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Lost Theory – Inverted Parentage (Spoiler Warning)

By professorstotch,

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desmondFirst things first, this post is taking information from the recently released sneak peaks for episode 5.03. If you’ve avoided the sneak peaks, you should avoid this post as well. Also, I know this theory may be full of holes and guess work, but half the fun is guessing and thinking about these things that could possibly happen.

Now, onto more important things…

If you’ve seen the sneak peak from yesterday, you’ve already been made aware of the fact that the Desmond/Penny love child will make it’s debut in tomorrow’s episode. It had been rumored for quite some time, and now we’ll finally see it for ourselves. Now, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re fully ready to have the name of the child hidden from you for a couple episodes. Think of it as the same thing as the name of Faraday’s mother in Oxford. I just have this gut feeling that something crazy is going to go down with this kid. This calls for you to be a little open minded. I’m just pulling this way out of left field here.

In season three, Desmond formed quite a touching bond with one of our 815ers. We all know this special some one as Charlie Pace. Over the course of the season, they developed quite the brotherly bond. Sadly this was ended with Charlie’s tragic death in the Looking Glass station. However, right before he died, Charlie was able to have an impact on another. He managed to establish a connection with Penny, being the first to tell her that her long-lost love was still alive. With both of these connections, would it really be too off the wall for Penny and Desmond to name their child…Charlie?

Ok get ready for this…Penny and Desmond’s child is named after Charlie Pace. Or so we think. It’s possible that they weren’t married when the child was born, they could’ve given him his mother’s name. Making him…Charlie Widmore…

The rest of this theory is a little cloudy, as I’m not a psychic, and I’ve never been able to accurately guess every detail of every season. Picture it going down something like this:

When Ben says that everyone has to go back, it’s never really specified whether or not this includes Desmond or just the O6. For the sake of this theory, we’re going to assume he does include Desmond, after all, he does say everyone. In order to save his friends, Desmond is finally convinced to return to the island. Perhaps Ms. Hawking pulls the whole course correction thing on him again, and warns him of something he’s going to have to do in the future. Here’s the catch. This time, he’s allowed to bring Penny and little Charlie with him.

Now we’re assuming they’re all going to make it back to the island safely. The time jumps stop, and everyone is living happily ever after. But then it all starts happening again. The island is threatened, and has to be moved once again. Perhaps this will be what Ms. Hawking tells Desmond he’ll have to do. However, Desmond is misled. He moves the island, but is never told about the “Whoever moves the island can never come back rule.” Because of this, he vanishes from the island, leaving Penny and little Charlie all alone. The island moves back in time. This time, everyone was aware about the fact that no one else can leave, or else we’ll start the skipping record again. So this time, once the island moves back, it stays in one spot in time.

Time passes on the island, little Charlie gets older, and he doesn’t want to be called Charlie anymore. It’s a kid’s name, he says. So he starts going by the name of Charles. A little more sophisticated and respectable. During the time he’s growing up, he’s led to believe that his father, Desmond Hume, is a coward who abandoned his lover (for the second time) and his son. This theory is also taking into consideration the fact that throughout his life, no one ever tells little Charles that Desmond didn’t actually abandon them, but rather he was saving them.

Now Charles, as he likes to be called, is growing up. He’s living on the island and learning all it’s secrets. Things are going well, until he’s forced to leave. Now he has to live life off island. In the mean time, he’s trying to work behind the scenes, manipulating people to get back. He has a daughter…and her name is Penny! What?! Yeah, you saw that coming. Little Charlie, grew up to be evil Charles Widmore. He is the father of his own mother. The reason he hates Desmond is because he knows someday Desmond will abandon his lover and child. He hates Desmond for this, but knows deep down that he can’t stop the universe from course-correcting itself. Or maybe he knows that in order for him to be born, he needs to antagonize Desmond and he has to try and keep him away from Penny. That’s the universe’s plan. Charles Widmore is destined to be his own grandfather.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • hyperRevue

    People are going to be pissed about the title, since it references a spoiler. I’m not, but others will be.

