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LOST With Lyndsey…Dead Is Dead

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“Give me a moment, because I like to cry for joy. It’s so delicious, John dear, to cry for joy.” Charles Dickens “Our Mutual Friend”

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 12 “Dead Is Dead”
– Ben tries to mix with the Beach-y survivors. They aren’t into him. Later, he taunts and bullies John about the sudden appearance of his copious Island-knowledge. John remains undaunted. He physically and metaphorically sits in Ben’s chair. Sun is flummoxed by John’s
un-dead-ness. Frank regrets getting sober. Especially after Ilana hits him in the face with her gun.

First Things First

One at a time, people. One at a time… together we will figure this out…
I have a confession to make: I am not a theorist at heart. This thing…this LOST obsession I’ve developed, began as a character study. I liked the inter-connectedness. I liked the notion that this life is not made for planning and knowing, rather for belief in experience. Plus, I have a really good memory and it was fun to be able to connect a phrase or mirror image  from S4 to something seemingly inane and from S1. Does that ‘qualify’ me to talk about LOST on a website dedicated to theories and themes? Maybe. While I am always open and excited to draw conclusions, it is the people behind the stories that excite me. Their journeys somehow serve to validate this winding path that we travel in the name of ‘existence.’

So, while I have loved S5 for its answers, I have furtively missed the heart-pounding, hard-core ROOTING for a character that I so often felt during earlier seasons. But this night, ahhh, this night I felt redeemed. This night my heart raced and I cheered and mentally danced (okay, I physically danced a bit as well) through this adventure on the Island. LOST was back. And so was I…

“Come, my friend! Make his sacrifice an act of honor! Come now.” Azeem “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Angry Charles Widmore (who had exceptionally great hair as a young man) channels Robin of Locksley and gallops into camp to take Richard to task re: saving Young-Ben. Though according to Richard, he does NOT answer to Charles, he does allay his  anger by claiming that Jacob hath sent this order. This is a lie.
Charles is momentarily placated and approaches the Recovery Tent for a chat with “Boy.”

Ben wants only to be ‘one of them.’ And also to never see his daddy again. Apparently, Cowboys are not the only ones with these issues.
Oh, Ben…
Flash-forward to continuance of John and Ben’s 2007 on-Island reunion…

John sits, shadowed in the darkness and Ben is bathed in light. Ben is filled with hope. John is in control. This is fun…

I have no more of what they call character, my dear, than a canary-bird, but I know I am trustworthy.” Charles Dickens “Our Mutual Friend”

Ben tries to get friendly with the other survivors, on the beach. It’s awkward.
Ben senses he’s not exactly ‘in’ with the ‘in-crowd’ anyway, so he decides to make a tactical switch and climb in bed with Caesar. In a fun ‘mirror- convo,’ Caesar asks Ben what he makes of John (who is, per usual, staring lovingly into the ocean.)
This reminds me a heck of a lot of that S1 scene from “Hearts and Minds” where Charlie and Jack discuss the merits of trusting Locke.

However, as often happens in the mirror, things get all reversed-like. When asked by Jack if he trusted Locke, Charlie replied, “Trust him? No offense, mate, but if there’s one person on this island I would put my absolute faith in to save us all it would be John Locke.” Ben decides to try a different response and posit the notion that John may be a ‘native’ and is ‘possibly insane.’ Caesar seems unaware that Ben is mostly insane and takes him on his word. Good times.
Next, just to prove how un-insane Ben is, we witness Ben (with floppy, Leo-DiCaprio-circa-Titanic-hair) and a boy (who I’ll just bet is ‘Younger-Ethan’) kidnapping Alex. Totally the sane move…

Still, it should be noted that he did spare her mothers life and warn her to ‘run from the whispers’, much to the chagrin of ‘not-as-hot-as-he-used-to-be’ Widmore, so there must be redemption in there somewhere…

“And after all that we’ve been through, I will make it up to you…” Chicago

John is super-comfortable in his surroundings. This being ‘reborn’ thing, clearly agrees with him. He suddenly wants to ‘talk it out,’ ‘identify’ and ‘work through it.’ Ben takes this to mean he should explain that pesky ‘why-I-murdered-you’ situation, which was awesome, but all John really wanted was an apology. Ben decides that killing Caesar is better than a regular ol’ I’m sorry,’ and he does just that. Et tu, Brute.

