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LOST Video Recaps Exposed! UPDATED 4/14

By docarzt,

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UPDATE 4/16: For those who are a little confused about what is going on with this, we did not delete Seanie B’s accounts.  YouTUBE did this as a matter of policy.  It’s a shame because he had some great videos, and all he had to do was come clean publicly like he has in private, and cite his sources properly going forward, and none of this would have happened.

To those who think we were determined to bring Seanie down: not true.  A popular video blogger representing the vast online community of blogs, and giving exposure to our sites and writing, would be an awesome thing as far as I’m concerned; and Seanie B certainly had a vibe.  As I’ve said, we are not the difficult ones and we are not actively gunning for him any longer – we have simply presented our case.

If you are looking for a VLOG to keep you going while this gets worked out, look no further than MrJames.  He’s timely, he gives a ton of useful information, his flow is organic, and he isn’t afraid to attribute.  Aside from all that, he’s just fun to watch and has some great ideas.  Hard to believe he gets his recaps out there so fast!

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UPDATE 4/14: I’ve talked to TVGuide, and they’ve clarified the Seanie B association.  Here’s the scoop from’s Editor & Chief Christy Tanner:

“I’d like to clarify that does not employ Sean in any capacity. We had an unscripted video question and answer session with him for use in our Getting Lost series about 4 weeks ago. The discussion was led by a senior editor and edited by our video producer. We are not associated with Sean’s YouTube videos or blog.”

I got the distinct impression that we would not be seeing Sean on any future episodes, and they were certainly not aware of his vlogging practices.  So please, do not inundate TVGuide with requests for Sean’s noggin, and continue to support the fine work that Matt & the crew are putting out there.

I would like to point out that at no time did we mean to give the impression that TVGuide was enabling or encouraging Sean’s wrong-doings.  The mention of his TVGuide association was always to yard-stick Sean’s ascension via unsavory means.

UPDATE:  The victim of this, Erika, has spoken in her newest post.  A lot of you have carried on about how mean I’ve been, and how despicable my actions were, I suggest you let the other side of the human element speak.  This is what it is has been about from the beginning.

Folks, there is a fox in the chicken coop. The worst kind of fan. The kind of fan that steals your ideas and puts them off as his own, and is profiting from it. Perhaps you are aware of Seanie B, a recapper who has become a bit of a sensation. He’s made big waves on YouTUBE, and has recently become a featured commentator on TVGuide Vidcasts. Well, turns out his program is scripted, nearly word for word, by whichever bloogger he feels like stealing from – without giving credit. Here’s the proof.

UPDATE: Well over 24 hours and still not public acknowledgment, other than Sean has edited out these 3 issues.  However, I’ve been informed that there is much more plagiarism in early episodes, and he has still not removed all of his stolen material from Whatever Happened, Happened.

In addition, Sean has locked down commenting on YouTUBE so that only comments he approves will show up.  I left a comment on his blog, and guess what… my IP is banned.  Boo hoo, I can no longer visit Good thing I downloaded his entire video library.

Actions speak louder than words, Sean.  You tried to ‘destroy the evidence’ and have made no attempt to apologize for your unethical behavior.  Which means, unfortunately, that I have to continue to make videos.  Up next: how Sean stole Vozzek’s recaps, and of course more Erika, and of course…. ME!  That’s right, the issue strikes home on the next edition of LOST Video Recaps Exposed.

UPDATE to the UPDATE:  Commenting is now closed for this topic.  Not because I fear you opinion, as some will claim, but because at 300+ comments we’ve discovered the breaking point of WordPress.  Replies aren’t showing up in the right place, and it is just a mess.

Plus, I think I’ve given everybody their chance to say what they want.  At the end of the day, it’s not about our opinions of Sean as a person, or plagiarism, or any of that.  It’s a simple binary proposition:  the video presents evidence.  Make your decision, and go from there.

NOTE: Before you assume this is about ‘ideas,’ it’s not. I’m all for fair use and free exchange of information. This is a case of someone using someone else’s text word for word, and putting it out there as their own ideas. That is NOT what this community is about.

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The first time I saw Seanie B on TVGuide’s LOST vids I said “Who the ‘f’ is this dude?” Brand new site, kind of popular YouTUBE channel, pretty generic and occasionally lame concepts – but heck, he was young, hip, happening, and had a keyboard! Perfect choice if you are a producer trying to connect with the shallow and youth-obsessed mainstream. It’s a free country – he can be as lame as he wants. However, there is a line. And Seanie B, you crossed it.

Seanie B’s popularity, you see, is not well earned. He is a thief. A content thief of the highest extreme. My good friend Erika at Long Live Locke pointed out several ‘similarities’ between one of Seanie B’s video recaps that went well past the pale of coincidence. After a good natured attempt to get Seanie B to own up, the ‘rising star’ of the LOST world brushed her off with something resembling the reasoning I laid on you in my second paragraph. However, it just doesn’t fit. So I decided to take it upon myself to battle this scoundrel on his own grounds.

Seanie B’s video skills are far more advanced then mine, but I’ve put together a brief documentary I think will help you to see what this hip and happening star of Youtube, Facebook, TVguide, and god knows what else, is up to. Digg it, spread it, comment it, post it… don’t let Seanie B make a mockery out of the LOST fandom.

Click the HQ button on the video to improve the readability. I have a higher quality vid on the way…

And, By All Means… don’t take my word for it.  Check out Sean’s Recap and Erika’s at their respective sites.

To Be ULTRA Fair, and I mean fairer than we need to be… I openly invite Sean to come on our podcast to discuss this situation.

From TVFrenzy:

  • MiNaeClem

    Well, he sucks… It is a shameful act to plagiarize. It doesn’t seem that he is ashamed though.

    • for the love of Jacob!!!
      you people need to grow up.
      It’s a friggin T.V. Show.
      on ABC’s Lost message boards i’ve read peoples theories and thought, “holy crap” i thought the exact same thing. Am i being theived?
      there are a million Lost fans out there who think alike, talk alike, etc, etc.
      let me say it one more time,
      IT’S a T.V. show.
      watch it on wednesdays, then turn it off and go enjoy life.
      Quit fighting about it and quit tattle telling.

      • Monte

        Yeah, well I’m an intellectual property attorney who actually handles copyright actions, including in the context of social media. I would say that DocArtz has made a compelling case for plagiarism, beyond coincidental shared theory. It’s one thing to have a coincidence of ideas. It’s a whole other thing to mimic the content of expression.

        I think that at a minimum, the videos should provide attribution.

        • I was wiling to chock it up to fair use, until it was apparent that he’s reading parts verbatim and not citing and trying to pass it as his own.

          If he was just a youtube user, then I’d say let it go -but he’s actually trying to sell the stuff as his own and to places like TV Guide that will syndicate it out.

          Really not cool.

          • vad a szar

            Yeah, it’s definitely plagiarism, no doubt.

            If he were in one of my courses, I’d fail him for the term and definitely report him to the student disciplinary committee (or whatever your school calls it). Stopped being a nice guy about it a LONG time ago.

            This kind of thing really shouldn’t be stood for. It’s stealing.

      • HumaneBean

        Um, ‘king’? Did you WATCH the video Doc put together? If you had, you’d understand that this is not silly fanboy chatter but rather COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT of a writer’s work. Stolen and re-used without permission. For MONEY. If you find that an overreaction, please feel free to leave your work-product outside your office for someone to steal and claim as their own. Be sure to congratulate them when they get the promotion you were waiting for. Hey, just go enjoy life!

        • can any of us fans prove who thought what first. seriously.

          whose to say some 80 year old woman didnt sit on her porch and say the exact same theories with the exact same expressions?

          how many millions of people watch LOST?

          There are no original ideas or theories that we fans are coming up with.

          we all watch the show.

          we’re all led the same direction by the producers.

          we’re freakin sheeps.

          i’m a photographer. people steal my work all the time.

          thats life.

          its too short to fight, and argue, and worry about who said what first.

          and again, must i say it again, it’s a tv show.

          • Dolce

            You,sir, are being an ass.

          • neoloki

            Thats one thing, but if you copy word for word what someone else said than it is not having the same theory, because you are using the exact same freaking words: it is called theft. No fanboy tift, here. So you really don’t know what your talking about

          • Ram

            “king” – you might feel differently if someone were gaining some amount of notoriety by using your photographs. It’s not that he had the same ideas…he was reading her blog almost VERBATIM. That’s just wrong. Watch Doc’s video. It’s obvious you haven’t.

            And it’s funny to see you telling people here to grow up and suggesting they “watch it, turn it off and go enjoy life” as you post multiple inflammatory comments here as “kingofalllostfans”…

            …i’m just sayin….

          • dolce, i apologize, i wasnt trying to be an ass, sir. you know, im just a totally loyal fan who comes up in the boards to see what people think about the show and just get so sick of people fighting over who said it first. And you know what, i’m probably wrong on this one, i didnt watch both videos. anyways, sorry i ruffled your feathers.

            I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dolce

            No need to apologize to me. As someone who regularly makes an ass of themselves not only on this site(usually it’s late and beer is surely involved) I thought I would just throw a comment out there that definitely has slowed my roll a little and made me think a little longer before I say/write anything. I guess it worked for you too. That comment most commonly comes from my wife, except without the sir part.LOL!Definitely watch the videos and you will see why everyone is so worked up over this tool.

          • DocArzt

            Let’s not flame one another. All viewpoints are welcome. I definitely understand, though, how someone who hasn’t seen what the actual charge is might think this is stupid… and that is my fault for expecting the video to do the talking.

          • Dolce

            Done and done Doc. See kingofalllostfans, perfect example of me being an ass with my comment to you about being an!

          • Mel

            I dunno, funny how her blog appeared what a week before his video posted.
            Gee, do you think how that might have something to do with it?

          • lisa

            this isn’t about having the same ideas, it’s about a guy reading E’s material WORD FOR WORD.

        • HumaneBean
          I just want to clear something up Sean is NOT a partner so he DOES NOT get any money for his video`s on you tube , if he did you would see most subscribed partners on his channel and his video would have autoplay on .

          Now that’s out of the way let me start off by apologizing to Ericka for all the mean comments i left her on Sean`s channel. i was way out of line. Sorry 🙁

          I have been a huge fan of Sean`s since the beginning and in no way am i condoning what he did.I`m actually kinda disappointed in him.

          But for the people talking about a lawsuit that’s just ridiculous ,I think the (KID) learned his lesson and i think you guys should stop harassing him on his Y.T channel, thats really childish.
          your posting link`s to his channel Saying come on every one lets go Flame him .(Grow up) Seriously..
          The kid is 21 years old and hes a full time student in college and he also donates his time to the homeless and he does this in his spare time just like Ericka.

          Let me say that i would be upset too if some one copied my ideas word for word , but if you watch his TV guide video, He said that he searches the Lost site`s for ideas for his video`s so he doesn’t claim that all the theories in his video are his , i know that does not give him the right to copy Ericka`S ideas ,but Sean is in to video editing and making lost recap video`s, that’s his hobby and hes really good at it. like another commenter said he gets every one theories together and he puts them in a video.
          And i really like the way he does it. saves me a lot of time from clicking on a whole crap load of site`s every week.
          To give credit where credit is due, i`m sure Ericka and Sean have worked that out in his next video (he better),
          So come on guys and gals ease up on the guy his gramps just passed away and now a close personal friend did too. Its Easter have a nice holiday!