    Now to read your post…

    • Melody

      So Desmond has a child with his granddaughter?

      • HoJu

        Well, now everything is back as it was, and if history doesn’t care that our degenerate friend Charles is his own grandfather, then who are we to judge?

        • Jay Long

          Nice Futurama reference

  • DarthVibbert

    One problem with your theory… Des & Penny are married they had wedding rings on in “Becasue You Left”

    • LT

      This does make sense that Desmond is his father. It would explain Charles’ anger towards Desmond. Also, since Charles hated his father, it would explain why he would use his mother’s maiden name. I don’t think this falls under what a paradox truly is.

  • I think the writers of Lost are going to avoid paradoxes like this as much as possible.. doesn’t seem their style.

  • hyperRevue

    hahahaha! I kind of like your theory. It’s just a giant loop where Charles keeps fathering his own mother and getting sent back in time. Might be a little too crazy, even for LOST. But it’s plausible, I think. (Also, I like how you addressed my 2 biggest questions from a previous spoiler thread: Does Desmond have to go back and can he bring people with him).

    FYI: The child is a boy. Penny says “his grandfather” in reference to the child.

  • Mythbuster

    How dare you call little Jacob Hume By the name of Charlie! ..
    Why I never! …

    Hmpphhhh! :o)

  • believe it or not I had this same idea last week. I was waiting until after 5.03 to post it. Oh well, the early bird gets the worm I suppose.

    The only thing is in my version Desmond doesn’t leave the Island, he and Penny are Adam and Eve and Charles adopted Penny, because even with time travel, you can’t be your own grandfather.

    • That’s what I was about to say…you can’t have Penny birthing Charles siring Penny…that would be a paradox and that’s the on thing Darlton have assured us can’t happen with Time Travel on Lost. (And, just for the record anyone needing a definition of paradox, it’s the idea that you can’t go back in time and cause any actions that would prevent your time-jaunt from ever happening in the first place…killing one’s own ancestor being the classic example.)

    • Hexonxonx

      That’s not true. With all the talk about closed timelike curves, that’s exactly what this situation would be. The sequence of events isn’t contradicting itself, but rather causing itself to happen. It’s like the compass: Locke gives Richard the compass in 1954, and then Richard gives Locke the compass in 2006 (say), who then travels back to 1954. The compass has no proper origin but instead is in a closed timelike curve. It’s completely consistent.

      Of course, all this only works in a universe in which there is effectively no free will.

      • It’s only consistent if the watch is completely unaffected by the passage of time– it would be infinitely old, so it’s nonsense.

  • hyperRevue

    I like Penny and Des being Adam and Eve.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Very cool theory, though I’m not sure about little Charlie/Charles being the Father to his Mother. I’m not sure of how that would genetically be possible. Besides that, very well thought out!!

  • Kara

    Since they’re not married, they decide to give little Charlie his mom’s name. Making him…Charlie Widmore…

    Sorry to nib your theory in the bud, but if you look closely at their hands at the end of “Because You Left,” they’re both wearing rings, so they actually are married.

    • professorstotch

      Maybe they weren’t married when the kid was born?

      • Kara

        I don’t know, seeing that it was important enough for them to marry at all, they likely did it before the child was there. And even if they didn’t, both the way Penny reacts in the preview and in The Lie, I think she’d rather not be associated with her father, and that likely also includes not continuing his name.

        (I also have to agree that I don’t think it’s really possible for Charlie to be his own grandfather…)

  • Stintfang

    I like your theory but I don’t think that this paradox will work.
    On the other hand it seems that we have an invasion of infants at the moment. So we get a spin-off “LOST – The next generation” (sorry, just kidding).
    But who do we have:
    Desmond/Penny’s child
    Sun/Jin’s child
    Claire’s child.

    Still missing is Annie, Ben’s first girl friend.
    and we will probably meet a young Charlotte…..
    speaking of her: can it be that Desmonds child is female?
    What do we know about Charlotte?
    Born in Essex, received a Ph.D. in OXFORD…..
    and her name might be only the female Charlie-version….
    She seems to be unsure if her parents are really “David and Jeanette” as Ben’s bio says, and Miles thinks she has been on the island before.
    Well, I put my Penny on her being a child of one of our regulars….