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” Christian Morgenstern

Maybe it’s that ever-vexing ‘taking responsibility for your actions’ part of the program, but Benny looks way less than ecstatic to be ‘home’.
He spits some nonsense about having to be ‘judged’ for breaking the rules and returning to the Island. John calls bull-shit and tells Ben that he is more likely going to be judged based on the blood of his daughter, which is all over his hands.
You say tomato, I say tomaeto…

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.” Paulo Coelho

Ben moves forward, ready to face his Fate…he walks tall towards the big ‘Alex-confrontation.’

Ghost-of-Alex is not actually home but Frank and Sun are…

They are waiting for John Locke (per Christian).  According to Frank, they haven’t been holding their breath in anticipation of his arrival, but if they HAD been, it would’ve been totally okay because John’s right outside (he waves.)
Frank is incredulous re: John and his web of truth on how they might find Jin. He suddenly misses getting sloshed in the Bahamas and decides to try that again. He’s out. Sun’s still in. Meanwhile, Ben goes into the closet and gets to work. That’s not what it sounds like…

Is Smokey a Hair Clog?

Seriously, it kinda sounds like it.

After Ben un-locks the Smoke-ster, he and Sun debate the merits of John’s ex-deadness. Ben claims ‘Dead Is Dead’ and John is an anomaly. Apparently, he ‘cannot control what comes out of those woods.’
Enter John. Hitchcock would be proud. This shit was “frame for emotion, dialogue means nothing, surprise and twist, and MacGuffin” all rolled into one.
Or is it….

When Someone Who Avoids Theory Development, Develops a Theory…

Okay, so as I’ve mentioned, I’m a ‘noticer.’ I’d rather not attempt to predict where this juggernaut is headed. That having been said, the moment John claims he has ‘ideas’ about how Smokey can be found; I mentally begin my touchdown dance.
In this moment, I am wholly convinced that JOHN IS SMOKEY.
I am gasping for breath and trying to explain my idea to LOST-junkies scattered about my living room… I rant about how Smokey took on Harper’s form when she encountered Juliet in the jungle in the S4’s “The Other Woman” and it took on the form of Adebisi’s Eko’s brother Yemi, as well. What if John really IS dead and is not (as he claims) the ‘same as he’s always been?’ What if John is SMOKE!?
This would explain everything…all that jibber jabber and belief in ‘Fate and Destiny’ suddenly makes sense if John IS fate. How twisted would it be if the ‘Preacher of Island-Destiny’ himself, ultimately determined the fate of everyone…
Then my high crashes… fast. I’ve been down this road. We all have.
I am a pawn. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to. I am thinking precisely what the men behind the curtain want me to think.
Moments ago, I thought I’d been Queened, and now I realize I’m headed directly for capture.

“I have never been quit of you since I first saw you. Oh, that was a wretched day for me!” C. Dickens

Girls with money are cool.
For example, say you are a poor Scotsman who intends to read the only Dickens novel you haven’t read, sometime before you die.  As if by magic, the fates align and suddenly your dream girl (along with her inheritance) fall in your lap; does it not make sense that you would opt to buy a large boat and Christen it “Our Mutual Friend,” in honor of the afore mentioned novel and then live out your days in ironic bliss as you consider all the parallels between the lessons of this story and your own story?
Makes sense to me…

Ben rings Chucky Widmore to reiterate his ‘you killed my daughter, so I’m killing yours’ plan. Ben reaches for his gun to carry out said plan butis uncerimoniously interrupted by Desmond, who has this gnarly-timing thing down to a science.  Des is suddenly collateral damage in the guerre de Ben/ Widmore. Ever focused on the task at hand, Ben remains unshaken and turns his attention back to Penny…

Like a Bird, Like a …

Desmond carries his groceries in bags made of Kevlar. Thank Goodness!
Desmond suddenly possesses super-human strength and lumps Ben up, something awful.
Well, that explains the sling…

The Shadow of the Huh?

