.
    I guess I will be at the library more when the show is over. Right after I watch the whole thing over on DVD.

  • Enchilada

    I have to shamefully admit I’m a skater and jacket shipper, and yes, I won’t sit and watch this sawyer/juliet thing. Sorry, but no. Not after waiting for so long for the characters to be together again.

  • Alex

    Another reason viewership might be down, it was the first night of Passover, and many Jews and their non-Jewish friends were probably happily sipping their fourth glass of wine while the show aired. Personally I happen to have heart palpitations if I’m not watching the show at exactly 9/8 central time on Wednesday nights, and I planned my Seder around it (and I’m not the only person I know who did this. hell, I can’t think of a show with a better Passover theme). This is the only show I get this way about now that Battlestar Galactica is over (and even that I downloaded or “sidereeled”). I guess I’m a geek like that, but I wish someone would believe me when I told them! Next year I’m moving to Europe and I’m not kidding when I say my biggest concern is not having live access to final season. I might have to come home early! Any European tips for watching as soon as possible???

  • neoloki

    This might have been mentioned already, but all the ratings for shows on Wed. night were down not just Lost. That includes Idol. I don’t know why anyone should care. For one it not going to effect Losts future and two the Nielsons are horrendously outdated. Their is no such thing as an accurate way to establish viewership of a tv show right now.

    So screw it.

  • Lindsay

    My husband and I always DVR it so we can fast forward through commercials, but mainly because our daughter, like us, is a night owl and usually isn’t in bed at 9.

  • barbara

    Funny some of you should say that LOST doesn’t appeal to us oldsters, the former hippie generation. Actually, I often feel it was written for us. It’s far out, man. And, contrary to what you may think about someone like me, who’s 61, the brain is still working. How cool was it that young Ben was reading one of Carlos Castenada’s books on Mesoamerican shamanism. I read that and all of Castenada’s books back in the 70’s. And Richard Alpert….hey, that’s the real name of one of the hippie movement’s greatest gurus, aka, Baba Ram Das. Peace and love from this old hippie to all of you.

  • Ben

    And how many of you get the torrent???