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Spoiled No More – LOST Spoilers Eradicated From Home Page/Feed

By docarzt,

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As promised, I’ve instituted some ‘scorched earth’ measures to deal with the spoiler ‘problem.’  These will supplant previous editorial measures.  From now on, Spoilers will not be printed in the main blog flow, but they will be published in the spoiler category.  For those who WANT the spoilers, they can be found in the sidebar at all times:


Simply click on “Show/Hide Spoilers” and you will be rewarded with a list of our latest spoilers.

RSS subscribers also have the option of getting rid of spoilers.  There is now a spoiler free feed available.  Note that the NEW feed is spoiler free, since I’m assuming anyone who still subscribes to the main feed has been tolerating spoilers all along.  Those are in the active book mark area as well as the sidebar.


From TVFrenzy:

  • Lock’s Legs

    Hey, Doc–any progress in your effort to get TheTailSection to do the right thing? I notice that people on that site are still posting protests in your name, which are quickly getting deleted.

  • clueless1der

    Doc- thanks for this. Hopefully this will keep me from peeking at any major spoilers… well at least until Wednesday afternoon which is when I usually fold anyway. Heehee!

  • Awesome stuff 🙂 It’s hugely appreciated, Doc’.

  • Desi’s Brother

    Thanks! I appreciate this and I hate spoilers.

    I was starting to get really annoyed by the spoilers on the home page. The titles and photos used were enough to ruin the surprise of some episodes.

    I sometimes feel like the only person on the forums who isn’t reading them. I don’t understand why people would want to ruin the WTF moments of this show. That is the best part of it. It is way more fun not knowing. I feel sorry for people who read the spoilers for Through the Looking Glass and missed the amazing moment on of the first flash forward.

  • Mammam

    Tanks a whole lot!
    I’ve been trying to become spoiler free for a while, but this site always confronted me with temptation. Now I’ll be alright! 🙂

  • kph

    This is long overdue. I stopped regularly reading this site, and before that because it was impossible to read non-spoiler content without seeing at least minor spoilers on the front page and elsewhere.

  • DorkUFO

    You can’t stop me! I’ll just post spoilers in your comments! Like last year, when I spoiled that Jin was a member of the oceanic 6! Or this year, when we spoiled – exclusively – that Lost producers rented two clipper ships for a black rock chase scene in episode 2 of season 5, which was a black rock flashback! We were first! We were the best! That’s right! My spoilers ARE the best! And when I can’t make stuff up -er, I mean get it from my super exclusive sources – I’ll just copy and paste it from somebody else.

  • spoil_me

    Ok DORK. Show where those spoilers came from? Show a link or two. Be a man and show proof. This must be Doc huh? You copy and paste all your good stuff from other blogs. Proof can be seen in the date and time of posts. Check RSS feeds. It shows dates and times of posts. Doc is always one step behind.

    I’m sure this post will be deleted because it has truth to it.

    • NotDorkOrDoc

      Okay mr. spoil_me. Have a look at these “exclusive” best-ever spoilers.

      oCeAniC TWELVE rEVealED!
      BlaCK StONE FleshBaCk!

      But hey, everybody is entitled to a mistake, or two. Or three, or four. Or five, or hell, how about six I’m liberal. Just a hint, you might have to look at the google cache to see these, since they will no doubt be deleted or tampered with.

    • docarzt

      You’re right, we are usually the last to copy and paste. But never from other blogs, from professional outlets. I never steal from my brothers and sisters in the blog world. Now, as far as original content goes… oh wait, I’m ignoring my own “don’t feed the trolls” rule.

      See, spoil_me, here’s the deal. You call people out as cowards, but you are hiding behind a proxy and giving fake information. Second, you don’t seem to understand that this site is about original content and conversation – not being first to re-report the news. We report what interests us from the mainstream, but we don’t have any delusions that re-reporting news is something special. What is to win? Being first at being second? Get a life. Personally, I get most of my mainstream LOST news from my rss reader, which is trained on the mainstream outlets themselves.

      • Koobie

        You could even counter the argument against “being teh first with spoilers” by saying you are pulling all these spoilers together in one spot to save people from having to hunt them down on the web.

        While that may be true in some aspects, some of these “spoilers” are really just small tidbits of information that haven’t much more relevance than a post-episode promo. Second of all, “being teh first” comes with the huge downside of losing a well thought-out journalistic interpretation of what is actually happening with the spoilers.

        For example (hypothetical of course), you find out that the prop team has erected a statue of darlton for episode 5×10. “OMG F1RST!!”, ok so what? You won’t even try to figure out that this may mean that the lostverse has gone into some kind of alternate dimension that matches our own, or maybe they decided to make some kind of elaborate April fool’s joke.

        These fan sites exist to analyze the information we are given about the show, not to steal content and re-post it as our own.

        And please, spoil_me, if you are going to insult this site please be a man (or woman) and remove the mask. Don’t run the risk of that being done for you 😉

      • spoil_me

        I apologize. It wasn’t Doc being DorkUFO.

        Oh, and I’m not who all of you might be thinking. No one knows me at all. I’m just tired of the shit being posted about other blogs. That’s plural. Not just one blog.