          • just so you know


            That was very big of you to apologize to Erika, I am not trying to diminish that in any way. However, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea from reading your post, so:

            1. Although not a YouTube partner, Seanie B. does solicit monetary donations to support his videos on his website lostvideorecaps. I know. I donated (possibly why I am so irritated by this plagiarism revelation).

            2.Being 21 and a full-time college student in no way excuses this. I am around the same age and if anyone suggested to me that this is a license for me to be stupid, I would be insulted. Being in college only makes this worse as it proves he knew what he was doing in wrong. Especially with the internet making plagiarism so tempting, every college professor discusses it in some form or another to warn their students that they will be screwed if they try to pass others’ work off as their own.

            3. The “close personal friend” to whom you refer is the pitcher for the Angels. Hardly a close personal friend. The grandpa did not “just” pass away – this was his reason for being late with recaps months and months ago. Either way it’s completely irrelevant. I understand the desire to generate sympathy for someone you are defending, but bottom line, grief is not a valid defense.

          • docarzt

            Sorry to hear about Sean’s personal struggles, however – he brought this on himself.

            What you are doing is exposing the gray between humanity and the tighter contrasts of good and bad. It’s the same type of reasoning child abusers use to explain their actions. They were beat as a child and just can’t stop. Identifying the humanity of the guy, Seanie B., doesn’t make his decision to steal from the community for his own betterment any less serious.

            As a society at large, we definitely don’t encourage that – the LOST community isn’t going to either.

            Look, he steals from all these sites and never ONCE gives credit where credit is due. In fact, in his channel instead of listing the sites that inspire him he just says “BEST LOST SITE: http://WWW.LOSTVIDEORECAPS.COM

          • Kermet

            A 21 year-old college student would’ve received at least 20 copies of their school’s policay regarding plagarism by their third year. Now, I’m assuming at 21, Sean is a Junior and not a 1st Semester Freshman. In fact, most high school English courses that require students to do research papers will also teach them about plagarism. My point is this, Sean knew what he was doing was wrong. Perhaps every since his first research paper in high school he has gotten away with it and therefore he never learned his lesson and now that he’s been caught he doesn’t know that an immediate mia culpa is in order. Instead, he makes excuses for not doing what he should have done in the first place. He doesn’t deserve “a break”. He’s been given ” a break”. At this point, he deserves “a date” for litigation.

          • tt

            I completely agree with you rockstar,

            I feel disapointed in him as well, esepcially to see the extent to which he used the same words, and I definitely think he shoudl apologise. But the response to this is also out of hand – attacking his youtube page, the lostpedia page, that is not the way to deal with this.

            What he did was wrong and I am nto condoning it, I am disappointed in him but if there is anyone who has brought lost through to so many it is him.

            he needs to apologise to erika olson but hes never done this before and like Rockstar says he has said he researches although he may need to make his sources more apparent.

            What he did was wrong but the response is out of hand so be the bigger men here.

            Lets not let this turn into a war or a witchhunt

          • Andy

            Rockstar, that’s ridiculous. First of all, 21 makes him an adult, not a kid. And adults are supposed to take responsibility for their own actions. Second of all, he STOLE people’s work and passed it off as his own. As a working writer myself, I can guarantee you that I’d sue someone if they did that. It’s illegal, it’s immoral, and it’s just plain wrong.

        • GoSeanieB

          He isnt doing this for money dumass Hes doing it to entertain people your just bitching cause you liked the other people better and why has this not been a problem until now? He hasdone this for more than a year now!

          Save Seanie B!

          • docarzt

            It has been a problem, nobody caught on until he started popping up on TVGuide. And there are ads and donation buttons on his site.

          • tt

            Those are for running the website and anyone who watches his videos on youtube would see that he gets no money out of it.

      • Andy

        King, you must be kidding–this is even more a rampant case of actionable plagiarism than TheTailSection stealing all of Doc’s work.

    • farajip

      For the love of Jacob! I cant stop laughing on that one. Give seanie B a break are u people serious. Seanie B catching more heat than A rod got for roids!

    • farajip


      • JimDD

        And a Dork….get a job…today’s word…JOB. SCHMUCK

    • JPete416

      Shame on Seanie B for not giving credit where credit is due for where he lifted his text from, almost word-for-word. And on a similar note, how much did you have to pay Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction, and Warner Brothers for the use of the song “Been Caught Stealing” on YOUR video? If you are going to be critical of those who “steal” from others, do not do it yourself.

    • Desmondia

      Ha, the guy that names himself Kingofalllostfans tells everyone it’s just a tv show. Give me a break.

    • Brotherbaker7288

      Who cares if he plagerized, the idea of his site is so that lost fans can go and get a little more information about the show, and find things out they would have missed i dotn really think this is a big idea, its not like its possible he could have had the same ideas and someone else worded it better than he did, you guys need to take a chill pill and relax its not that big of a deal, i agree with the king of all fans its a tv show we all love leave him alone and get a life

  • chad

    Your Rule Doc!!!

  • Cecil

    Well done Doc. Any way we can get word to Matt from TVGuide to make sure this guy is not featured on there again?

  • docarzt

    NEWS FLASH: Sean says he got the material from contributors who must have been the thieves. But, uh… he doesn’t credit them either? So what’s the difference? “I stole from a thief! I’m innocent!” I fail to see the logic. And to the guy who wrote saying I’m not giving him credit for his “Hard Work”, theiving content may be hard work… doesn’t mean I have to respect him for it.

    • apackofmonkeys

      I thought you were going a little over-board, but then I actually watched your video, and you’re absolutely right! This poser was asked what HE thought about something, and he answers by quoting other people’s writings word-for-word as if they were his own. You really can’t understand just how bad it is until you watch your video, so thanks for putting it together.

    • If the Washington Post uses a bad source the source does not get in trouble, the Washington Post does. And further more they would be sued.

      I will also add that Ericka’s blog is protected under a creative commons license which Seanie B has violated.

  • AstroJones

    Wow. That guy might be the most incredibly arrogant prick I have ever had the misfortune to come across. So the question is, what are we going to do about this creep?

    • docarzt

      I say we do the equivalent of a digital draw and quarter…

      • ACB

        You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?


        • bostonbenny

          you’re the one calling women “twats”. such a gentleman you are. i bet in ten years you’re going to be in prison for beating your wife.

  • Matthew Perry

    Honestly? Who cares.

    • Joe Biden

      Let me give you my asbestos underwear for a bit.

    • HumaneBean

      Honestly, MPerry, if you had ever been responsible for creating content or had your income tied to your ability to write, perform or deliver material – you would have no trouble ‘caring’ about someone else STEALING your hard work and passing it of as their own, earning money for it and thereby devaluing your efforts. This isn’t a matter of ‘borrowing’ an idea and bringing it up elsewhere so that you can be the “cool kid”. This is copyright theft, content infringement and plagarism. There’s a reason why it’s illegal and that you can be sued for doing it.

      It kinda matters, Big Guy.

      • Matthew Perry

        First of all, I’ve had a few short stories published, I’m almost finished with a novel, and I’m a few weeks away from starting to film the screenplay I wrote. So yes, I can easily understand how awful it would be for me to suffer intellectual property theft.

        The reason I have a hard time caring about this is because it’s a few articles from an internet Lost fan blog.

        As DocArzt said, it’s obvious that most writers of Lost theories are going to share ideas, and maybe even get them from each other.

        So basically, you’re all upset that he failed to reword them to your satisfaction, not that he actually is using somebody else’ ideas.

        • docarzt

          No, the problem isn’t that he didn’t reword them enough. The problem is he said…. “I wanna be a LOST nerd, too. How do I do that? I know, I’ll just print out somebody’s recap and reread it… change a word or two…”

          Beginning to see where I’m going with that? As a writer, you should.

          • Cutter XXIII

            I think you know that *I* was the one who wrote those short stories and the novel, Matthew Perry. Yet you persist in representing them as your own. Have you no shame?

        • Hi Matthew –

          Erika here… I’m the one (or should I say, one of the ones) Seanie B stole content from and then proceeded to pass it off as his own. While I do understand your point about my site being “just a Lost fan blog,” I’m not sure why that makes Sean’s acts of copyright infringement (there is a copyright statement on my site) and intellectual property theft any less unethical. I have a feeling you didn’t watch the video and see that Sean was in fact lifting content word for word, exactly as I wrote it, from my site.

          I am a full-time freelance writer. Like you, I currently have a book out to publishers and am paid to write on various web sites. But because I love Lost, I spend nearly 14 hours a week slaving over each episode write-up. Does that make me a loser? Most definitely. But does the fact that my site is something I do for fun and don’t get paid for make it somehow OK for Sean to pass it off as his own?

          If you watched the video you would know that we’re not just talking about “sharing ideas” here. That would be a waste of everyone’s time to get into a “you stole my theory waahhh!” argument. I’ve been writing about Lost since Season One, Episode Nine and have never seen this level of blatant plagiarism before.

          There were two full paragraphs that took Sean over a minute to recite (all of his fading out during that time is most likely so that he could scroll down on my site) that were straight-up lifted from my blog… and there are at least ten other examples like that across his over twenty-minute video. As in, he read almost word-for-word what I wrote. I mean, this guy isn’t even original enough to think up his own way to make arguments.

          I obviously can’t make you care about this, but I do hope you realize that if people like Sean aren’t called out for what they do, it will only encourage others like him to do the same. And one day maybe it will be something that YOU’VE spent hours creating that will be plagiarized. Let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling.

          – Erika

          • I would like to further add to what Erika said by saying that I challenge each of you to recap an episode, and not crap, a really good recap. It is hard.
            Anyone can write a synopsis, but coming up with your own original ideas, formulating thoughts, watching the episode multiple times to get quotes, expressions, etc…accurate, is a lot of work! Does it make those of us who recap geeks? Sure! I don’t recap Lost, but I do recap another show with a rabid fandom, but far less following, and it is not easy. The mythology alone will drive you insane. To have someone come behind you and read your hard work out loud, on camera, and not even have the common decency to credit the writer, that is beyond lame, it’s flat out plagiarism.

          • Dolce

            I agree with what windy said. Not that I have never recapped anything ( I enjoy my role as semi-professional commenter), but I would not try. Not that I can’t formulate my own ideas, but my thought process is all over the place and I’d never be able to make any readable sense out of it ( plus I type like 4 words a minute ). I have great respect for those of you who can and do post well formulated, thought provoking recaps. And I would be super pissed if I did do an original recap and someone jacked (not Jacked) my words and did not give me credit, leavig themselves in position to receive unearned compliments.

          • Matthew Perry


            I’m if I came across as not caring that you and your writing were obviously being infringed upon. I do realize that it sounded very, for lack of a better term, dick-like for me to say “who cares.” For this I apologize.

            However, I stand by what I said before.

            There are only so many ideas that can go around when it comes to theorizing on a television show, and most people who do this will likely get many ideas from each other, if they don’t already share the same ones by coincidence.

            So I ask, where is the line drawn between right and wrong? Would it be acceptable for this guy to give the exact same theories as you, provided he says them in his own words (which he does, to a degree).

            I for one do not see any way to create this distinction.

            How similar is “too similar?”

            Again, sorry for any offense I may have caused. Keep up the good work, and if you get the credit you deserve, then congrats.

          • Matthew Perry

            Oops, typo. First sentence should have read:

            “I’m sorry if I came across as not caring that you and your writing were obviously being infringed upon.”

        • neoloki

          M. Perry, that was an incredibly asinine and uneducated statement. Their is no question that is theft on Sean’s part and some of these people actually get paid for their recaps. It’s called cultural criticism. But just because money is involved does not make it any less important; theft is theft.