    But, well, Wednesday is tomorrow. Time will tell – if my record-player doesn’t skip.

  • crazydeb

    i also think penny and Des are Adam and eve, i was also wondering if Charlotte was their child?

  • brian b

    I hate kids! they ruin everything 🙁

  • lockeheart

    I also noticed they were wearing wedding rings in the premiere. It would be interesting to see if papa witamore was at the wedding and how he reacted to the whole desmond returning from the island thing. It also interesting to see what happened in the three years since desmond left because it seems that des and penny are realy afraid to return to wee britan becuse of whitmore. did something happen at the wedding? Did des come clean to him about his island travels?

    • hyperRevue

      I have a feeling Widmore wasn’t invited.

      • professorstotch

        Widmore at the wedding would be a great idea for a one episode comedy spin-off. Oh the hijinxs!

        • I like Questions

          I think Des and Penny are on the boat because Windmore has warned them to somehow hide from Ben, he is planning to kill her didn’t he say? And Windmore can’t hate Desmond forever, everyone else loves him…

          • Kara

            But looking at the sneak peek the professor is referring to it is pretty clear that they were hiding from Widmore.

  • THinIL

    The next episode will probably debunk this. However, Lost characters with daddy issues has always been a major theme throughout the show.

    • SPOILER!!!

      itequay ethay oppositeway

      • professorstotch

        For the record, it took me so long to decipher that. I was never a fan of pig latin. :-\

  • preztige

    I read the first paragraph…and immediately stopped reading after the first few sentences. DOCARZT…your websites have always been awesome since the tailsection…but seriously I don’t enjoy coming here like I used to do so often. Please bring the theories! and stop with the spoilers ! please. DOCARZT…you are not a spoiler man…please try to avoid posting so many articles on spoilers or theories based on spoilers..
    one of ur huge fans….

    • professorstotch

      You can read tomorrow after the episode airs.

    • hyperRevue

      See! Told you so. Even after you changed the title 🙂

      The title clearly alerts you to presence of spoilers, preztige.

      • professorstotch

        I think they’re mad because of the fact that some one would post a theory that contains spoilers. Or something.

        But alas, you did warn me. 10 points.

  • David

    I suspect that Charlotte is Daniel’s daughter. We saw Daniel at the building of the Orchid and it has been hinted that Charlotte was born on the island…

    • professorstotch

      I’m with you on that. But whenever I’ve brought it up, I’ve been beaten back with the cries of “They’re clearly lovers! Did you see the way he looked at her?!”

      Maybe…she’s her own mother…

  • Michel

    There’s a reason Futurama had the “inverted parentage” route in one of their episodes… because it didn’t make sense. And they were sure that almost no one else would use such an absurd idea. What about genetic heritage? If “Charlie” Widmore had a daughter, that daughter will have only a half of his genetic code (the other bein her mother’s) so once he is born, he will have half the chromosomes of he Penny, and half Desmond’s. Bottom line… he wouldn’t be “himself”. He would be someone else. And on, and on. No offense, but if they writers believe they can get away with that, then they’re assuming their audience doesn’t know the msot basic thing about genetics… and that would be truly jumping the shark.

    I’m not saying your theory is wrong. But it’s the most pessimistic idea I’ve ever heard in a while.

  • preztige

    I’m not upset at the fact that you didn’t warn the audience of spoilers, because you did. I’m just pretty upset that this website used to be all about theories, easter eggs, and interviews. A lite spoiler here and there is ok, I just miss the occasional theory of how character names tie in with the show. How extensive research on science and readings help the viewers understand the show a little bit more. You could have spent most of you time reviewing the machine that Mrs. Hawking was working on, yet you right a theory based on a spoiler (which might not even be close to correct). I read the theory and it’s pretty sweet, but it doesnt really speak about the show in it’s entirety. Docarzt, got the most respect for you and your website (please don’t turn into buddy tv or yer ol tailsection). Docarzt, you are the man for keeping Lost fans devoted to the show, and doing so in the most respectable way imaginable, by not relying on spoilers as much as the others. So no hard feelings.