Ilana wastes no time appointing herself leader of the not-so-free world, and poor Lapidus is really at a loss when she and her teamsters start with the ‘riddle-me-this’ shit…
He has no idea what lies in the shadow of the statue and like any honest and fair leader might, Ilana deems this reason to introduce Frank’s head to the butt of her gun.

“You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it” French Proverb

Evaporate. John. Smoke. Smoke thyself, I say!
I am fully willing John to smoke-ify himself… I so want my theory to be right.
Alas, it is not to be. John leaves in search of some rope to save Ben (who’s just fallen through the floor), and what to my wondering eyes should appear…oh yes.
Inside the smoke, Ben revisits his past.
He appears to feel actual pain.
I suddenly hear the voice of my Kindergarten teacher warning us ‘not to look directly at the eclipse…’
The Smoke clears and Alex emerges looking a shade less innocent than I remembered her…
Ben cries in this uber-creepy, somewhat disturbing manner and claims responsibility for everything.
Alex isn’t having it, and throws Ben up against the wall then forces him to vow to follow John. He does.

Just Asking/ Saying…

*Ben sees Charles off, and reminds him that he was being banished because of choices HE made. Choices like creating a child (Penny, we assume) with a (gasp) outsider…

*I love when Charles calls Ben “BOY.” His tone is so utterly disparaging…
It’s kind of hot…

* John claims that there is “No sense in me dying twice”
Could the reason why there would be no ‘sense’ in John dying twice be because he is still dead (whatever the hell that means…)

* Locke throws Ben the rope and asks what happened. Ben replies that ‘it let him live.’
Oddly, he does not mention his recently avowed devotion to John as his Worshipful leader.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Dolce


    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Thank you VERY much!

  • timm

    Great re-cap! Did you catch what Ben said to alex? It sounds like “I’ll follow him, i love sawyer” which doesn’t feel quite right somehow… ;oP

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      I have to say that while that would seem way out of left field, that would explain all of Ben’s pent-up aggression… super interesting…

      • Timm


        I dunno it seemed like it was supposed to be something really important but got drowned out by the music/Ben’s tone of voice. Oh well, back to listening to it again and again… Ahhh, i thought the internet had all the answers! :oO ;o)

        • SarahMF

          Rewound three-four times on the “what sounded like Sawyer”. I believe he said “I swear” or “I’ll swear”, which really sounds like “sawyer”. I love Sawyer really makes no sense which is why we wanted to make sure what we though we heard.
          Each episode this year gets better and better. Lost Rocks!!

          • Timm

            Aha! I heard it now! :oD Didn’t think it sounded right! lol

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    what lies in the shadow of the statue? the Jughead?

    ..and, what’s in that big metal case that Ilana is hauling??

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      I think Jughead resides in the Swan, right? Isn’t the Swan on the opp end of the Island than the statue?
      The Metal case … dear God, the possibilities…

      • The Mantis

        There’s no evidence that Jughead is indeed buried in concrete in the Swan, just speculation at this point…

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          There is evidence, though it is not conclusive at this point. During S1’s “Everbody Hates Hugo” Sayid mentions ‘Chernobyl’ to Jack re: the massive magnetic force emanating from behind the concrete walls, which magnetizes Jack’s key (the one around his neck.) Also, Daniel advised Ellie to have Jughead buried. It seems logical that they may have buried it in the area where the not yet built Swan station would one day reside. Though the metal box raises many questions as well…

          • Tony

            again we are confusing 1950’s “hostiles” with the DHARMA folks.

          • The Mantis

            No, you’re right in that sense I suppose. Still… Just speculation yo.

    • apackofmonkeys

      It’s the magic box!


    • EkoEko

      Remember that the well with the donkey wheel which enables time travel is right behind the statue; juliet, sawyer, miles and jin all saw the back of the statue as they were standing directly over the well was.

      it is clear, at least to me, that ilana and crew, perhaps along with sun in search for her husband, are the ones who turn the wheel or cause some other kind of disruption in time, leading to the ‘Incident.’

      • EkoEko

        I gotta add: I think Ilana and that creepy burly dude who also had a gun are part of some other faction (perhaps DHARMA remnants?) who also have a claim on the island, and they may be the initial reconnaissance/special ops group for the other side of the ‘war’ that Widmore said was coming, and where it was crucial for Locke to be on the island in order for the ‘right side to win.’