        • Kermet

          Hey Matt,
          When you “sell” a screenplay, instead of just going indie, and you watch someone else get a paycheck off your script simply because they changed the character names and a couple pieces of dialogue then you might have some idea as to why a blogger, who makes money much the same way a television network does (the more traffice to their site the more “banners” they are likely to get with an increased chance of people clicking on those banners) is pissed when someone else is getting a PR rub from TVguide for using THEIR content…the same content that generates the traffic to their website that creates those ad revenue opportunities.

          Just one writer to another.

      • clickjaw

        Hey Chandler; could you…BE…anymore of a prick?

        • rile

          Wow, that actually made me laugh out loud. Nice.

    • Cecil

      Because being plagiarized sucks. Hard.

    • JJStrange

      The people who spend the actual hours putting the material that YOU AND I get to enjoy later, that’s who cares. And we should too. What’s fair is fair…couldn’t Sean B have said for example..”As Erika from Long live Locke mentioned…”? If he’s so FULL of original ideas…but no, he’s outright stealing. There’s no integrity in it. So,

      I guess, I care.

  • Joe Biden

    Wow, that is really blatant. His excuse sucks.

  • notdwight

    I’ve watched Sean’s recaps since he started doing them at the beginning of season 3, and honestly I always knew that he was stealing other people’s ideas…you can tell just by listening to him that he not a bright enough guy to come up with all of this on his own.

    Still, I watch his videos because he condenses all of the theories floating around out there into a concise, well-edited monologue.

    That being said, I don’t think that convenience is an excuse for plagiarism. How hard would it really be for him to take two seconds to mention Erika or any other people he’s blatantly lifting words from?

    • docarzt

      I suppose if he credited people he wouldn’t be able to call himself the “best” LOST site on the web anymore…. chuckle.

  • clueless1der

    What a jackass. As opposed to a Jackass… which is pretty bad. I FB’d and dugg the link. I wish there was something else I could do!!!

    WHAT A WEINER!!! My vocabulary is deserting me at this point. I don’t know what’s worse, that he seems to feel no remorse, or that he hasn’t even apologized to Erika or Sean, or god knows who else….. this guy should be fired. Or sued. Possibly just whacked upside the head. GRRRRRrrrrrrr.

    Great catch, Doc. This is why you rule. 😀

    • Dolce

      …Jackass… hilarious clue!

      • professorstotch

        Hehe…she said weiner…

        But seriously, this guy’s a douche. Burn him!

  • Cutter XXIII

    Honestly? Who cares.

    (That response was completely original and made up by me, and only me. It represents a lot of thought and hard work.)

    • Cutter XXIII

      (For the humor-challenged: the above response was my own original work, and not stolen from my “contributor” Matthew Perry, above.)

      • talkingwires

        Your comment was stolen, word-for-word, from a thesis I published two years ago. If you’re going to allude to a “contributor”, at least credit the the proper source.

        Oh, and I’ll see you in court.

  • Cutter XXIII

    Seanie B. is a tool. I’ll bet he was looking forward to all the good things coming his way. Epic fail on that one. 🙂

  • docarzt

    Seriously, apathetic folk… you don’t have to care. Let that attitude spread far enough and you won’t have to worry about having shows to obsess over, either… because without respect for copyrights and other people’s work there would be none.

    • Nicely, said, Doc.

  • imfromthepast

    I wish I had thought of that…

  • Hipster Doofus

    Not really surprised I’ve never heard of this tool before.

  • bonosk

    This reminds me…I need to start a new LOST fan site called “FRIENDS & DOCARZT’S BLOG LOST” I think it’s sufficiently different from the original that no one will notice! *diabolical laugh*
    (j/k…nice investigation and video, Doc.)

  • Jack’s Back

    OK, Seriously cracking me up…

    JOE BIDEN commenting on plagiarism!


    Oh, yeah! Seanie SUCKS!

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      I just laughed so much I almost cried!

  • I used to watch his videoreviews, and always had the feeling he was kinda reading; now I am unsuscribing…

  • J

    Wow, good work doc. It was sealed for me at the part discussing the three possibilities for the switch in Ben’s gunshot wound. Nuts. I hope you take him down.

    And, to those who think it’s not a big deal, it is–it’s called plagiarism, something we learn not to do in kindergarten. For him to say someone else stole it is, if I give him a bit of credit, maybe a fifth grade maneuver, a la’ the dog ate my homework. Only problem? He didn’t even credit the (non-existent) thieves!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    wow, what a poser. the art of plagiarizing on public forum is wrong, but if you’re going to do it, don’t use the same terminology and phrasing. unreal. this guy has to be the dumbest guy ever. how can TV Guide allow him to contribute?

  • 1miletogo

    Hey Erika, sorry to hear about your recap being stolen. I enjoy your recaps, keep up the good work. I have Seen the Seanie B videos before, but never thought someone would take word for word from someone else’s recap. Plus even if using the theories not to give mention to the source…

  • Wintermute

    Awesome! It’s one thing to know someone is stealing and to say it, but it’s another to actually be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Way to go, brother.

  • ian

    His site is now offline. I made the last comment and now if I refresh, it won’t load, lol.

    • JJStrange

      Actually, he’s back on, perhaps he closed his page long enough to “delete” or is it “edit out” all of the incriminating posts…but I have all his videos so Erika if you need em, let me know *bwahahaha* His last log on was: Last Sign In: 1 hour ago

  • Mack

    I hear the same things, sometimes word for word, from multiple Lost sites. Lost blogs are one giant circle jerk.

    In my opinion the worst thief is Jeff Jensen. His job is composed of reading all the blogs and attempting to pass off the information as his own. The saddest part is that he is paid for “his” efforts. You can tell the difference between his ideas and the ones he steals. The ideas that he rips off are usually better.

    • neoloki

      What? I don’t think this is a forum to randomly pick people you don’t like and call them thieves. Get a clue. I read at least 10 different blogs and such on Lost and I can safely say Jeff Jensen is not stealing from anybody.

      • Mack

        Blah blah blah, same internet tough guy routine.

        • ACB

          What an inane answer. Considering all of the stupidity and armpit scratching ape-like behavior I’ve observed around here, is it any wonder that most fans would rather read Jeff Jensen’s articles and watch Sean’s videos than hang out with you mouth-breathers?

          • Wow! To accuse Jeff Jensen of stealing ideas…that’s silly. You might as well accuse J.Wood of the same. Or DocArzt for the matter. Jensen is one of most unique writers on-line — he’s concise, funny, and gives lots of insights that I don’t see anywhere else in the fan community.

  • Dolce

    Wow. I’ve tried to sit through a couple of his reviews before, but never made it far because he did’nt seem to be saying anything I had’nt already read at DocArzt. Now I know why. How blatantly douchey. He deserves an internet smackdown.

  • Arizona sun

    I’ve been watching Seanie B.’s recaps for over a year and really enjoy them. Watching your video made my stomach hurt. I thought Seanie seemed like a good kid with a good hobby, you know… a good person. I didn’t think all his ideas were totally original but to watch him READ someone else’s words is such a disappointment. I’ve already unsubscribed from his site.

  • I saw Seanie B’s (LOOSER) interview and thought it sounded familiar, thanks doc for setting the record straight.

  • Deusexmachina

    Oh my god you are one scary person.
    Smolesiuks recaps are awesome.
    You just need to stop being a scary offensive bastard.

    • TRoss

      Don’t you mean Erika’s recaps are awesome?

      • Deusexmachina

        No I do not. The Doc needs to STFU and stop being a creepy person

        • Ram

          There’s nothing creepy about standing up for the intellectual rights of a freelance writer. What’s creepy is stealing their work and passing it off as your own. Doc’s just calling him out on being unethical. And if all you can do is insult Doc, then obviously you can’t defend Sean, because you know what he did was WRONG, and Doc PROVED it.

        • triangulatedsignal

          maybe u need to stop being a creep and go back to seanies forums which is obviously where you came from. how disrespectful of you to call doc that when all he has done is point out the truth.

          • Dolce

            Ooooo. Get ‘im Tri!

    • Cecil

      The truth can be scary. Or you can continue to live blissfully in the dark. Your choice really.

  • I Miss Eko

    Wow, that’s blatant thievery! Claiming that it was just a coincidence is as absurd as Obama claiming he didn’t really bow.

  • Jack’s Back

    Go to his Youtube channel and post a comment!

    • just so you know

      This is the wrong page, not the real Seanie B. The link is to a page that is smo(capital letter “i”) when it is supposed to be smoLesiuk

      UGH. I’m new to message boards, this is the third time I’ve posted this, but I should have done it as a reply in the first place. Sorry everyone.

    • Jack’s Back

      UR right….

      Here’s the correct link

      Flame that plagiarist!

    • Jangras
  • JimDD

    It looks like his site is down.

    None of the links on his home page work.

  • just so you know

    Jack’s back posted a link to the wrong youtube page. The real Seanie B page is smoLesiuk, not smoIesiuk.

  • Comans

    What a fraud. Glad he got caught. Good work!

  • ChristaEatsCake

    Check out mrjames113083 ‘s for recaps that he writes and researches himself.

    Recaps are posted around 5 the day after each episode airs.

    They are funny and insightful!

    • Andrew Wooding

      Have to agree with this, Mr. James is the best youtube reviewer out there in my opinion (and in Christas opinion of course, don’t want to look like i’m rippin off her views lol) and definately worth a watch. Also he always states what pieces of information he gets off the message boards and he seems like a genually nice guy. Shameless plug over.

  • jroberts

    he is know on youtube trying to delete comments as fast as he can. It’s like a game. I have nothing better to do tonight, so it looks like its fuck with seanie poser night.

  • sssawyer

    I seriously cannot believe that anyone would think that this idiot (BeanieHead is it?) is right in reciting someone else’s work as his own. . .Watching that video of him made me sick. Erika’s recaps are thoughtful, insightful, and probing. Her deep thinking and cohesive writing mean I don’t have to work so hard after every episode. I appreciate all the effort she puts into her recaps and for someone to BLATANTLY rip off her writing, WORD FOR WORD is completely unethical and downright scummy. Clearly, SeanieB is those things and more. Keep up the good work Erika and thanks Dr.Arzt for all your efforst!

  • Dolce

    Wow. I have just been going through the comments section on his site ( mysteriously, the negative comments in response to his plagiarism keep disappearing -go figure )and he has got some foul mouthed dimwitted followers. That is 5 minutes of my life that I wish I had back.

    • Dolce

      That ccrriiss77 chick over there is a real gem. Read some of her comments, but only if you don’t mind losing a few I.Q. points for the

      • DocArzt

        What I’d say Dolce is just remember that we are all fans, including the folks that support Sean regardless of what we’ve shown here.

        • Dolce


        • Andrew Wooding

          They may all be fans, but that’s like saying we should be nice to the Charlie Manson’s and Saddam Hussain’s of the world just because they’re human. Some people cannot be reasoned with and are usually fairly bitter.

      • Andrew Wooding

        There are plently of people like that. I tried to leave comments on his youtube video (before he banned them) and there was someone who told me to shut up everytime i left a comment. When i tried to ask her why she wanted me to shut up she made a racist comment and didn’t reply. They may all be fans, but there is a limit.

