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LOST Video Podcast 6.17 – LOST Live

By docarzt,

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A look at the awesome LOST Live event! Which I had could have gone to!  But was sick! (Booo!)

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Rams

    Wow! Just, wow!

  • ((guada_lupe))

    i weep.

    ill never watch tv again.

    i love u LOST.

  • ErasedSlate


  • minnie swirl

    One of THE greatest casts in television history. Everyone from series regulars on down to guest cast–just superb. And the music–just forget about–totally awesome.

  • The music and sounds of LOST really make the show! If you don’t have a kick ass loud surround sound system or headphones your missing half the show!

    Must have been a magical night!

  • Joe

    Sore vaginas are no excuse. You should have gone.

  • I don’t think I bother doing the trade unless I get that pick, two suns picks are worth what exactly?