        • Summertime


          • LOST With Lyndsey

            I agree EkoEko… I don’t think there were ‘randoms’ on 316… everyone is way calm. Way chill. They know what’s up… they’re ready for battle.

  • icraig

    Enjoyed the read, nice post!

    Made me think about the Locke – Smoke connection. Surely there is still something linked between them…. hmmm

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Please let me know your theories, I would love to feel like it not the ol’ bait and switch…

      • bonosk

        I had the same fleeting thought that Locke was a manifestation of or was possessed by Smokey, especially when he walked out of the jungle immediately after Ben commented to Sun that he couldn’t control it. I still believe there is some merit to this theory, however, to some degree considering Locke’s reanimation. Notice that we did not see Locke and Smokey the same time last night – it was like a Superman/Clark Kent moment.

    • chopperuk72

      Smokie cant be Locke, as in Season 1 we watched Locke get dragged by the smoke monster towards a pit.

      • Justin

        That was before Locke was dead.

  • Nawawala

    Thanks Lindsey for that awesome recap.
    Thats MacGuffin. I was thinking the same, but I remember that Locke had an encounter with the monster in season 2. As Locke said to Sun, hes still the same man that he used to be. So I say, Locke is Locke, Smokey is Smokey.

  • daryl

    did anyone notice the guy who ran to frank lapidus on the beach? hes a survivor of ajira flight i presume, that guy is the same guy who played nathan on the other 48 days episode in season 2, im sure, hes even wearing the same purple sweater that nathan wore, did anyone notice this?

    • The Mantis

      No, but going to check that out when I get home! (hope youre right that’d be cool)

      • Tony

        That is not Nathan. The actor who played Nathan is named Josh Randall (Scrubs, Ed) Anyway Nathan always wore a red shirt.

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          I missed the Nathan look-alike connection, but the guy who charged Frank on the beach was totally recalling John Locke charging the Others camp circa 1954 (“Jughead”) maniacally screaming: “Richard! Richard Alpert!!!!”

  • the other degroot

    It’d be funny to that Widmore is in the box and that’s how he returns to the island, dressed in a tutu and surpise Richard and sings happy birthday to him exclaiming “you do remember birthdays, don’t you”

    In my opinion, i think these group of survivors are really Others and the code Illan spoke was to determine who is who.

    I hope that they brainwashing thing into the story eventually.

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Locke is not Smokey, and I have not heard anyone mention what Ben said about the Whispers to Danielle. That if she wants her child to live and she hears the Whispers – to run…

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      I actually mentioned it in my re-cap albeit briefly…

      “Still, it should be noted that he did spare her mothers life and warn her to ‘run from the whispers’, much to the chagrin of ‘not-as-hot-as-he-used-to-be’ Widmore, so there must be redemption in there somewhere…”

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        yeah, i think Ben’s mommy issues linger, and its probably one of the good points of his character..haha

  • The Mantis

    I loved how confident Locke seems now. It’s almost like “dying” has made him one with the Island. He’s calm, confident and stands in the water alot staring at things. What Ben said to Sun about it scaring the hell out of him that he’s walking around, and the Island has never brought anyone back to life was awesome. But Locke = Smokey is absurd.

  • Jacobs Lather

    I seriously doubt that Locke is smokey. I never felt any need to believe that for a second. Now perhaps Locke and the Smokester ARE connected through the island in some way. I believe that Locke is now what Christian was in S1. He’s been ressurected by the Island, and granted all kinds of amazing knowledge. Maybe more than he even realizes right now. What part was it where Locke says “Are you sure about that?” to something Ben says? I can’t remember now! I just remember that it seemed like Locke was suggesting he knew much more now than he ever did before.

    Best episode of the season, for sure. One of the best of the whole series, too. Ben being judged was amazing!

  • AlwaysLost

    Great recap! I’m new to posting, have been reading this site for a long time, but never got the courage up to join in on the discussions. I was wondering what people think Ben meant right before he and John went down under the temple when he said to Sun “If you ever leave this island, find Desmond Hume and tell him I’m sorry”. From what we saw, Ben didn’t actually end up hurting Penny or Charlie. And Desmond was obviously alive and well whilst beating Ben to a pulp. So, what did he mean? Was he just regretful that he even went there with the purpose of killing Penny?