    • Bezmina

      It’s write Prestige not right….

      Also there are still spoiler free theories on this site.
      Also what machine that Mrs H was working on? The one that there is already a theory on?

      Just goes to show you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

      Right I am out of here until Monday, I hope it is as awesome as I’m told it will be – alas I shall have to wait until Sunday night to find out, damn 4 day delay in the UK.

  • Comans

    I’m fine with this theory, except the grandfather paradox. I’d be MUCH more receptive to this idea if we “found out” that Charles Widmore adopted Penny.

    • Yeah…that would be the only way I could really see this theory working. Though it would blow my own theory of Charles Widmore as Black Rock sailor out of the water, so I’m kinda biased against it. 😉

    • Lebowski Achiever

      Nice thought, Could Widmore have taken a child while on the island like Ben did? Maybe Penny is truly not his daughter but a stolen/adopted child.

  • lobster

    In the british comedy sci-fi show Red Dwarf, the main character Lister discovers he is his own father, creating a never ending loop.

  • Vayne81

    I think Charles Widmore plotted for Desmond to end up on that island, in that little boat race to earn his respect or whatever. Knowing that Penny would do anything in her power to find him… Ultimately, finding the island for him.

    But hey, I’m really not doubting a loop theory… but I dunno, seems like one of those “my sisters aunts ex boyfriend was related to my doctors pet lobster…”

    Well, whatever the case may be, it excites me to read all the theories, spoilers, than finding out what happens in the episodes. It’s such a rush at times 🙂

  • preztige

    Actually, now that I saw the episode and am re-reading this theory; I am really glad you wrote it. It’s plausible that Charlie may grow up to be Charles, and this is why Charles kept asking if “penny was safe” and suggesting to “keep her safe”. Why wouldnt he take his dad’s (desmonds) last name tho, if desmond were his father. And how would this tie in with Charles Widmore that we have already met in Islands past?

  • professorstotch

    I just want to say that I’m actually amazed that the kid’s name was Charlie. Even though I posted this theory, I fully didn’t expect any part of it to come true. It was just an out of left field, fun, stupid guess.

    Anyways, after Jughead, we learned two things:

    1. Desmond and Penny’s little boy is named Charlie.
    2. Widmore seems awfully concerned that his daughter remain safe at all costs.

    Now the second part could just be because of the fact that it’s his daughter and…well…he cares about her. It could also be because of the fact that she’s not only his daughter…but his mother at the same time!

    • Vayne81

      Great guess at the childs name being Charlie! Very impressive 🙂 But I’m going to take a stab that the baby was named after the Charlie who spent his last few moments of life communicating with Penny and letting Desmond know of it. After all, he got them to reunite with eachother.

      If the baby was meant to be named after Penny’s father than they would have called him Charles… Then again, my parents called me Scotty when I was a baby, and not Scott lol. Ya never know whats going to happen, thats what is so great about this show.

      But one thing I’ve been scratching my head about is, what the heck does “Jacob is in me.” mean? Apparently Locke has been to places in time that none of the others have been to. Perhaps he knows something we all don’t? I always thought that the old screen stills of Jacob resembled Locke. Any thoughts?

  • hey zeus

    okay- if baby charlie is Charles Widmore then please do me a favour

    take a good long look at Ms Hawking and tell me she isn’t Penny fifty years down the line.

    especially after all the things she says to Des before he ditches young Penny.

    Ms Hawking. single and sad all her days because she lost the love of her life in a sacrificial incident and her only child turned out to be her dad.

    what a life. maybe she also has something to do with Kate/Annie leaving the island.

    or maybe everything has something to do with everything.

  • Glad i ran across this blog.I added “Lost Theory – Inverted Parentage (Spoiler Warning) DocArzt’s LOST Blog” to my bookmark!