  • Ram

    Here is his reply on his Youtube channel:

    Hey guys. Erika and I are working out the issue. Never heard of her site before the accusations, as I’ve said before, just use lostpedia and my site for research. Someone posted on my site the 2 issues as if it was their idea,? I liked the ideas as I thought it was from them and try to get those ideas in the videos, so fans will feel involved, but didnt realize it was from her. I took down the videos, and reposting them without those 2 cases. It’s getting resolved, don’t worry. Just tough to know these things as ideas will get passed from site to site. Haven’t had a problem like this in the past, so not sure why people are saying every idea in my videos are copied lol. Calm down peoples, were working it out.

    Something still stinks like BS…..”I liked the ideas and thought I’d use them”….yeah except those parts where it said “I’ll write more about that later” and he said “I’ll talk more about that later”….come on …we’re not stupid…

    • DocArzt

      Yeah, here is the problem. It’s not the same ideas, it is the same words. I could buy it if he were simply talking about the events, but he is using the same structure and same key phrases such as “vast” and etc.

      But what really annoys me about this defense that he is trying is that all he is really saying is that he took it from somebody else who he also didn’t credit. “I’m sorry erika, I didn’t steal it from you… I stole it from somebody else, who stole it from you…”

      • Dolce

        Doc, have you developed schizophrenia?

  • Dolce

    “Someone posted on my site the 2 issues as if it was their idea,? I liked the ideas as I thought it was from them and try to get those ideas in the videos, so fans will feel involved, but didnt realize it was from her.”

    So he thought he was just plagiarizing one of his fans without giving them credit. Ok, that makes it all better. Nothing makes me feel more involved than being plagiarized by a blogger I follow without so much as a shout out.

    • ACB

      You’re an idiot, and I guess unfortunately that this fansite is full of people with such enormous egoes that it’s incomprehensible to you that Sean’s fan community works in a different way than you do. People ask Sean to include their ideas in his videos. It’s not about getting credit for their ~amazing theory~ that no sane person really gives a damn about, it’s about sharing ideas and coming up with good ideas together.

      • just so you know

        As a (now non-practicing) member of this community you speak of, and one who’s theory was used in one of Sean’s videos, I think I can speak to this with some credibility.

        There is a section of his forum where Sean invites the members of his site to submit their answers to some questions. He picks those that he considers to be the best and includes them in a special section of the recap video. The member names and a screen shot of their avatar and the text they submitted are included in the video. HE GIVES THEM CREDIT.

        When I submitted my theory to Sean, I was inviting him to use it. I was participating in an exchange where the terms were understood.

        I don’t understand why you think this is similar in any way to Sean reading a blog in a completely separate site, and without the knowledge (let alone consent of the original author) regurgitating her ideas nearly WORD for WORD. Not only is this not similar to what he does on his website at all, the fact that he credits a certain few on his videos as contributing theories only makes it seem like the rest of the content in his videos is his own. There is no exchange here. There is no understanding. This is Sean being lame.

        If you for one second believe that this is a coincidence, even after looking into the issue and seeing that the phrasing of thoughts is nearly exact in many situations, I would like to say this: DON’T MISTAKE BULLS**T FOR COINCIDENCE. (see what I did there? Yes, borrowed a phrase from Lost “don’t mistake coincidence for fate”/”don’t mistake fate for coincidence” and I made it my own… not that hard, Seanie B.)

        There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the ideas of others. There is something wrong with being too lazy to understand and digest those ideas and use them to create your own thoughts using your own words.

        • ACB

          Erm, if I may respond to your dissertation very briefly because, well, this is not that important —

          Did you actually read the thread you just responded to? We are discussing Sean’s statement that he read aloud what a fan had posted to him. I don’t really know or care what the situation was in which this happened, but that does not mean that Sean was “reading a blog in a completely separate site”. If he read aloud the words someone posted to him, that’s an entirely separate matter than if he knowingly borrowed from Erika’s blog posts.

          And can I just say? I’m sorry, but all of this tearful claimage of “this theory is mine!” crap is ridiculous. Sorry to say, but ten years from now, Erika’s blog and Arzt’s blogs will probably just be fossils cluttering up the wayback machine, and Sean’s YouTube account will most likely be long deactivated and abandoned. So if you want to get your panties in a wad over it, go ahead. But as is the case with most fan wankage, that way lies madness, not to mention total loserdom.

          • Ram

            And yet here you are, posting about it. So what does that make you?

          • Dolce

            Wow. Total loserdom?

          • just so you know

            Hmm… I was responding to your claim about his website.

            Thanks for calling it a dissertation. I’m starting a dual degree program for my JD and PhD in August. Thinking copyright law might be an interesting area. If I use this “case” as an example, I’ll be sure to cite my source.

            Sorry you’re getting so upset. I’m just hanging out, eating jelly beans, grateful for something other than family game time to entertain me during this holiday weekend.

          • Andrew Wooding

            I agree if you leave a theory in the comments section of seanie B’s vidoes, there is almost an unwritten agreement he can use them in his videos. If you didn’t want them used then I guess don’t tell him then. But it is definately uncool to say word for word someone’s blog who has probably sat down and thought for hours about different interesting theories.
            And by the way ACB, you didn’t have to be a complete tool in getting your point across, just calm down and stop complaining about people complaining

      • Dolce

        1. I am pretty sure that Erika did not ask Sean to include her ideas in his videos WORD FOR WORD without her blessing, let alone without giving her due credit.
        2. Apparently for Sean, it is all about getting credit for the idea, as he states when asked a semi-direct question about the mysterious moving gunshot wound that Ben received ” there are only three reasons why I( I, meaning himself, Sean,) think this could have happened..”
        3. I think one of the foundations of Lost bloging/vlogging/fandom is to hear what other people think about the show and their theories on where the story is going, and where it’s been. Is’nt sharing ideas and coming up with good ideas together pretty much the same thing? At least related, would’nt you agree?
        4. He came up with NOTHING. He did share though. He shared Erika’s ideas. Verbatim.

  • toga

    HAHAHAHA….. what the hell?? why would someone memorize a blog word for word? it seems way harder to memorize the whole thing than just pararphrasing, or.. comming up with your own ideas?

    • Ali Bags

      I don’t think he memorized it – not clever enoguh – he READ it out loud into the camera – very easily done.

  • Here’s an idea! Lets copyright theories!

    • Amused Lawyer

      John Locke,

      You cannot copyright a theory. That’s not even the issue as presented. It is the misappropriation of expressive content that is the problem. You don’t copyright the idea, you copyright the way you express it. There is no problem for Seanie to have the same ideas. Ideas, good and bad, are free. The problem is the copying of Erika’s hard work in expressing those ideas.

  • white rabbit

    I’d like to see Seanie B meet with Smokey. I’m sure he’d go the same way as Eko….

    • Or maybe Alex would just give him a smack down and tell him never to plagiarize again. 🙂

  • Griguthul

    Noticed this recently when it sounded like he was reading right out of the theories section of the Lostpedia. Great to have this information out in different forms. Credit should be given where credit is due. Seanie B puts it all together very well and does an entertaining show. I will probably keep watching and hope he hears about this. Wish he could put can put as much work into his original content as he does his video production.

  • Hi again everyone –

    I am very frustrated by Sean’s message he posted on his YouTube channel. I went through his entire video and there were TWELVE instances of him taking content from my site word for word, across every section of his recap, which amounted to over 20% of the entire running length of his video. He makes it seem like there were just a few (probably just three Doc used as examples in his video).

    I am in contact with him and hope he will do the right thing, which includes just copping to the fact that he intentionally tried to pass my (and probably others’) writing off as his own thoughts. Lifting content as he did is not only unethical, it’s also illegal. There is a copyright statement on my site.

    Let’s hope he does the right thing and we can all get back to doing what we love most — discussing Lost.

    – e

    • Deusexmachina

      Oh just go away

      • Ram

        Obviously you are just a shill for Sean. Maybe understand the issue here before spouting off. It’s UNETHICAL. All he would have to do is admit it, and apologize and it’s all over. But he won’t do that…he’d rather lie about it and pretend it never happened. Watch Doc’s video and then see if you think she’s making it up.

        You just go away. You’re in the minority.

        • Deusexmachina

          It’s not uneethical. It’s LOST.

          So just shut the Guam up about it and start caring about things that matter.

          • Dolce

            Not unethical? Seriously? What do you consider unethical? Plagiarism is something that matters, otherwise, we would not even have a word for it at the least, or laws against it either.

          • Ram

            *****Newsflash, Genius!**** the issue here has *ZERO* to do with Lost. It has to do with plagiarism and the intellectual rights of the original writer. It could be about any topic…just so happens it occurred within our Lost communities.

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    What can be done to get this guy knocked off his high horse? This is pathetic. Who knows if he even watches the show? After watching that, I wonder if he watches the show, and if he does, if he even understands it. If you watch LOST you should be able to talk about it intelligently, as many of us do on this site. The fact that he is stealing from other people and using it for his own advancement is disgusting. SeanieB is a tool.

  • The Partyman

    That is well out of order.

    I hope TV Guide are aware of this thievery and stop using him.

  • monkeyface

    i read erika each week and it saddens me to see this blatant rip off. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. i propose a boycott of tvguide’s wonderful getting lost if this copycat is featured. hit stop on the video and email them….boycott his every endeavor and support those who truly do the work.

    he isn’t a true fan and doesn’t deserve our time or attention.

  • JJStrange

    I have something to add, I know who this Sean B is from youtube. I USED TO faithfully watch his video posts… I STOPPED watching his videos when i started noticing that EVERYTHING he posted, was already said elsewhere! He takes things directly from Wikipedia, I mean, quote for quote, he has taken things from Dark, and here 2! And just last night when I saw that Erika posted something about the whole copyright issue, I IMMEDIATELY had the feeling she was talking about this smolesk guy! He’s a fraud! And while I do understand that some ppl think this is a silly thing to be arguing over, think about it…if you spent hour upon hour, re-watching the show, looking for clues, processing your finds, studying the mythology, looking up the material, I mean, it’s time consuming ppl! So when someone else takes all your hard work and passes it off as their own, nuh uh, big no no.

    So, to Erika, Doc and anyone else who is going after this guy, *Bravo* =) Do keep us informed of the happenings! =)

  • Ryan

    Are we allowed to use the word douchebag on this site?

    • JimDD

      I think you just did… 🙂

  • There is one other explanation … he had someone else write his stuff and had no clue the dip took it from Erika’s site. However, even if that is the case, it does not excuse his lack of apology. Youth can excuse a lot but not this. Whether or not he wrote what he said (taking it from Erika’s site, obviously) or had someone else write it, when the proof was shown to him, he should be the man that he is (age-wise, anyway) and own up to it and make a formal apology. I think TVGuide needs to know, if someone hasn’t told them already.

    • docarzt

      Oh, please understand I’m not trying to feed him a ticket off the meat hook. Just being liberal with the thinking.

  • Mair

    Thanks, Doc!

    meanwhile, I say “lawsuit” since he doesn’t want to play nice…

  • He seems to have taken down the video and the comments made after he was found out.

  • jroberts

    what he did would get him thrown off of any college campus in the country. It’s that simple. This is a serious matter. I don’t now if this dipshit understands the importance of what he has done. TV guide themselves, unknowingly commited copyright infringement and I hope they don’t take it lightly. He is getting hammered on his youtube channel. Even his diehard fans are starting to get it. It’s amazing, all he had to do is apologize upfront and he could have avoided the onslot he’s dealing with. Not a fun way for a young guy to spend a Friday night.

  • jroberts

    I just reread my above post and need to make a small correction. I meant to say that TV guide unknowingly promoted copyright infringment, not commited it.