    • Jacobs Lather

      I’d have to say that, yeah, he must just mean he’s sorry in general.

    • Justin

      He ruined his groceries.

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        LOL! I have to agree, I think the line (once again) was wanting us to believe (if only for a moment) that he had actually killed Penny, but in the end added up to “Yeah, sorry about traumatizing your wife and kid…”

        • Summertime

          I guess I still think there is a chance there is more to the scene with Ben and Penny. The Island is not done with Desmond. And the only way I see Desmond going back to the Island is if he goes after Ben for killing Penny. And that would make little Charlie yet another child being raised by an other! Or, hey! Maybe little Charlie will end up the only kid who grows up not being raised by an other!

          Thanks for the great post, Lyndsey!

  • frank803

    Anyone else get the feeling that Widmore is going to turn out to be the Tall Man from Phantasm?

    • Tony

      everytime he says “BOY” I think of that.

  • Dan

    Anybody else get the feeling that “What lies in the statue’s shadow” is S5’s version of S2’s “What does one snowman say to the other snowman” question??? Is the DI trying to re-establish a foothold???

    • Justin

      Yes, but I don’t think it’s the DI. I think Widmore is behind this.

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        I agree! I got the same feeling that it was a similar scenario, however whereas Des would have reason to think that John was his ‘replacement’, Ilana has no reason to suspect Frank is/knows anyone/anything.
        The statue/snowman also had a little bit of ‘tell my sister i love her in it’…I guess just in that it’s code…Widmore had his hands in all three of those organizations, so…
        **PS~ That was my subtle way of saying that I’m not totally over the idea that Charles started the DI and sponsored Daniel to get back to the Island, thus forever pitting the Others/ Hostiles against the DI.

        • Justin

          Oooo, that’s very interesting. I had never thought of that. That would explain why the Others/Hostiles would even let the DI on the Island in the first place. Widmore was in charge of both, otherwise they’d just kill the DI like they did with the US Army circa 1950. And the Purge happened not long after Widmore was banished. I think you’re on to something.

          • Justin

            Wait, I think the Purge happened before Widmore was banished. Either way, it’s still plausible that Widmore was responsible for the DI being on the Island in the first place. Maybe that’s how he made all his money to start his corporation. The Hanso Foundation paid Widmore a huge sum of money to experiment on the Island.

          • Landry B.

            Yeah…i think that the purge happen before the Widmore banishment as well…because it would have happened before Ben joined the Others…pre-Alex because way pre-1994…

        • Summertime

          Lyndsey, you think Charles started the DI!?
          I posted a couple comments on that too. I didnt realize you had that idea. YAY!!! So glad I am not the only one! I will look back at some of your old posts for more on that. I didnt think about him doing it to get Daniel back to the Island, but yes. I like what Nikki said about Widmore considering the Island his possession. Yep.

          • LOST With Lyndsey

            Hey! Thanks! And yes, I do think that the DI is in some way a part of a larger Widmore Industries-situation…
            If only I could fully justify it… (- ;

      • neoloki

        I have posted parted of this before, but here is a more fleshed out idea for Illiana and her purpose on the Island.

        Illiana being part of a Widmore group is just too obvious and Lost has already done that story. Do you really think they are going to set up a War that repeats the end of season 4? I doubt it strongly.

        I think Illiana’s group has something to do with Dharma. The symmetry for this season makes a lot of sense. But to go farther out on a limb, maybe Cheng and Faraday’s message from the past, about the purge, made it to the future and into the hands of a modern day group related to Dharma (remember the half-ass ARG last fall with the modern Dharma logo’s?) This seems to make sense on a larger plot scale, because the writers are not just going to let Dharma die in the past. They are to fundamental to the overall story.

        Thus the coming war is going to be between the Others and modern day Dharma. This explains Widmore’s desire for Locke to be on the Island when the war comes.

        • neoloki

          However, I do not think Charles Widmore had anything to do with the D.I. Other than he does not want to see them in control of the Island.