        • docarzt

          What are you referring to spoil_me? I have a tendency to delete these flame wars. As for anyone who comes here with the goal of spamming another site, why they wouldn’t use the contact link and tell me what it is they think is interesting – I’ll never know. I’m more than happy to share it.

    • ElPrez

      So you must be one of the spammers/spoiler posters doc referred to in the post. Why don’t you be a man and just admit who you really are instead of coming in here anonymously and posting spoilers and links to other sites? Adwords can’t be paying that well that you have to try to skim off other people’s sites.

  • John

    I think anyone plugged in can do the math as to who the culprit is… there’s no use saying his name because I’m sure that’s what he wants, controversy = infamy.

  • Jack Daniels

    I just don’t get you spoilerphobes, I really don’t. It’s like you want to have your cake and eat it too. The idea behind a spoiler, as I understand it, is when a LOST fan inadvertantly discovers a fact about an upcoming episode on a website such as this one, thus “spoling” the element of surprise when it comes time to viewing the episode on television. But what gets me is that I find the whole concept of campaigning for spoiler-free content on fan sites to be somewhat hypocritcal, I mean when it’s all said and done even a theory can be, in a sense, treated as a spoiler.

    Let’s just say, hypothetically speaking of-course, that the finale to Season 3 was never posted anywhere on any website in the world and that nobody had any tangible proof it was a flash-forward. However, a week before it airs, bloggers start to “theorize” that this could be a possibility. You start to think yourself that yeah, I think this might happen… they’re going to start showing what happens in the future. Fans from all over the world grab hold of this theory and run with it, it’s everywhere, you can’t avoid it. And then you flick it on to ABC on that fateful day in May 2007. You begin to watch, you start thinking that these Jack flashbacks don’t add up. When did he grow a beard, why does he want to kill himself, who’s this person in the coffin that he’s so choked up over. None of this seems to connect to any of the other Jack flashbacks you’d already seen. And then, there’s Kate, it was a flash-forward, but then you kind of already knew that. So many people on all those forums had been discussing it for the past week. So was the revelation really that surprising? Maybe!

    I don’t know, I just don’t see how this is going to change anything. Saying you don’t want to be spoiled but then coming on one of these sites is no different to eating crap food for months on end and then getting upset when you put on weight. I think no matter how many preventative measures are taken that there will always be some douchebag out there who will find something that they will claim spoiled a part of the story for them. The only true way to avoid spoilers, is to stay off the net. But then again, it is after all just a TV show.

    • congested

      Okay, I am one of your “spoilerphobes” and I think some of what you said accurately applies to me.

      “The only true way to avoid spoilers, is to stay off the net.” – there is a lot of truth to this. I have been inadvertently spoiled about many things over the years (though luckily too nothing major) because I browse Lost-related websites.

      As for theories being spoilers, they are not. I have had wrong theories about the show, and right ones. And when a theory of mine (or one I read) actually gets resolved on the show I don’t feel that I spoiled myself. The nature of the show leaves it to fans to try and guess and figure out what is going on and there are times when people will have the right idea and the wrong one, but that’s part of being a fan of Lost in my opinion. Knowing the actual outcome of a theory through a spoiler, as opposed to just guessing, is very different because until it actually happens on the show there’s no real way of knowing if what you theorized was right or wrong.

      I think there are different definitions of “spoiler” floating around, which further complicates things.

      Like previews… A lot of people on spoiler sites consider them so mild that they are below the “spoiler” level… yet most of the podcasts I listen to, Lost chat rooms that are out there, and Lostpedia, for example, treat previews of upcoming episodes as spoilers because they contain content featured in an unaired episode. Personally I feel the previews almost always ruin or “spoil” one of the surprises/elements of the next episode, and I’d rather just wait and be surprised when the episode airs, as intended.

      “Saying you don’t want to be spoiled but then coming on one of these sites is no different to eating crap food for months on end and then getting upset when you put on weight.” – And there’s where I really don’t see what you mean. “These sites” is very vague. I don’t really feel DocArzt is a Lost spoiler site, but more of a Lost fan site. There is plenty here that is void of spoilers. If you went to a site that was dedicated to spoilers (like spoilerfix or something) then it’d be another story, but there are tons of Lost fan sites/blogs that are spoiler free.

      “I think no matter how many preventative measures are taken that there will always be some douchebag out there who will find something that they will claim spoiled a part of the story for them. ” – Having measures in place to keep fans of the show who don’t want to be spoiled spoiler-free doesn’t hurt the fans of the show who want to read spoilers. Someone who is vocal about being spoiled isn’t a necessarily a douchebag, they could just have different standards about the way they want to experience the show than you do.

      I think the reason it came up as an issue now was because there were a lot of fans who like to remain spoiler free, but still would like to read DocArzt’s site. The measures in place now protect those who don’t want to be spoiled while still catering to those who want to read spoilers. Everyone wins.

      So, like I said I agree that by browsing tons of Lost sites someone could potentially be setting themselves up to be spoiled, I disagree that there is nothing the sites can do to protect those people as best they can. From there it’s really up to the reader to decide which sites they trust and which ones they don’t.

  • diggymow

    Yay! Thanks Doc I can finally put you in my RSS reader. It’s a very appreciated move. Thank you.

  • imfromthepast

    Note to Spoilerphobes:

    You might want to stay away from if you don’t want to see boobies.