  • Wow. I cannot believe there is even an argument about this here. Seanie B was even too lazy to paraphrase. He outright took ideas nearly exactly as they’d been written. Anyone who’s read my columns knows I’m all about the idea that creative people often come up with similar ideas simultaneously, but this is absolutely plagiarism.

    For those that don’t understand this, let me put it this way. Imagine you slaved at a job for very little pay and or credit. Then, some newbie comes along, takes your ideas, says they are his, gets a raise and acknowledgment, and becomes respected for their thoughts–even though they are all yours. Would you be annoyed. Sure, this happens al the time, but so does stealing which is exactly what it is. At the very least, he should paraphrase from multiple sites. If he’s going to take from just one person, he must give credit where credit is due. I’m going to bring this up with Mickey O’Connor over at TV guide to see what’s going on.

    While I don’t believe we own the ideas that come to us, I do believe we have rights regarding the expression of those ideas. This was flat out stealing.

    • jojo

      Here here Marc. Thanks for your comment and speaking out. As a hugh docartz follower I’m a big fanof your column as well.

  • DarkWussy

    Am I missing something here? Why is DocArzt sticking up for a DarkUFO contributor, but DarkUFO is radio silence on this thing? Wuss.

    • jroberts

      Because right is right.

      I’m a little disapointed Dark has not posted atleast an acknowledgement of the issue. On the other hand, I don’t know what may be happening in the background.

    • docarzt

      It really has nothing to do with who she contributes to. Besides, her recaps appear on her blog first, then to DarkUFO – I would call her more of a ‘sharer’ than a ‘contributor’, but whatever Erika considers herself is a-ok by me. I know she is a kindred spirit, and as jorberts says, right is right.

    • JimDD

      Why bring DarkUFO into this? This has nothing to do with him.

  • TRoss

    Have you seen his website? It’s a rip off of the Dharma Initiative game they had over the hiatus. And on the bottom he has the nerve to put a copyright symbol and “all rights reserved.” XD

  • TRoss

    I say we all mail TV Guide with the video and let them decide if they’re going to continue to use him.

    • jroberts

      I agree. If any one has info how to contact TV Guide to voice our concerns would they please post it?

  • jroberts

    His video has been reposted on youtube.

    Comments …

  • Dolce

    Whoah, Doc did you just delete all of evil bizarro doc’s comments? That leaves a lot of my ( delusionally ) humorous comments out of context!

  • Dolce

    oops! Posted this(way)above by accident, was supposed to be here-Whoah, Doc did you just delete all of evil bizarro doc’s comments? That leaves a lot of my ( delusionally ) humorous comments out of context!

    • Dolce


  • LostInCanada

    Maybe he the guy who now runs thetailsection now?? hahaa

  • seaniebisathief

    This guy is blocking and deleting anyone or any comment that reveals the truth about this plagiarism. I just want to thank docarzt and Erika for your amazing work on these blogs. Sorry about this situation. This kid is 21 years old from my town in Orange County and he goes to a crappy community college called Saddleback. Which would explain his ignorance.

    Erika, this should be the first thing you address for your next post. People need to know about this guy. People need to know the law!

    You guys keep up your excellent work. Thank you

    • seenitlovedit

      if he a a student at saddleback then he should know this:
      ii. Plagiarism is any conduct in academic work or programs
      involving misrepresentation of someone else’s
      words, ideas or data as one’s original work, including,
      but not limited to, the following:
      1. intentionally representing as one’s own work the
      work, words, ideas or arrangement of ideas, research,
      formulae, diagrams, statistics, or evidence of
      2. taking sole credit for ideas and/or written work that
      resulted from a collaboration with others.
      3. paraphrasing or quoting material without citing the
      4. submitting as one’s own a copy of or the actual
      work of another person, either in part or in entirety,
      without appropriate citation (e.g., term-paper mill
      or internet derived products).
      5. sharing computer files and programs or written
      papers and then submitting individual copies of the
      results as one’s own individual work.
      6. submitting substantially the same material in more
      than one course without prior authorization from
      each instructor involved.
      7. modifying another’s work and representing it as
      one’s own work.

      which is on pg 42 of the student handbook

  • Wow

    How hard is it for some of the commentators here to understand that the issue is not with the fact he apparently had the same ideas and interpretation, just with the fact that he LIED and presented someone else’s commentary and words as his own, almost verbatim! He is a content thief, incapable of formulating his own ideas, so instead relies on the hard work of others then reads that out as if he developed the ideas. Thieving, horrible liar. He even went so far as to delete the original youtube video and reupload it and is meticulously deleting negative comments, like a fascist censor.

    • malcolmkass

      “fascist censor”, you mean like every other content provider in existence, including this one? It is his site, he can do what he wants. Everyone does it. is the same way. Listen, what he did was wrong, but to hang the guy for stealing Lost blog material is beyond delusional and punishment far beyond the crime.

      • Andrew Wooding

        It’s not the crime, it’s the principle

  • The Magician

    Wow… I can’t even begin to imagine how enraged I would be if my work was copied.

    This talentless swine is clearly just reading from a printout.

  • lockefan3805

    What a douchebag!

    • Andrew Wooding

      Just when you thought John Edwards would take the title of biggest douche in the universe 10 years in a row.

  • angel_blade

    All I have to say is I never heard of you Erika and I bet since this Seanie B thing you have got a huge increase in hits.

    Looks like your’s was one of the websites that he thought explained ideas well so he used it. In a way you are lucky he chose your site. Lets face he, hes extremely good at what he does, no matter what the material.

    I don’t see any video’s you put up, only the blog. If I was you I would jump at the opportunity of partnering up with him to read your material for something in return.

    • JimDD

      Why should she team up when he just steals it for free.

    • docarzt

      Ah, but you have heard of her… through seanie b…. that’s her voice, her video. You can’t own infringed material. If I make my own version of Star Wars, do I own the original too? Kind of an extreme example, but it seems to work along the lines of what you are saying… how do we know Sean is good at what he does? Does it take much talent to sit in front of a camera and deliver other peoples ideas?

    • JJStrange

      Good at what he does you say? If you mean good at stealing other ppl’s materials then yeah you have a point, he is good. And why should e feel lucky that he stole her material anyway? Dont you get it, that he TOOK someone else’s work and just sat there, read a script, and then got all the credit as if he was the mastermind behind all the work…It’s seriously upsetting how some ppl just dont understand the concept of STEALING=WRONG.

  • ACB

    Oh, for god’s sake, guys, give me a break. Sean does recaps. He tries to represent as many possible theories as possible in his episodes, and some of them are his own and some them aren’t. That’s the whole point of his series. I see a lot of the things he says in his episodes prior to them airing on LostPedia and DarkUFO — he’s just reporting on what the most popular ideas are for the people who don’t want to sort through a million fansites (and, sorry to say, people who don’t want to subject themselves to fanboys who get so SRS BSNS about things just like the author of this very blog). Get a life and stop whining so damned much.

    • Cecil

      He did not represent the theory. He duplicated it word for word. This illegal and unethical. Stop being ignorant.

      • ACB

        I don’t really care. That’s not the reason people watch his videos. If he stops making videos because of the whiny windbags that are harassing him from this site, then you’re all a bunch of infected twats, because you’ll have destroyed an entire community of fans with your peevish bullshit.

        • Ram

          No, he will have ruined it by not creating a community based on his own work, but on ripping other people off. He’s like the Napster of video blogging! And guess what? Napster got shut down. BOOM! lol…..

          Don’t blame us for pointing out his unethical behavior. It’s HIS bad, not ours. Suck it up.

        • Kermet

          Your the type of “fan” I do not want to be associated with. If Sean had any integrity he would have given credit to each and everyone of his sources. I’m writing a paper on television rating for a Communications course where I reach my own conclusions, but I CITE EACH SOURCE that I use to support my conclusion. Since Sean CHOSE to read from someone else then by copyright law he has to cite them or he may face legal action. To say, “I got this from someone else” simply means that you failed to CITE someone who failed to CITE the original SITE! It makes a retard twice-removed. How hard is it to say, “So and so states…”? It’s pretty f%&^ing hard when you want to claim their work as your own. He didn’t steal an “idea” or a “theory”. He stole her work. If your education is limited to public high school then go back and ask your Freshman English teacher about copyright laws.

          • bostonbenny

            Doc, I think you should either file a DMCA claim, or you should sue the little prick.

    • The Magician

      ACB, you probably don’t have a creative bone in your body, and that’s why this doesn’t bother you.

      To anyone who is a writer, or at least involved in some kind of creative business, this is an incredibly frustrating matter.

      Why should *he* receive the acclaim for someone elses work? Could I take someone’s essay on the criticism of a literary piece and copy it word for word? of course not, don’t be so ridiculous.

  • Cutter XXIII

    Hey all,

    He might be able to delete comments and ban users on YouTube, but he can’t “unflag” his content as inappropriate.

    1. Go to this link (on his own channel he did away with the “Flag” link or hid it):

    2. Under the video (and all his other videos) click the “FLAG” button.

    3. Select a reason > Infringes my rights > Infringes my copyright

    Once enough people flag his videos YouTube will investigate and then boot him. They don’t stand for copyright infringement (unless it isn’t flagged, and they’re fine with it).

    I’m a writer too, and unlike Matthew Perry I see a HUGE problem here with plagiarism and copyright infirngement. Rarely does one get such a golden opportunity to smack it down.

    • JimDD

      This post needs to be bumped to the top…

      • TRoss

        Yes, it does. Awesome, Cutter.

  • Cutter XXIII

    Those whose copyrights have been infringed upon can use YouTube’s Copyright Infringement webform here:

  • jroberts

    Come on people. Don’t let this kid off the hook. Keep pounding his site with comments, keep pounding his youtube channel with comments. He keeps deleting them trying to stay ahead of this and come out unscathed. This is not beating a dead horse, this is making an arrogant kid realize that what he did is not acceptable, no matter what the medium or subject being discussed. I read 25 or 30 or so blogs every week and I enjoy all of them, however if I found out that any of them we committing the fraud this kid is, I would pound them just as hard. If someone was stealing his stuff, again I would pound them just as hard. It’s not about sean or erika, it’s about what’s the right thing to do.

    Don’t give up on making this kids weekend hell. All he has to do to end this is to be a man. His choice.

  • TarHeel Lostie

    Dude…I’m too lazy and uncaring to check out that guy’s videos. All I’ll say is that any Lost Blog/Web site enthusiast that would even think to call themselves a fan knows where to go. We love you, DocArzt!

  • Fish_Bisquit

    This really seems to have gone way out of his hand. And still I think there was no evil intention behind it, I believe he just didn´t think. And yes, it´s bad, and I feel sorry for Erika and whoelse got copied from. Now it depends on his reaction.

    I just don´t like the whole flaming attitude. Collectively attacking somebody, that is so low niveau. We are not at high school, this is not bully-island. We all have screwed up in our lives and so has he now and he has to handle it like an adult does. There will be consequences anyway and flaming does not send the right message. It´s the internet version of beating somebody up for having done something. Now in real life, would we do that? Or would we find other, more adult ways to defend the people whose rights have been infringed?

    That´s my only point, the whole culture of cyberbullying, cyberflaming etc. is something I deeply condemn.

    Erika and Sean are already in contact and Erika can state her case and tell Sean what he needs him to do in order for both to come to a settlement. And Sean will also have to make some kind of public announcement for his viewers, of course. That´s his task now, that´s what he can do. But more attacking is definitely not necessary, I´m really positive that he got the point and that´s just gotta be it now.