          • Justin

            But how did the DI get on the Island in the first place? When the US Army came snooping around how’d that end for them? The DI must have been working with someone on the “Inside” from the Hostile group for them to even start experimenting on the Island, or else they would’ve been wiped out. Widmore could be that Inside man.

          • Summertime

            Bingo, Justin.

      • DarthBubba

        I think Widmore is behind it and the codeword was created so that his minions would be able to find each other once they found the island. They probably were kept separate from each other as cover incase one is caught before arrival. Widmore is probably the reason the D.I. found the island in the first place, helll maybe even the reason the Army found it. Who knows how long he had been making his off-island excursions. . . it had to be quite a while in order form him to have set up the huge corporation. It seems he was trying to play both sides, got caught by Ben and therefore banished.

        • Justin


        • Summertime

          The actress who plays Penny was born in 1974. 1974!!!

  • Tony

    So does Ben know who Christian is? I assume that he does since he had access to all of the 815’ers files. He should also know that Christian died. I guess what I’m getting at is… does Ben know what Christian’s role on the Island is? I’m thinking Ben doesn’t really know as much about the Island as we are always led to believe. He didn’t know that Smokey came from the bottom of the Temple, even Jin knows that 🙂 Is Christian just Smokey in human form as we saw with Alex last night. I’m also wondering why Ben killed Locke, his explanation was a quick con to explain away his actions. But ultimately what was is motivation, is Ben just a murderer at heart.
    So Ilana… sent by Widmore? Why are Widmore and Eloise not “together” anymore? Are Eloise and Widmore conning Ben? Help I’m going crazy…

    • chopperuk72

      Good shout on Christian being Smokie in human form, but as I mentioned further up the page, Locke cant be smokie as we saw in season 1 him being dragged along the floor by smokie towards a pit!

      • mercurial

        I think Lyndsey is trying to say that John Locke the man is dead. The monster has taken on his form ever since his dead body flew back to the island. Them interacting in season 1 is not counter-evidence for her theory.

        In fact, it seems to make sense. So far (from the Ajira crash onwards), Locke has not appeared at the same time the monster has. He disappears in this ep when Ben fell through the floor, then the monster appears. The monster-as-Alex disappears before Locke conveniently returns with a vine. Furthermore, when Ben tried to summon the monster, Locke appeared instead.

        Whether or not the monster is now taking the form of Locke, the show is clearly trying to plant that seed in our heads.

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          Precisely my thought, Merc.
          Essentially, the entire problem with LOST is that we as long-time viewers, are always acutely aware of the mind eff’s that the writers/producers constantly throw at us, so we become our own worst enemies in terms of indulging theories. For every reason ‘why’, we automatically generate 3 ‘why not.’
          For example, though we all intellectually KNEW that all signs were pointing towards Eloise being Mother Faraday, but just as many of us thought that it was waaayyyy too obvious and shunned it until the very moment it was revealed directly, and then reverted to “Yup…just like I thought…”
          All games.
          PS~ I love games.

    • Landry B.

      I would assume that the reason Widmore and Ellie are not together anymore is because he had Penny with an “outsider”….but, then when exactly did Daniel come along and who’s the daddy?

    • Summertime

      Tony, I also question whether Ben knows who Christian is. In the scene, I didnt think Ben recognized Christian’s name, but I have heard/read others think the opposite. So..???

      btw, I cant wait for the Jack-Christian reunion!

      I say Ilana is DHARMA which possibly = Widmore

      It seems like Ben can’t help but keep trying to kill Locke. I hope he has given up, but it is Ben we are talking about here, so who knows.

      I would think Eloise would hate Charles, but again who knows. I have no solid answer as to why she is helping Ben or if she and Widmore are conning him. Sorry.

      Great comments here. Thanks everybody!

  • Tony

    So prior to the Purge, Ethan and Ben abduct Alex, and then I assume return to the DHARMA barracks? Who takes care of Alex from 1989-ish until the Purge in 1992-ish? Maybe Ellie, and this is why she a Widmore are no longer pals. Is this why Ben and Eloise, again assuming Ellie and Eloise are the same people, are allies in 2008. Did Ben plan the Purge to give Alex a “normal” life with swing sets and grilled cheese sandwiches, a life that Ben never had?

