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LOST Taking Another Day Off

By docarzt,

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You probably have already heard that LOST is taking a day off on March 11th, when they will re-air “laFleur” which premieres this week.  Looks like ABC has scheduled one more break before the end of the season. On April 22nd, ABC will be airing a clip show and no new episode.  This opens an interesting possibility:  since the clip show usually precedes finales, is LOST going to have a four part finale?

On the reaction side of things, personally I think a couple of weeks is nothing compared to the hiatus that follows the end of LOST season 5.  I can hack it.  It might actually be refreshing in a weird, masochistic sort of way.  Your thoughts?

Source:  Futon Critic via DarkUFO

From TVFrenzy:

  • ihailu

    I agree. Missing a week twice during the season just means 2 weeks less to wait in between the seasons. Even if it is just a drop in the bucket of hiatus, I’ll take it.

  • the universe is on my side for this one. it knows that i am moving and would miss the finale unless they took a week off!!!!

  • Mack

    It might be nice to decelerate.

  • I hope that the breaks are necessary for finishing the product and not positioning for Sweeps. I understand they have to make a dollar. It would be nice, though, if knowing about these two weeks in advance of the season they could have written a couple extended episodes – a couple this year have literally flown be, seeming almost stunted in exposition.

    • docarzt

      I agree with you, but the timing tells all – it’s for sweeps.

      • Then again, maybe it’s because J. Wood at Powell’s Books is behind in his examinations and they don’t know where to go without his references!

  • brent

    The one week off may help build anticipation a bit. Kind of like the Super Bowl frenzy. Anyway, it makes good sense if the breaks come at a logical time in the story. Seeing as Damon said Act1 was 1-7 and Act2 was 8-13, this almost fits. So yes, Act3 is then 14-17, four hours worth. The original reports had off week #1 following “Life and Death” but they changed it to follow “LaFleur” probably so we don’t forget about that storyline for too long after back to back stand alone episodes.

    • KeepingAwake

      That’s what I was thinking–it’s a natural break in the way they have written this year.

      But I am OK with them milking sweeps. Lost is one of the most expensively produced shows on television. Let the network make a buck on it if that means Lost gets to keep its lavish budget!

  • Allison

    Annoying, considering they pushed and pushed and advertised an “uninterrupted” season 5. Why bother advertising a full season then fall back on the promise?

  • Benry

    A one week break is not bad… much better than a hiatus for sure. Hope they leave us with a good cliffhanger to keep our brain cells sharp

    actually works out for me since I have an exam in that week, so no temptation now 🙂

  • Vayne81

    Well, in all sincerity, these breaks will give my mind a rest. You would think that one week between episodes would do that, but clearly it hasn’t lol.

  • imfromthepast

    Are we ever going to get to experience that elusive Uninterrupted LOST season?

    • KeepingAwake

      I believe that is called “the DVD”. 😉

      Seriously though, this is so much better than the way they used to air it that it’s difficult to coomplain.

  • monkeyface

    i understand the reasoning behind sweeps, but i don’t know what i’m gonna do w/o my lost fix! i agree w/ allison re: the whole publicity behind the uninterrupted season…don’t mention it if you aren’t gonna do it. ARGH!

    Oh well….one less nosebleed. LOL

  • spinflip

    They should put in some extra candy there, like giving us some extra sneak peaks or something.

    • How about a Stars competition between Losties and the Others!!!

  • pacemaker

    A week off will allow me to watch all of the episodes of the season again… as opposed to just watching the most recent one 3 or 4 times. I can handle it.

  • Seabiscuit

    You mean I’m going to have to find something else to do on that night? Oh, darn. Maybe I’ll do something crazy like read a book or work on one of my models. Or go really wild and clean up the house. 😉

    A four-part finale would rock, though.

  • Jack Daniels

    The only thing that I don’t understand is why they would repeat the episode that just aired the week earlier. What’s the point in doing that? What they should do is fill the void with a behind-the-scenes special. I really enjoyed that ’16 Hours in the Life of Lost’ special, or whatever it was actually called, I can’t exactly remember, that featured on the Season 3 DVD extras. Like some insight into what goes on in the LOST writers room (however they should only show the team discussing episodes that have already screened [keep the spolierphobes happy]). At the very least they could just run another recap show, which I know you said would happen in April, but I would rather that happen for this first break than just a verbatim replay of the previous episode.

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