    • jroberts

      Just curious, is the the same Fish_Bisquet the posts recaps? I don’t believe that calling him out for an ackowledgement and apology is flaming. He is trying to run and hide from this. Anything he has posted to this point regarding the subject has been arrogant and evasive. If he would act like a man and admit the mistake this would settle down.

      Let’s not forget, he is the one who plagarized anothers content not us. Preasuring him to own up is not flaming.

      If this is the Fish that posts recaps, I would hope you feel you get the same support from us if he stole from your racaps, which you obviously put alot of time, and effort into.

      • Fish_Bisquit

        I´m not posting recaps, I just needed a nickname real quick and I´m really sorry I used one that already exists. That wasn´t very creative of me 🙁 My apologies to the real Fish_Bisquit and I hope this didn´t cause you any trouble!

        I see your points and I have to confess I haven´t seen any response of his on this point and didn´t know there were already comments. So my comment came out of ignorance, I´m sorry for that.

        I was not speaking against complaining about what he did. But there were posts here that went beyond this and called for actions that are not necessary in my point of view. But yes, you´re absolutely right about having a reason to complain and as long as it is within the normal boundaries of reasoning I don´t see a problem.

        And I also think it´s good that there is somebody to turn to in case this happened to one of us.

        • jroberts

          No apolgogy over the name needed. And I agree with you that the actual flaming is uncalled for and it actually hurts the case many of us are trying to make.

    • docarzt

      So far that contact has not yielded an apology from Sean. A public apology IS warranted. And just remember, Fish, this is a small fraction of his thievery. He’s stolen art and words from me, Vozzek @ DarkUFO, and many more.

      As for it being bullying, it’s not. He’s being called out for what he did, and I took great care to keep my sarcasm as muted as I could in the video. The facts speak for themselves. Bullying would be picking on someone who has done nothing wrong for some petty reason. He stole, then sought fame with what stole, then didn’t acknowledge the source. THis isn’t bullying, this is punishment.

      On Flaming: Yes, we should not be flaming his supporters or fighting amongst ourselves. The question of whether or not plagiarism is right or wrong has been decided for us, so firing flaming arrows at one another over whether we agree with the established etiquette is as silly as fighting over whether we like the guy or not. He could be a perfectly cool human being outside of this, but the fact is – he did this. What he did should be of concern to his fans because guess what folks, when he was doing it he was thinking to himself that you were idiots who wouldn’t know the difference. Of course, he may not have been nearly as nasty about it – but it was surely something along those lines. He counted on you not knowing the difference. Really, it’s sort of pathetic – he should have known that this fan community, of all communities, would figure it out. Oh well…

      • Crazy Bearded Jack

        To expand on what Doc’s saying – This guy used other people’s work to become known. I’m sure he is planning on (if he hasn’t already) using his recaps and vids to try to get into film or journalism school, or to get a job.
        I remember watching one of his videos in the past and thinking how terrible it was – not because of ideas, but delivery. I could just tell watching it that he was regurgitating something someone else wrote. It’s the same vibe one gets off a bad news anchor. After reading this disturbing news, I watched a couple more of his videos and saw the same thing.
        I could be wrong, but to me this guy seems like he doesn’t even watch LOST. If he does, I struggle to think he “gets” the show in a way us fans do. He just seems like a person who knows LOST is a great show, and has a cult following. SeanieB decided to exploit the fans by using other people’s work.
        I think the best outcome to this would be for him to lose all of his credibility, which should obviously happen.

    • Kermet

      I agree that cyberbullying should be avoided at all cost. However, I also believe that public pressure needs to be put on Sean to make a mia culpa. Since he seems to be doing anything BUT THAT, then fans should continue to let him know that they do not approve of his tactics. In doing so, fans should not infringe on Sean’s right either.

  • M.R

    If any of you are on facebook we just created a fb group against this. It might be just a tv show but people are getting money and credit for other people’s work. If you don’t think that’s important than don’t join. But if you do please feel free to join and invite your friends to do the same! I personally love Erika’s blog and hope she keeps up the good work! So please help us encourage her!

  • M.R
  • So he re-upload the videos, with some cuts, but not all and he disabled commenting on the youtube version and is only allowing positive comments. Furthermore there was no acknowledgment of what he did or apology in the “new” video.

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    SeanieB’s treachery is front page news on Lostpedia. Keep this issue going and maybe we can drive him away

  • jroberts

    And there he goes deleting comments again. Keep on him people. Little by little even his own suscribers are coming around. Don’t let up. If you have gone over and left comments in the past, go back over because they are gone. His strategy is obviously to try and outlast the hype. Don’t let him win.

  • Jane

    Thank you for exposing that creep Doc!

    Its infuriating that he is able to cover people’s eyes about his plagiarism with his fancy video effects. What a Juvenile creep.

    To the people flaming this Seanie guy or even just giving him a fair critical comment is a no-go because it can be deleted, but he can’t delete the Star ratings. If you happen by his videos, 1 star it, unsubscribe, tell your friends.

    • GoSeanieB

      No im going the opposite way try watching one of the videos no one has bitched about yet!

      • docarzt

        We’re watching them…. oooooooo are we watching them…..

  • raaurora

    Hmmm. Sure doesn’t look good. I’ve been watching his recaps since he first started doing them. I guess I hope he airs his side of things before I pass judgement. Seems kind of indisputable based on what I’ve seen so far though.

  • pete

    someones been spending too much time doing interviews to be doing their own work! – i noticed that all these examples are from the latest recap – is it just this one in which phrases had been copied. It’s interesting – i had noticed the change in his ‘script’ in this one. It seemed unusually structured and pre-written and less like a series of thoughts to a camera like the older ones. And to be honest i knew he was at least writing it with someone else when he kept on going on and on about kate and motherhood so much! Really nice thoughts and reasoning, definitely – but lets just say i’m not surprised to find that those words came from a female influence, not a 21 year old guy – it just didn’t fit that he’d keep coming back to that. Overall i think seanie seems a nice guy, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar he has always scouted the internet for ideas and thoughts – but previously he has always moved them on that extra stage – nothing wrong with that – and thats why he’s so popular. It always been like all the best message board theories taken on that extra bit and then condensed into one 20 minute video. I also noticed that the last few recaps have come out way later than before – which shows he has been doing this. that does annoy me, cause i end up watching them after the next episode so often half the video is redundant anyway. Juicy speculation that gets the imagination going is only any good if its released before the event! Come on seanie , get back to what you were doing best – come up with your own ideas, take on other peoples and push them further, and for goodness sake get the video out earlier!

    • docarzt

      It’s not the only one, it’s just the most recent. We’re working our way back. I’m back to Namaste as of now and have cataloged about 30 instances of plagiarism, and bloggers like Erika and Vozzek have found more of their own stuff. Plus he copied lostpedia word, for word – which, to be fair, may seem more acceptable since lostpedia is a research resource so we probably won’t highlight that stuff.

  • GoSeanieB

    hey everyone quit bitching this is the first time its happened right?try watching his videos youll see nothing else is stolen and how do you even know they didnt steal from him huh?

    Save Seanie B

    • GoSeanieB: Wow, what a pathetic username.

      Erika’s posts came out before Seanie posted him videos you dumbass.
      He robbed her ideas because he’s too thick to come up with his own points.

      • docarzt

        Let’s not flame Sean’s supporters folks. Give them time, they’ll either come around or not. The bottom line is, they are not responsible for what is going down – and we all have folks in the creative world we’d defend tooth and nail.

        • I have no problem with people who want to defend him, but I have a seriously problem with people who are completely ignoring the fact that he plagiarized Erika’s work.

          But to each his own!

        • The Magician

          Doc, have you informed the TV Guide vidcasts site that he apparently commentates on?

  • He’s a douchebag – pure and simple.

  • Wow. You know, I’ve been watching that guys videos for the last year and now I’m absolutely livid. I’m going to write to this punk; I write as well, so to see someone crudely take someone’s work and passively claim it as his/her own makes me want to retch.
    I actually befriended this Seanie B. on my myspace page last year. I think I’m going to send him the link to this video (regardless that I’m sure he’s seen it), and let him no what I think of him.

    (ALSO: Feel free to check out my page and get a gander at my art work. Got quite a few LOST pieces in my portfolio.

  • Wow. You know, I’ve been watching that guys videos for the last year and now I’m absolutely livid. I’m going to write to this punk; I write as well, so to see someone crudely take someone’s work and passively claim it as his/her own makes me want to retch.
    I actually befriended this Seanie B. on my myspace page last year. I think I’m going to send him the link to this video (regardless that I’m sure he’s seen it), and let him no what I think of him.

    (ALSO: Feel free to check out my page and get a gander at my art work. Got quite a few LOST pieces in my portfolio.

  • I have never seen a post on Doc Arzt that has had this many responses. Wow!

    I’m an English teacher. I spend lots of time talking to my students about plagiarism, and its evils. Now, I understand the argument that this is just a LOST fansite, that in a couple years after the show is gone we will no doubt forget about all this, but that doesn’t mean the issue isn’t a serious one. People deserve credit for what they do, pure and simple. Not only is it ethically right, it is also easy to do. Some apologists here have tried to excuse Sean B.’s behavior by saying he is a college student, answers viewer questions and the like. Regardless, giving credit where credit is due should only take a couple moments of screen time. This sort of oversight is offensive.

    Again, in the great scheme of things, this is probably inconsequential, but it is still important to writer’s being violated. We should have sympathy for them and all the hard work they put into what they do, even if it is over a television show.

    My hope is that Sean B. can issue some sort of apology. Hell, after Darlton embarrassed Rebecca Mader over the Charlotte age issue, they had the class to acknowledge their mistake and broadcast it. I know most of the LOST community will be more than forgiving if one of our own just says, “I’m sorry.”

    But hey, Pete Rose still insists he never gambled on baseball, and Barry Bonds never took steroids. And look where they are…

    • Cecil

      Pete admitted he bet on baseball… just took too long doing it for people (read: HOF voters) to forgive him. Maybe something to be learned?

      • jroberts

        You are corrct. And good point.

  • Lost was inspired by Castaway? I’m not a lost uberfan, so I’ve never heard that- or am I just missing a sarcastic joke?

    Speaking of jokes, I think it’s hilarious that some people are cool with blatant thievery. I would hope that if you have a great idea somewhere down the road that someone doesn’t gain popularity (or even wealth) off of your work. I know this is just fan writing and not the cure for cancer, but that doesn’t make it cool to knowingly rip people off.

    Did the thief in question respond to this allegation?

    • jroberts

      It’s been said that when LOST was conceived they were looking at is a cross between Castaway and Survivor. Obviously only it’s origional appearance.

      Even so, that has come out of the creators mouths many times, so even if there was some props to give, they have given them.

      And the thiefs origional response was to deny. Then it was to say it’s cooincidence, then it was to say he and Erika were working it out, then it was to repost the video with the parts in question removed, without any apology or acknowledgnment that he did anything not on the straight and narrow.

      This why we are still hammering on this. He can not slide under this without an apology. Erika seems like a very nice woman. I read her blog regularly. I’m sure in the beggining an apology would have satisfied her as long as it did not occur again. Instaed he would rather bring the wrath of anyone with an integrity down on him. Oh to be young.