    • icyone

      If Mikhail is to be trusted, Dharma initiated what is known as “The Purge” and the Others simply retaliated. Of course, that is from his perspective, so it’s hard to say what the whole story is. It could be that Dharma offended the Hostiles (even unintentionally) and years later the Hostiles took revenge via the Purge. Or it could be that Dharma started an offensive against the Hostiles and the Hostiles turned the tables.

    • DarthBubba

      More interesting than that is how did Ethan become an other if this was before the Purge? Perhaps those who’ve stated that they think Amy was an Other plant were correct.

  • Long time reader, first time poster. You have quite the knack for top notch pop culture references. I loved the “and poor Lapidus is really at a loss when she and her teamsters start with the ‘riddle-me-this’ shit…” Made me LOL, Nice work.
    Some of the losties from the blog I write thought the same thing that Locke is actually Smokey. The john locke we knew is dead (DEAD IS DEAD), and the new J-LO that was found in the river in a suit is actually Smokey taking on that form.

    • Jacobs Lather

      …and at the end of the final season he’s just going to disappear like Kara Thrace.

      • Kiekow

        LOL! Nooooo that would frakkin suck!!

  • Zetaprime

    Actually, a few inches of liquid can stop or severely refract the path of a bullet. So The bag of groceries could indeed have saved Desmond from serious injury.

    • DarthBubba

      Not to mention that “The island isn’t done with you Desmond. . .”

      • Summertime

        Thank you!

  • Megan

    I’ve been saying Locke is Smokey for a couple of weeks now…last night certainly made it seem that way.

  • Heidi

    I’m getting a nosebleed…..Does anyone else wonder if Charles’s child with an outsider may not be Penny but a second child? Although I wonder about some far reaching plot reveal like Ilana or even John Locke (any possibility that Cooper was NOT his real father?), but most probable would be Teresa Spencer and would explain why he funds her special care. I loved the recap and yes, the witty banter especially.

    • DT

      I think he funds Teresa’s care because he was the one paying for Daniel’s experiments. We may be suprised but I have a strong inlcination towards Penny being Widmores only child. At least that was born off the island. Faraday may still turn out to be his son with Eloise, but it seems more likely from what we know that he was born on the island. Widmore’s focus on Penny’s well being and the fact that when Ben was going to kill her he said on the phone he was going to kill his daughter just like Widmore did his.

      • Julia

        Do we really know that Charles and Eloise are a couple? I’m thinking because they are both Brits, that they are brother and sister. The way he told her to “shut- up Ellie,” in Jughead, sounded like something a bro would say to sis.

  • Anyone who can go from Dickens to Chicago is someone worth knowing, in my book.
    I agree with most of what you said in here, and I liked the way you said it.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t had my favorite show since S3. Although I liked -most- of this episode, minus the Anubis and…Smokey? FakeAna Lucia crap, and the fact that this episode did not take place in S3. Anyway, you rock.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      LOL! Fake-Ana-Lucia crap! Someone else referred to Ilana as “JLO” above. I loved that too!

  • Jangras

    The scene where Ben sees Charlie and stops himself from killing Penny reminded me of S1: Sawyer did the same when he was going for a classic con against a family. He’s just there.. then he sees the child, and he quits.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      So funny, because I JUST said that this weekend as I re-watched ‘The Long Con’ this weekend. Totally agree with your observation!

  • Lost Junkie

    Well Lyndsey, you are alot better with words than I am, but I wanted to reply and say your acute observation skills for Lost are amazing! Although, however intriguing your John is Smokie theory is, I don’t think I concur. The Monster was more than likely there long before the temple was built, and it was built around Smokes, or was summoned/created to protect the temple and the island. A couple weeks ago I heard a rumor that Christian could be the Monster, remember when Jack was working/drinking late at the hospital he had to remove the batteries from the smoke alarm just before he saw his Dad in the lounge? I like everyone else who loves trying to put this Lost puzzle together, don’t know jack, but that theory could also work with yours. That would mean that the monster, could be more like a job where the island replaces now and again, I wonder then if Christian would be accepted for un-employement insurance now. My big idea is that I think the statue represents Jacob, and that he is like their God. That’s why when Christian was asked if he was Jacob, he said no but he could speak for him. I dunno, anyways keep up the nice work!