  • JPete416

    Shame on Seanie B for not giving credit where credit is due for where he lifted his text from, almost word-for-word. And on a similar note, how much did you have to pay Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction, and Warner Brothers for the use of the song “Been Caught Stealing” on YOUR video? If you are going to be critical of those who “steal” from others, do not do it yourself.

  • cench

    This post in docarzt will only add more views to his youtube channel.

  • docarzt

    cecil, the comments are buckling under the strain so a lot of the replies are not mated with the comment they were meant for…

    • Cecil

      my airtight logic has flabergasted the server… sorry!

  • seaniebisathief

    Seanie speaks!!!!!!…….”””Hey guys :/ Will make a response soon since there is a big demand for it, but in the mean time, go back and watch my very first recap, the first couple minutes. Will explain a couple of things… Just know that before the “incident” (pun intended), I never heard of her or went to her site, will explain it later once it cools down a bit, just super tired atm and stressed, been out all day, so probably tomorrow””””

    Such BS that he has never seen her site!

  • Ali Bags

    As a teacher, I am finding this debate fascinating – and I can’t understand why some people are finding it hard to see what Seanie has done wrong. Reading word for word from someone else’s work, whether it be from an academic thesis, a published book or an internet blog is both unethical and more importantly illegal.

    I am sure that people enjoy his video recaps – it seems that they are watched because he gathers all the current theories from various sources and put them all into a concise, well presented format. He is obviously providing a good service but what he should have done is make it clear that that was what is was doing, and not pretend that these were his own words. He needs to cite every blog he uses.

    • Ali Bags

      And, by the way, I’m not sure he’s doing it for the money – I doubt he makes much, but he is doing it for the glory, which is just as bad.

      • jroberts

        He may not profit much from it, bit’s not because he isn’t trying. He has ads and takes donations on his website, where he also posts his recaps with plagarised material.

        As a teacher how would you handle his situation? I know from his myspace page he is in school as a tv/film major. So I would have thought he would have a decent idea of what plagarism is. Would the scholl he attends frown on this, even if it wasn’t directly related to any of his classes. For all we know he could be getting class credits with this work.

        • Ali Bags

          I am not a teacher in the States but I’m sure they operate much the same way as we do. Nowadays institutions are pretty strict on plagiarism because of the Internet and the fact that you can download whole essays. We even have software to analyse student’s essays which gives feedback on matches of phrases and whole sentences with writing on the internet. A skilled teacher can usually tell if a students work is all their own (in fact, a lot of people seem to have suspected Seanie B because his commentray didn’t ‘ring true’ for a 21-year-old man/boy) In the British system of public examinations students have to sign a declaration to say their coursework is all their own work.

          I think an even more important issue is that Seanie has broken the law and could be prosecuted – there seems to be enough evidence for a strong case against him. I am not saying he should be, just that people need to be more careful about using other people’s words. A lot of young people nowadays (I sound old) seem to think that anything goes on the net.

  • Someone posted this on the YouTube video:

    “Haha the irony
    I`m putting a video together about Erika olson as we speak , she has also been stealing from someone also. i could not believe it when on saw on this forum. be patient”


    • Umm… yeah, I don’t think so. Unless, of course, you count writing the same post on as I republish on DarkUFO’s site stealing from… MYSELF.

      I anxiously await this video, which I can only assume will never materialize, as I do not steal anyone else’s work.

      – e

      • I totally believe you Erika. The person that posted that is just trying to stir shit up. Your recaps rock btw!

        • Andrew Wooding

          Why would someone who steals material bring about an arguement about plagerism and risk being exposed. Whoever this person is, is obviously lying, it makes no sense.

  • hugoateallthepies

    Hey docarzt, hope the book sales are going well thanks to all the publicity you have generated for your site. Sean may have used a few ideas but isnt making money from it. Can you say the same?

    Pot, kettle, black

  • hugoateallthepies

    Seriously are the book sales going? Done much business with all this extra traffic? I notice you can buy it on this very page. Well done.

    • docarzt

      Well hugoateallthepies, let’s do the math: seanieb gets what, 30k views tops? Per Video? I get that per day on the slow, and about 6-7 times that at peak. So yeah, things are going fine with the book. You are obviously one of his “non-reader” friends who knows nothing about the wider world outside of Sean’s little videos. And the link to buy is on everypage. Notice though, that I didn’t advertise the book in the video – which would have been really ironic… hmmmm…. maybe I should do that? Nah. That’s cheesy… see, self control. No cheese. Happy easter though!

      • hugoateallthepies

        Thanks for the articulate reply. I am glad you feel the need to boast about your hits on the site. Nothing like patting yourself on the back publically.

        In reply to the “you are obviously one of his “non-reader” friends who knows nothing about the wider world outside of Sean’s little videos” remark. I visit alot the main lost fan sites and discussion boards, i watch many recaps from many users and read the various blogs and podcasts. So in summary, sorry you are wrong.

        I think this whole debacle has been so blown out of proportion that it has become a spectacle to behold.

        The man bone of contention is..and let me make sure ive got this straight….people are pissing their pants because a guy who talks about THEORIES and IDEAS about a TELEVISION show about an IMAGINARY island on a video WEBSITE, used other peoples words to summerise views about possible theories about the tv show.


        I think a huge round of applause is in order for keeping this all in proportion. The notion that there is a case of copyright infringement is beyond entertaining, its ludicrous. The guy gets hits on his youtube channel, its not like hes selling a book for profit by exploiting certain things. Is it Docartz?

        He already stated in his very first recap video that his videos would contain his and other theories that had been posted online.

        He has already spoken to the author of the blog os i fail to see why the bandwagon is at bursting point. Ah right, i forgot…jealousy.

        Folks, get this into perspective, lost is a tv show, this is all over someone elses thoughts about unproven theory about a tv show.

        Docartz, this is a huge publicity exploit for you and the site. Difference between you and Sean is you are making money, he is making videos.

        • bostonbenny

          no, the difference between Doc and Sean is that Doc actually writes his own materials and in instances where he paraphrases other people’s work, he gives credit where credit is due. I went to film school, and I know people like Sean. They’re all about the glory and not about the hard work. I remember in my editing class, I got an A- for a piece that I spent 72 hours straight editing, but a classmate stole a video off of Youtube and passed it in and got an A (Mary Poppins as a horror movie video). I didn’t realize this until well after the fact, but trust me, I was pretty pissed off. People like you encourage people to steal other people’s work and that is quite disgusting.

          • hugoateallthepies

            I never once encouraged anyone to steal anything, as someone who actually has created copyrited material and had it stolen, downloaded, copied etc I can safely say you are talking nonsense.

            If sean profited from using someone elses specific THOUGHTS on a a video you might have an argument, but he didnt, so you dont.

          • bostonbenny

            hey stupid, did you even watch the video that doc posted? or are you weighing in on this without even giving him the courtesy of doing so? HE DID STEAL SPECIFIC THOUGHTS, that is why this is a problem. Damn, idiot people like you should be sold to Japanese businessmen as pets.

          • Ram

            Keep talking hugo….the more you speak the more obvious it is that you never watched the video, and that you have no idea of what we’re actually talking about. Keep talking. You just continue to discredit yourself.

        • Kermet

          He stole someone else’s work and passed it off as his own. Whether he made $.00 or $1,000,000.00 makes no difference. It is illegal. There is no excuse. It is unethical, unprofessional, and ignorant.

          Sean is being featured on TV Guide because of his videos. If you think this would not lead to “money” then you are ignorant of how the entertainment business works. It’s like having your first short story published in a reputable literary journal. You may have only gotten paid in copies, but in your next query letter to a paying publisher you can mention this reputable literary journal. Said publisher is more likely to read your query and your story because of the previous published piece and…long story short…you have a paying career. Now, what if 90% of that original story, that you didn’t get paid for, was plagarized? Would publishers start looking at your more recent stuff?

          • hugoateallthepies

            it is not illegal my misguided friend. He simply recycled someones opinion and ideas. There is no contest on ownership of an imaginary theory..dont you get that?

          • Dolce

            Doc, let me preface this reply to Hugo with an apology to DocArzt and Friends.

            Hugo, you are an ass. You just do not get it.

          • bostonbenny

            hugo, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. we are not talking about ideas or opinions. Read the transcript, you daft putz, and it is almost word for word copied from other people’s blog. That is plagiarism. if you’re too thick to understand that, that’s your problem, not mine.

          • Kermet

            Buddy, what do you not understand about plagarism? He didn’t just lift the ideas. HE USED THE SAME WORDS. When you took English your Freshman year of high school did you learn MLA or APA style formatting? When you quote someone…EVEN PARTIALLY…you have to cite your reference. At the college level, you do it even when you paraphrase someone’s points. Sean failed at the HS level. How do you not see this? Maybe I’m wrong in assuming you’ve been to high school (though I’m sure I was introduced to this style of paper writing by 8th Grade).

        • Cecil

          If I was to wager who of all these commenters was really Sean in disguise, you have my vote.

          Not a compliment..

  • bostonbenny

    Hey Doc and Erika,

    Big ups to you guys. You’ve been working your butts off to make the whole Lost experience so much more enriching for lazy guys like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your hard work. Sean will NOT get away with this. Let us know what we can do to make sure this rotten bastard gets his just desserts.

  • the fly

    Doc is wright FACT
    Using word for word uncredited material is wrong FACT
    Those equating overlaping theories and ideas with word for word theft are blind FACT

  • Smokey

    Leave Seanie B alone or I WILL judge you.

  • Aaron

    Dolce you are real stupid. Just stfu.

    • bostonbenny

      i second that.

      • Dolce

        I’m a little confused Benny. It seems that you and I, based on the comments of yours that I have read, that we have the same point of view on this controversy. Did I miss something? Why would you pile on with this guy Aaron in calling me stupid. Could you please specify the reason so that I can understand? If, in fact, there is a point of view of mine that I need to clarify, I would be glad to do so.

  • fatamorganaa84

    Honestly, dont everyone feel that this issue was treated so WRONG, because, this should be handled between Seanie B and Erika, instead she or whoever it was, justified harassing Seanie B all over the internet. Seanie B have already removed the copyrighted material from his video, and reuploaded the video.

    What do you guys want? His whole site shut down? What is a kid, yes he is only 22 years old, what is he supposed to do? I honestly feel that this Erika person is a mean person, she should have contacted him personally, and asked him to remove the copyrighted material, and presto, case solved.

    It is not fair that you guys are putting so much pressure on Seanie B for something so silly as this. This whole thing is blown so much out of proportion. Where does all this hatred towards Seanie B come from? There are millions of videos on youtube containing music from various artist, yes that is illegal, and you all are watching those videos without screaming, some of you are probably searching for tvshows on youtube, and watching them happily without reporting that, that is illegal, what Seanie B did is nothing. Please look farther than your nose, and stop bashing Seanie B.

    • Kermet

      She has. He’s dodged. That’s why the outrage. By avoiding responsiblity Sean has created this situation. If plagarizing is silly and pointless then I guess we can all just take some copywritten material…like the latest Stephen King novel…change all the characters names, all the adjectives, and paraphrase a few sentence, pass it off as our own work. Wait, we’d probably get caught. Let’s just go on and find some self-published nobody who hasn’t really made any money, do the same thing, and try to pass it off to Random House as our own material.

      And really, when is 21 or 22 a kid? I’ll pass that along to the 22 year-old college grad in my writing group. I’ll let her know that she’s too young to know any better about plagarism. You know…SINCE SHE HASN’T LEARNED ABOUT IT SINCE SHE WAS FOURTEEN.

  • LostTvFan

    One of the obvious differences between Doc and Seanie is the fact that Doc allows negative comments posted here to stand. Seanie has been spending the last two days deleting any negative posts from his site almost the moment they are posted. Why? He apparently can’t take the heat and wants no one to see what people are saying.

    Kudos to Doc for letting the trolls have their say. He has offered up proof, documented what he believes and has been supported by the very people Seanie cribbed from. What has Seanie done? If he is innocent why not post some proof of his own instead of sending his trolls to insult Doc? For example, show one instance when his video was posted BEFORE the material he is accused of stealing was posted! That should be simple enough if it ever was the case. A neat and easy response that would end the debate.

    Do that Seanie or have one of your fans do it, video is your forte, make one that proves Doc wrong.

  • wow

    Is the site down or did they blocked my IP???

  • hugoateallthepies

    Keep on cying about copyright infingement and plagurism as it wont make any diffence. Ethics and law are 2 seperate issues. Ethically you can say Seanie was out of order but thats where it ends. I think its awesome that there are so many people on this bandwagon, just make sure you pick up Doc’s book before you log out.

    • Cecil

      Lol. Agreed. Two separate issues. Both of which are being violated. If you don’t think he’s breaking the law doing what he’s doing, ya need to check your legal code…

    • jroberts

      And just what bandwagon would that be? Would that be the bandwagon on which individuals expect other individuals to responsibility for their action? The bandwagon on which individuals expect others to do the right thing? I know that those are high expectations, obviously much higher for some to reach than others.

      In the business that I’m in, and doing the job I do, I have access to what many consider to be very sensitive and personal information. I’m not in the FBI or anything like that, I work for a healthcare software company. I am part of a team that writes and maintains the code for a company who’s software is the main information system in 3000 hospitals in this country and 4 others,

      Part of my job requires that have access to the electronic health records of anyone who has ever been to anyone of those 3000 hospitals, including VIP and Confidential patients. I simply could not do my job without having access to the file structure, records, and fields within those records. It is expected of me to not access records which I have no need to access in order to perform my job. I fulfill those expectations, even though I could easily look at whatever I wanted to, and I could do it completely undetected. Once I open up to the backend files my tracks are unauditable. I know this because I write the code that audits the system. It is propriotary code, running on an in house written operating system all written inhouse. There are no windows logs, audit files and such, everthing is done within the bounds of the code I write.

      People’s healthcare information is extremely sensitive to them, especially to those who have some fame. Accessing unnecessarily or divulging someone’s information is something that can be profited from, hense the cases you see on the news about hospital employees getting fired for divilging information to the media, see octomom as a recent example. These idiot’s that went to media with information were audited by the system anywhere they went within it, they were easily caught, I would not be. I would not even consider doing what those morons did, not for fear of getting caught, but because I have to live with myself, I have to look at myself in the mirror. There is a code of ethics that is expected of me to follow, and I do so. I have integrity. I am well respected in my work place. I earn my money by working hard, not by taking an oppotunity to profit off of someone else. As a programmer I have never stolen someone else’s code. Sure I have taken ideas from what I have seen others do. But it turn those ideas into a piece of software using my on coding style.

      I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be, but I when I do make a mistake, I own up to like a man (no offense ladies, I just happen to be male.)

      Again I have integrity, pride in myself and my abilities.

      From your above post, neither Sean nor you have either.

      Also, ethically is not necessarilly where it ends. What he did was illigal, whether you agree with that law or not, it is the law.

  • Cecil

    Commenting got shut down on the other post so I just wanted to make this thought again… if this counts as spamming please feel free to delete it…

    Does anyone watch The Wire? Season 5, while not at its best, still featured an excellent storyline I think has relevance here, one which gets to the core issue of WHY people are so worked up. Scott Templeton, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, begins fabricating parts of his stories. It starts as just quotes, then the change of facts, and eventually full blown lies with which he inserts himself directly into the story. While the editor who outs him gets knocked down to the copy desk and the reporter who also outed him is sent to an obscure county posting, Templeton wins a Pulitzer for his work.

    Why does this matter? Moral of the story being, it IS a big deal because, yeah, it’s a Lost blog for now. The kid is 21 though, he’s not gonna be a Lost blogger forever. He clearly intends a career in journalism, and it is IMPERATIVE to make sure he understands the gravity of his error and feels the consequences of his actions before he moves on to a “real” journalism job (no disrespect to bloggers) and feels he can continue, and escalate, this type of activity because no one ever called his shit on it. And, it will escalate. Someone who plagiarizes will only continue to do more and more brazenly until they’re caught. See: Jayson Blair et al.

  • Jon

    If you believe your work was stolen/plagiarised by this individual, contact TVGuide. I doubt they want to emply someone who steals other peoples stories and passes them off as his own. Especially considering this opens TVGuide up to a cause of action lawsuit.

    Kirsten Rasanen
    TV Guide Online, Inc.
    11 W. 42nd St.,
    16th Floor New York, NY 10036
    Phone Number: 212-852-7500
    E-Fax Number: 212-852-7583
    Email address:

  • Ronin054x

    If you believe your work was stolen/plagiarised by this individual, contact TVGuide. I doubt they want to employ someone who steals other peoples stories and passes them off as his own. Especially considering this opens TVGuide up to a cause of action (lawsuit).

    Kirsten Rasanen
    TV Guide Online, Inc.
    11 W. 42nd St.,
    16th Floor New York, NY 10036
    Phone Number: 212-852-7500
    E-Fax Number: 212-852-7583
    Email address:

  • Dolce

    et tu, cecil?

  • Its wrong to steal others words, true. But still, Seanie B’s videos are informative and entertaining. So its not his information, he’s presenting it to us in a way thats fun to watch and gets the subscribers talking. The pictures in his videos, and games for youtubers to play make it more enthralling then just readin a blog. I know to some its unneccesary bells and whistles, but I like them.

    I never assumed he thought of everything himself. Word for word is a bit much much though. I can’t imagine what he will do to smooth it over.

    Bah. I really don’t know what side to take. Am I the only one kind of stuck on this?? Like yes, its wrong, and I feel for Erika. But I really, really like Sean’s recaps??

    • Ram

      It’s really easy – all he has to do is ask permission and give credit. Then he can use WHATEVER he wants – bells, whistles and all! No one is discrediting the “enjoyability” of his videos…if you like them, great! But if he’s going to read someone else’s work word-for-word, the RIGHT thing to do is get permission first, and then maybe give their blog a shout out and thanks for the information used. It would take him 2 seconds to post the website link at the end of his 20 minute video. No harm, no foul. But so far, all he’s done is dodge the issue and deny everything.

  • Tomek

    ok this is just STUPID! i like his video recaps because i do not like to read for like 10 hours all the topics people are posting on the net, i want so “click” and lust have somebody telling me all the important stuff he found out while i am eating my sandwich. His videos are way better then every other i saw, he hase some skills in making them really nize.
    I recently wrote something on lostpedia and Seani used my EXSACT same words (it was if the horace baby could be jacob) but i did not freak out like you and started wining all about this like a little child, just was happy people are acknowledging my thoughts (and i thought i´m getting kind of nerdy…) so STOP BEEING SO WINING and go for a walk outside it might help you clear your mind

    • Ram

      When you contribute to a community site like a wiki, you are giving up your ownership to that material. When you have your OWN blog with a copyright notice on it, that’s a different subject entirely. You put your work into the public domain. Erica didn’t. That’s the difference, and also – learn the difference between whining and standing up for what is right. Some day when you’ve been wronged, you might hope there are some people who will stand up for you rather than ignoring it and “walking out side and clearing their mind.” This might seem unimportant to you – but it is important to her. And her LEGAL rights HAVE been violated, whether YOU choose to consider it important or not is inconsequential – you are not the law.

  • new lostie on the block

    There are two solutions to this problem, the first is a lawsuit. The second is to run Seanie B out of town. With the backing of Docartz, Erika, and Vozzek (probably three of the best Lost writers outside of the actual shows writers) add a tech whose good with computers and all of a sudden Seanie B is a flash in the pan and you guys are the People Behind the Curtain pulling all the strings to a new Youtube show with you guys as credited contributors and even producers.

  • new lostie on the block

    Also on a side note, I take pride in saying between season four and season five i’ve created five new lost fans who have watched the dvds from season one. nothing like grassroots recuiting. lol

  • yo hugo, why don’t you go perform oral on a shotgun barrel, preferably a loaded one..

  • Smokey420

    Wow! This is my first time posting on this awesome site. You and everyone else who contributes to this site does a great job Doc. I thought Id put my two cents in to this whole dilema. First of all I understand those who say its just a show calm down. I agree somewhat. Lost is a great show where communicating your theories and ideas are about just as fun as watching the show itself. Everyone knows this. We all wrap our heads around the same shots and quotes and mysteries of the show. Im sure we have all agreed and disagreed on such matters. That is where it ends though. What Mr. Seannie B has done is downright despicable. I dont come from a writers standpoint as you can tell by my laziness in not using paragraphs. I come from a musicians POV. Music can be shapeshifted into anything you feel or emote into something quite beautiful or haunting or sad or whatever have you. But if I was to go and use Mr. Giannchinos (hope I spelled that right) say for example his raft theme from Exodus and pass it off as my own Im sure he woukdnt be pleased about. Not only that but I would rob myself of being original and doing something to stand on my own. I dont think Sean should be crucified or vilified. What is for certain is that he must apoligise to Erika and anyone he stole blatant word for word from. Once thats done send him to smokey to be judged. In closing Ill give Seannie B a little piece of advice. As Mamma Cass once sang MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC.

    Nobody can tell ya;
    There’s only one song worth singin’.
    They may try and sell ya,
    ’cause it hangs them up
    to see somone like you.

    But you’ve gotta make your own kind of music
    sing your own special song,
    make your own kind of music even if nobody
    else sing along.

    So if you cannot take my hand,
    and if you must be goin’,
    I will understand.

    You’re gonna be knowing
    the loneliest kind of lonely.
    It may be rough goin’,
    just to do your thing’s
    the hardest thing to do.

    But you’ve gotta make your own kind of music
    sing your own special song,
    make your own kind of music even if nobody
    else sings along.

    So if you cannot take my hand,
    and if you must be goin’,
    I will understand.

    You gotta make your own kind of music
    sing your own special song,
    make your own kind of music even if nobody
    else sings along.

    P.S Long live Lost!!!!

  • Holden Caulfield

    That sucks, dude. I read LongLiveLocke and Vozzek69 each week and love their takes on the show. No, the guy isn’t stealing Shakespeare but have the decency to credit your sources. One uncredited source on a college paper can get you kicked out of school. I have water cooler conversations and distinguish what I came up with vs what I’ve read (I’m the guy in the office that reads all the posts and listens to all the podcasts.) It is easy for the many theories to integrate into the collective unconscious but DocArzt’s video shows that this is just blatant thievery. That sucks, dude.

  • AK

    This is arguably not the most significant case of plagiarism in history, and accordingly, there are people here saying “no big deal.” Flawed logic: just because this is not earth-shattering doesn’t mean that it is also NOT plagiarism.

    It sounds like the bloggers he ripped off just want acknowledgement for what was taken from them verbatim. Now THAT is “no big deal” and what this doof should have done in the first place.

  • tt

    It seems slightly hypocritical to delete comments when you insulted sean for doing that on his youtube page

    • docarzt

      Really? Would someone posing as me and blurting out nonesense have added anything to the conversation? I’d say anybody who has reached this point realizes that I’m not stifling the other side of this debate.